Monsters of New Haven High - last update 4/02



Minor bug when playing as a demoness in the locker room.

There is a repetition of a phrase:
For one thing, For one thing, your gender identity doesn’t match the available locker rooms.


It’s practically confirmed in the story that they currently have no idea how to deal with the wendigo.

If you beat the crap out of Hunter/Artemis on Day 1, the twins will appear in the beginning of Day 2. One of them will start chanting some bizarre shit and the other will just wave a lighter around.
There’s literally an option that has you stand there, cross your arms and give them a look that says “What the fuck are you two doing?”


I just love heavy’s Short change hero


Thanks for the information. After weighing a desire for accuracy vs. a wish to keep my existing pack dynamics, I’ve added the following exchange to the scene-in-progress on Day 2:

“I don’t know why we even have to be here,” Katie complains. “You know, I read somewhere that wolves don’t have Alphas and Betas; it’s a myth. Wolves don’t need all of that hierarchy.”

Loren bumped her shoulder with his in a friendly way. “Maybe. But people do. Now stop fidgeting.”


They don’t really know anything about monsters to prepare for you.


They don’t really know much about monsters. They tried to ambush my vampire with holy water and silver even though they actually have no effect on vampires at all. As a demon they also try some ridiculous spell or something


To my knowledge, the only time the twins actually knew what they were doing in terms of monster hunting was with the werewolf. If you pissed them off, they come looking for you with silver daggers, something which could genuinely harm you.


That is genius level intellect! Who knew that werewolves can be hurt by silver!? :rolling_eyes:


Still, it was a plan that could have been effective. Unlike the ones for the other monsters.


Only if they can actually stab you with it. Just because you have a silver weapon it doesn’t mean you win. They’re just kids playing with fire, and might just get themselves killed. :smirk:


Underestimating them may lead to our own demise.


I am not worried about two edgy teenagers who think themselves monster hunters. My wendigo will continue to grow stronger, and soon no human will be able to hurt him! :grinning:


I’ve seen some people talking about their MCs so i figured I’d give it a go.

[details=Summary]Name: Elison Tepes
Age: 18
Height: "5’5"
Frame: Small
Hair: White chin length
Eyes: Black? (not sure if they’re still red)
Gender: Trans man
Clothing: Mix of male and female (no skirts or dresses). Sexy :wink:
Short bio: He tries his best to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, even if they wanna shank him.
Wants to get along with all the other monsters and humans in school. He’d never judge a monster for doing what they need to do to survive or sticking with their culture. Romance wise he’s not opposed to starting something with Caleb on the more casual side as long as it’s enjoyable. Again he gets that monogamy from him isn’t exactly possible. Loves to immerse himself in his hauntingly beautiful art as it gives him a calming release.
As for the weirdness going on he definitely wants to talk with the other monsters so they can all figure this out. He’d consider himself to be a caretaker of sorts and just wants everyone ti be ok, also has a protective side.[/details]
EDIT [details=Summary]Forgot to mention that he’ll only take on new people (he doesn’t like the term servant) if they’re right for him. Meaning he wants to be able to have conversations and friendships with them.[/details]


I’m not saying the plan is successful, I’m just saying it’s the most competent one.


Plan? Was that a plan?! What exactly was their plan? Kill the MC in front of the school and then explain to the police that they are monster hunters? I am rolling on the floor laughing imagining the scene. :joy:


Hmm are people getting bugs from the dashington link after a few choices?


You fold your arms and stare at the twins while Artemis chants, sings, and stands in various poses. Hunter seems frustrated that the patterns he is making with the lighter are meaningless to you.

_Finally Artemis bursts out, “Why aren’t you paying attention to the lighter?”

“I don’t have anything that I need to light,” you answer.

“But your kind are afraid of fire!” Artemis yells, glaring at you.

“So are yours,” you point out. You give a little wave as you continue on to the building.

Priceless. :smiley: Please tell me that one of Artemis’ poses was the “I’m a little teapot” stance.

By the way, are wendigos actually supposed to be afraid of fire? If not, then previous commenters are right and Hunter/Artemis are up the creek without a paddle. Perhaps they’re simply overconfident teenagers who watched one too many movies.


Careful not to get overconfident. As Mao Zedong would’ve said, a single spark can start a prairie fire.


Some myths tell of the Wendigo as having an icy heart, and that burning will kill the monster as a result. Considering Wendigos are monsters normally encountered in the winter, this would make sense.

Obviously, Sashira kept some legends, but not others.


But if they knew that burning kills wendigos, why wouldn’t Artemis have used her lighter in the initial fight? She’d been smoking a cigarette just before the fight, after all.

For that matter, why are they just waving the lighter at me instead of trying to burn me? Not that I’m complaining, but it still seems as though they don’t really know what they’re doing.