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Heh, I didn’t say they would be leading said society. They are definitely ignorant (look at their attempts to quell the MC), but they are willing to learn…and an experienced group could certainly teach them, assuming Artemis/Hunter don’t let their stubbornness overcome them.

Just my take, but a successful hunter society would look for the following:

  1. A belief in monsters. That is obvious; tell someone you think your neighbor is a vampire, and Bigfoot scrounges through your trash, they might suggest that character needs help.

  2. Physically fit. Maybe not a necessity, but definitely a major plus.

  3. Ability to learn. Once again, someone who is new to the supernatural will not necessarily know what works/doesn’t work…and this would lead to a lot of dead, lone hunters.

For that matter, I always liked the idea that some monsters might pretend to have a vulnerability, but actually don’t. After all, if someone is buying up a bunch of silver for bullets, they might not have the cash for other things…


Fair points. But they really should think things through otherwise they won’t live long enough to actually do anything. I mean, I don’t know if I’m remembering correctly and I can’t reread the demo at the moment but I think at some point Hunter threatened my vampire MC with a switchblade? That’s just plain reckless and stupid… That said, I did kind of kiss his aspiring monster hunter sister behind a garage shop… So maybe he wasn’t in a state to think normally.


Oh, I agree that the two would need self-discipline as well if they expect to last more than a few nights.

However, as they showed they were capable of doing some research, even if it was done via the Internet, to plan for their next encounter…which would still have earned them a quick death if the MC was feeling merciful.

More seriously, given how they react (especially if you tell them you were once human as a wendigo/vampire), I figure something happened to their mother recently, and they are thinking more on vengeance rather than logic.


Since it’s established (and been discussed in this thread) that the monster lore in this game comes from a variety of sources as well as some original twists, maybe Hunter and Artemis are incredibly well-versed in monster mythology–just the wrong kind.

Are monsters common knowledge beyond their own communities? When someone looks up “accurate werewolf info” I assume they aren’t going to immediately stumble onto MonsterNet. It’s possible the twins and whoever else they’re working or training with are very well-versed in a variety of different mythologies, but just don’t have access to accurate information on the reality of the monsters.

Admittedly I myself am not well-versed in many of the monsters beyond the werewolf or the twins’ history, so I might be off the mark, but just looking at what’s going on that’s what I’d primarily guess.


I think it would be interesting to interact with a Banshee antagonist and have to deal with them constantly whining at you for really stupid reasons, but you cant disagree with them, or they’ll explode your face with sound. :laughing:

Fun Fact:


Not that I can speak for Sashira, but my answer would be ‘no’, the information isn’t common. Obviously, at some point humans did encounter the various monsters, and this would have made it into legends, myths, stories, etc. And like any good, but old story some of it may be accurate but other facets would be wrong. And I did mention the possibility that monsters would also put out false information.

Just a slight clarification, but as far as we know, the twins aren’t part of a monster hunting group. I was just speaking hypothetically there.

And now I’m picturing a music teacher as being a banshee :wink:



AHA! Found it. This is the sort of stupidity I’m talking about. I mean honestly I could’ve beaten him up so bad that even his twin sister wouldn’t recognize the guy.

Hunter, whom who you easily recognize from your glimpses of him before and his resemblance to his sister, wears a look of brooding despair. You’re not certain how stable he is at the moment. It doesn’t help that he’s playing with a pocket knife, flicking it open and closed with his thumb while he talks.

“I’m not stupid, you know,” he says angrily, as if repeating something you said. “You’ve been flirting with my sister, haven’t you? Tell me what you’re up to with her, right now.”


To be fair, the MC isn’t necessarily going to fight back, let alone kill. And if they are, then they’re not necessarily going to win. We’ve heard about the potential of each individual monster to be extremely dangerous from the legends and the MC’s own thoughts (which aren’t exactly going to be objective). And I’m not convinced that the twins aren’t going to be a real threat. If anything, their craziness makes them more dangerous to us (on multiple levels). They don’t seem to care about surviving themselves as long as they kill us in the process, and two against one (note that we know even less about the full extent of their capabilities than they know about ours) aren’t great odds even if we have time to react before one of them sticks a knife in the back of our heads. That they’ve also shown a willingness to learn and prepare (whether from books or…allies?) is another indication that they’re not to be underestimated, even if their inital attempts can be laughed off. And on a psychological warfare level, they’ve barely gotten started. That’s not accounting for the damage they could do without even interacting with us.

I think it’s pretty telling that these monsters have been allowed to attend a human school by their respective societies at all (with the possible exception of the Wendigo) when any self-respecting monster community isn’t going to want exposure. They aren’t going to want the mobs, or worse, the army coming down on their heads. It’s not in their interests to be isolated and attacked from all sides; even the most predatory monsters generally prefer to blend in. That they have been allowed to attend suggests that they are under pressure not to do anything…monstrous.


