Monsters of New Haven High - last update 4/02



Maybe your MC. With mine their heads will be rolling on the floor before they knew what happened, if they are stupid enough to confront me in a secluded place. I would die of shame to be beaten by those pathetic wastes of breath. :unamused:


That’d actually make the scene much more hilarious.

Just imagine the twins ambushing the wendigo by following them into a secluded place and then furiously waving their lighters at him like a toddler throwing a tantrum.

The wendigo then slaps the lighter out of their hands and gives them a dissapointed look as the twins hang their head in shame and scurry out of the secluded area.


Literally something my werewolf would do. Raises an eyebrow, sighs heavily, and goes ‘I’m not mad, I’m disappointed at how unprepared you are.” And Hunter and Artemis burst into flames out of sheer embarrassment.

Now, I’m trying to decide if this is made more or less funny by the fact that I’m planning to romance one of them. At least on one save. I’m a sucker for forbidden romances.


Just tell them “You tried to kill me? No manly werewolf pecks for you.”

A single tear will fall from their eyes as they realize they have missed the opportunity to acquire some luscious werewolf pecks.


A wendigo, and a very hungry one at that. :innocent:



I have found one my fellow wendigo brethren.


‘I know I said I’d be your prom date, but I’ll have to cancel since you tried to kill me.’ ‘But who’ll dance with me now?’


There’s a redundancy if ever I heard one.


@Sneaks’s sole vote for the Goblins encouraged me to check them out and… I liked their dynamics. I liked how they’re not only fantasy goblins and how they have a whole society built around themselves. The MC’s family is the most interesting bit of it, I’d wager.

I think goblins are becoming my favourite race in the game.


I’m sure the twins can be dangerous under the right situation… but I’m also willing to bet we can play the whole game without giving them a second thought and have things turn out fine.

Artemis:"We shall defeat you!"
MC: “Who are you again?”


Particularly silly if they’re attacking the goblin. “Officer, we swear there’s a perfectly good reason for us attacking this kid half our size! He’s a mythical creature disguised as a human!”


Killing an anorexic, a dwarf, a star athlete, the school idol or a very pale (albino?) person with an allergy to garlic. They’d have a lot to explain. And then a mandatory investigation of their parents with names like those and their alibis…

Anyway, I’m kind of determined to make friends with them for now, it just becomes an easier situation for everyone that way. But there’s no way they’re ruining my Wendigo’s goals of a steady life as a mortician (or any job really where he could easily get food)

Funny how I only really have life goals for the man eating monster.


I don’t think the twins really had the intention to kill us more like give us a reason to fear them because I doubt anyone with common sense would confront someone in plain sight instead of stabbing someone in the back unexpectedly but who knows.

My plan is to eventually romance one of the twins anyway cause who can resist an enemy turned lover :innocent:


Oh yes. With names like those, their parents might as well have given them embroidered bibs reading “I’M A MONSTER HUNTER PLEASE ATTACK ME.”


I had a question for you @Sashira

Will the ‘romances’ with race-specific NPCs (vampire’s servant dinner, s/o dinner for 'cubi, Katie or Loren, etc.) be considered mini-romances, or will they go nowhere? I realize that romance with your school-mates would be more fleshed out, but do you have plans for these characters in that regard?

Edit: Sorry if you’ve answered this earlier in the thread. If you have, I couldn’t find it.


I was kinda wondering the same thing. Also i see the mythical cake @ladyfire happy birthday :blush:.


Haha, thank you! It’s not much past midnight where I live, so you’re actually the first person to wish me a happy birthday :smile:




Thank you!! :smiley:


I think you might be the first person to ask that.

I’m not sure whether I’ll be writing a specific “date scene” with the werewolf ROs, the way I am for the classmate options. Werewolves will see a lot of them, though. The 'cubi and vampires probably won’t have a separate date scene with their lover/servant, since they already have tailored interactions with whoever they’re living with.

If a demon MC doesn’t pursue any of their classmates, their lover remains their primary source of energy. If they don’t have one, they’ll have to devote more time to feeding from random admirers. So as well as their lover affecting their dynamic with whoever they’re dating, it has a huge impact on their lifestyle. Depending on their choices, a 'cubus can end up with multiple partners, only their lover or a classmate RO standing by them, or alone. The demon’s lover can be lost, if not treated well; they can’t be taken for granted as a “resource”.

The vampire-specific RO is similar: they can end up being the love of their life, a crush that never went anywhere, or just a servant. Focusing on only their servant for friendship or romance could lead to a more isolated vampire, but possibly one that avoids the troubles of other species.

The werewolf siblings are a little different, because they always exist (the lover/servant changes personality, the lover may not exist, and the servant may have a formal relationship to the MC.) Dating one of them vs. a non-werewolf deeply affects the pack’s opinion; when others are meddling and matchmaking, they are the clear choice to pair the MC with. Because of its importance in pack politics, this is going to be a pretty well fleshed-out romance.

The goblin and wendigo both have opportunities to pair off with someone species-specific, though in their cases it doesn’t involve an actual character in the story, but something more subtle and off-screen. I’ll throw in a couple of achievements to hint at the way toward that, when I get that far.