Monsters of New Haven High - last update 4/02



This was the first game I started coding in ChoiceScript.

Since then, I wrote part of a collaborative game which just entered the publication queue. There’s still some time before it actually goes off to the App Store, so I’d love some more feedback on it. It’s about traveling through multiple genres of books; I wrote the “classic detective” chapter.

I have a couple of other projects in the works; I try to stick to working on MoNHH plus any one of them, and keep the rest on the shelf. At the moment I’m experimenting with some memoirs while waiting for CSComp to begin. The two other big things are a sci-fi murder mystery dating sim, and a superhero comic I’ve been collaborating on for ages.

As far as other published works go - other than fanfiction or stuff I wrote under contract using pseudonyms, I can only think of Mr. Mephisto, my ancient webcomic about a not-very-good demon. The webcomic is also not very good (oh, and is NSFW due to cartoon nudity.)


lol I ate one of the Twins. “Worth it worth it worth it”… hahahaha


Another slight bug. If you picked attracted to both females and males, then if you go to Carl’s table at lunch time, he says:
“That sounds nice,” unknown says politely.

Unknown should obviously be “Carl” in this case.


@Jinx_the_Atomic_Cat How?! I can’t figure out how to do it! :tired_face:


The key is to raise your Monstrous as high as it can go, and in my playthroughs it also coincides with raising my Rebellious (though I don’t think the Rebellious is essential). The following is one way to get to the cannibal Wendigo scene, though there are other choices one can make.


  1. I’m a wendigo
  2. Pick gender/orientation (this doesn’t play a role in it)
  3. Monster shouldn’t be an insult (raises Monstrous by 5).
  4. Your own. (This is the clothing option, raises rebelliousness)
  5. Pick name, and crush.
  6. His/her rebelliousness (from the Crush)
  7. Your cell phone.
  8. If you knew what you did to piss her/him off, you’d do more of it.
  9. Hey Artemis…parole officer. (Hunter mentions his hair cut, and boots for being a douche).
  10. Choose reaction to the vampire. This isn’t very important for this guide.
  11. You didn’t read the pages, so you keep your hand down.
  12. Grendel had to eat.
  13. You don’t care about these human customs. (Raises Monstrous by 5)
  14. You think the demon is freaky and sexy. (this choice probably doesn’t matter as well)
  15. Goblin is the most annoying monster you know (last choice, though this probably doesn’t matter)
  16. You crack joke through class.
  17. A human knowing your secret is unacceptable. (Raises monstrous by 10!)
  18. Don’t you dare write anything about me! (Raises monstrous by 5)
  19. You’re reserved.
  20. Most flattering swimsuit (not really big deal for the cannibal run)
  21. So you think you’re tougher than me big guy? (Carl the werewolf, I don’t think it has a role)
  22. It’s a pool party.
  23. Lunch period. I choose to go with Chantal/Sandy/Carl.
  24. Go to Carl’s table.
  25. Carl, me you, arm wrestling.
  26. You’ll do your best to beat him.
  27. Hunting down live prey. Raises monstrous by 5…by this point, your Monstrosity should be 85.
  28. Is freaking awesome/raise hell.
  29. The alley behind the shop room.
  30. No, you came to sneak a cigarette of your own. Although, choosing “It’s time to get in her face” should work as well.
  31. Back the hell off Hunter/Artemis.
  32. Time to make a point about personal space.
  33. Let his/her first punch hit you. Show how tough you are.
  34. Welcome to a monster hunter buffet![/spoiler]


Totally worth it! :imp:


Thank you @Jinx_the_Atomic_Cat, @Lys, and @VioletHikari for confirming the wendigo early end is still reachable. One more possible bug off the list.

As well as keeping humanity low and choosing the option @Lys named during the fight scene in study hall, there’s one more requirement:

For wendigos, serenity serves as an important stat related to self-control. Keeping it high or low affects whether you get this ending.

I’ve been working on the next scene or two to update. My modest next goal is to get a scene or three up before the end of the month, when I’ll likely be overwhelmed coding for the CSComp.


Not really a post adding anything, but I admit, when I play the Wendigo, this song by Blackmore’s Night comes into my mind:


I wonder how many fights this game will have if you play as a werewolf.
I liked being able to easily win against Artemis (“I’m the most powerful monster at the school” and “don’t do that mistake again” were badass lines), but I would like a challenge. Hopefully either the Alpha’s son or the Wendigo will prove to be a worthy foe.


“I’m the most powerful monster in the school.”

You hear that?

That’s the sound of Wendigo fans getting interested.


Y’all can go and rule the school. :joy: My blonde bimbo demon just wants to become a pop star and write catchy songs about her long list of ex-lovers who will tell you she’s insane (Monstrosity and Rebellious at 95%, baby)

I heard it sells.


Madonna? :expressionless:


I don’t know her.


Is the Wendigo capped at 2.5 GPA? I chose every study option, but then again I don’t know what you start with.


On the second day, you can choose to pay attention in English. It’ll raise your GPA to 3.0.


I did, still stuck at 2.5. I picked all the options I could about studying hard.


The Wendigo scene is not as cool as the Werewolf. If they fight they will die, it they can stay in control they will just intimidate Artemis.
Not as cool as throwing Artemis across the alley and then intimidating her.


Where did you get that idea? I dodged and finished her in one punch.


That is the common scene, every one can get that. But there is a special scene for every monster, they will use their monster ability to defeat Artemis (with the exception of the goblin that will do something ridiculous).
If the Wendigo use their ability, it will lead to a bad ending, or they will intimidate Artemis if they control themselves.


Losing control is not a special ability for the wendigo, what you can consider as their “special” ability is their speed, in the same way werewolves have their super strenght. And you get that bad ending if you try to rely on something you don’t have enough, in this case toughness.