Huh… I can’t help but wonder if there’s some kind of trickster spirit at the school? Making someone disappear just as they’re about to land a hit sounds exactly like what one of them might do. :thinking:

Hunter steps out in front of you on the path - from his smirk, it looks like he expected to be ambushing you. Artemis darts behind you.

Both have silver knives. You can smell the metal, starting to warm in the morning sun. It’s a problem, if they get close. Hunter slashes at the air in front of your face, testing you; Artemis jabs in at your neck.

Just then, you hear a low whistle; you are suddenly alone. Another student, one you don’t recognize, is walking down the path.

Now I’m curious. :grinning: Gotta say though, I’m digging the new confrontation(s) with the twins on Day 2. Heck, they might not even be new, but it’s certainly the first time I’ve run into this scene. Granted, that might be 'cause I tend to pin Hunter with a kiss rather than clock him in the jaw, but… yeah. :joy:


I agree. The twins might lack the skills now, but they are clearly aggressive, unstable and persistent…and they hate our guts by default.

Plus the “rule of drama” will eventually hit us in the face. Even if they never acquire enough offensive skills to kill us in a face-to-face combat, it doesn’t mean they can’t cause huge problems/damage indirectly (willingly or by accident).


I never said they are to be underestimated. I said that their current behavior is erratic and reckless. That plus their inexperience with any of the monsters takes away any credibility they could have at the beginning. But nothing guarantees they can’t be a threat in the future. Like @Lys said they are earnest in hating our guts and are willing to learn, even if for the moment they probably saw on the internet that if you chant random words at a monster and wave a lighter in front of their face they are going to pop out of existence or something.


Aww…Incubus is just so awesome to be, so Demon all the way I guess for little old me.

As would my Demon.

I do have one Goblin alternate who has taken it upon himself to try to genuinely befriend Caleb in a non-sexual way and teach him the joy of some of the more geeky things in life, such as taking him to a comic or Star Trek convention.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Why am I suddenly thinking of that David Bowie movie @Quaintrelle notified me of the existence of, so that I’m now thinking of a certain “Goblin King” and his deliciously tight trousers when you say that. :wink:


Erratic and reckless = unpredictable and fearless though, which won’t necessarily work in our favour. Craziness is a double-edged sword, but a sword nevertheless.

We don’t have proof that they’re inexperienced though. I mean, the lighter and the chanting is a strong indicator, but that could just as easily be a one-off miscalculation (not being familiar enough with our particular kind of monster, or the trick having worked beforehand), them being fed bad information by a usually trusted source, or worse, them simply being that desensitized to the idea of facing down a monster that the danger involved in blatantly walking up to one and attempting to kill it doesn’t faze them at all. It’s telling how they’re the only humans (bar Taylor) who see us for what we are and are immediately committed to ending the threat; this suggests that there have been monsters in their lives before. What I’m saying is that the twins are a mystery to us, ultimately, just as we are to them.

They may not have much credibility, but if the MC takes that view, that gives them an advantage.

I’m not trying to invalidate your argument or change your mind btw - I just enjoy the discussion.


All of this is correct. But it doesn’t invalidate the sheer joy of imagining Artemis singing “I’m a little teapot, short and stout; here is my handle, here is my spout” while her brother waves a light like a concertgoer.

More seriously: granted, they’re a step above those who don’t believe in monsters, but I think we can agree that there are more intelligent ways of dealing with a wendigo than trying to attack it head-on, especially if the wendigo doesn’t seem to want a fight. (I don’t know, try to get the werewolf pack to kill the competing flesh-eater, or get the demon to deal with the monster eating its energy sources; divide and conquer?) One poster suggested that they may be driven by vengeance regarding a familial loss, so maybe that’d explain it–they’re traumatized and angry, rather than carefully plotting some kind of monster-free utopia.


I agree

With this as well

This has been my whole point so far, the twins are underestimating us and I think if we let them be and they actually find an actual source of information on monster weaknesses and how to exploit them we’d be in serious trouble, especially if they got more disciplined and started making decisions based on logic rather than emotion (like trying to threaten a monster that eats people with a frickin pocket knife.)

And it has been a joy to converse with you as well :smiley:


Oh, thanks! I like the idea of the hierarchy coming mostly from the human side.


Maybe your MC. With mine their heads will be rolling on the floor before they knew what happened, if they are stupid enough to confront me in a secluded place. I would die of shame to be beaten by those pathetic wastes of breath. :unamused:


That’d actually make the scene much more hilarious.

Just imagine the twins ambushing the wendigo by following them into a secluded place and then furiously waving their lighters at him like a toddler throwing a tantrum.

The wendigo then slaps the lighter out of their hands and gives them a dissapointed look as the twins hang their head in shame and scurry out of the secluded area.


Literally something my werewolf would do. Raises an eyebrow, sighs heavily, and goes ‘I’m not mad, I’m disappointed at how unprepared you are.” And Hunter and Artemis burst into flames out of sheer embarrassment.

Now, I’m trying to decide if this is made more or less funny by the fact that I’m planning to romance one of them. At least on one save. I’m a sucker for forbidden romances.