Model Citizens: Unmasked (WIP - Update March 11, 2022)

Then why am I such a sadist and I like this idea better??? Lol send help

Yup Catia is your typical Greek mother because of course none is good enough for my son

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Cátia absolutely appreciates nerves of steel, honestly confrontation is probably the quickest way to earn her respect. (Respectful confrontation, of course, just being rude won’t earn any points with her. Standing up for yourself while maintaining respect and common decency is exactly what she admires.)

Bonus points for showing that you care for her kid whilst doing so.

You and me are in the same boat, then. Once I romance a character it physically hurts to try and romance someone else in the same game. But hey! Here you can just choose to go for a second full-drama run in which your MC could still be in love with the Ex while also trying to move on! For even more pain!

There’s lots of planned chances for some physical and emotional pain of the characters in this story. I don’t think you’ll be lacking there. (Or I hope not, thats the plan, after all.)



I’ll probably have to ask a friend to hold my hand while I try to run through the game. And to make sure I won’t waver :))

Well good. Because on the hypothetical of MC and her not getting along would be stressful for Raf I feel. Poor bab.

And now I can only imagine how she might feel about the divorce :grimacing:

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Omg, just found this little gem and even snooped on the tumblr page! This is gold I love it!!

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I guess that’s what we refer as No Pain No Gain

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That’s what friends are for, right?

Oof, yeah, that’d be quite the stressor for him.

Well you’ll just have to wait and see, eh?:smiley:

Thank so much for your kind words! I’m so happy you enjoy it!


Also I said I’d do the once a month-ish progress reports so here’s the next one!

The short of it is that I’m about 70% done with Lucy’s non-love flashback. I’m participating in Camp Nano this month with a separate, smaller project of mine so admittedly I’m not 100% sure if I’ll be finished with her flashback by the end of this month- but I’m keeping that as a soft deadline for myself to try and get it done with as soon as possible. (The skeleton of it is essentially finished, just have to flesh out some of the branching bits.)

I think I mentioned before but I’m gunning to make the non-love flashbacks a bit more branchy than the love based flashbacks just because there’s only one non-love flashback while there are two separate kinds of love-based flashback. As is such once I’m done with Lucy’s I’ll go ahead and put hers up in the demo since Raf’s will also take a while to complete and it’d be good to edit hers while working on his as well. If that makes sense.

Thank you again for your patience!

(Also if anyone else is interested in Camp Nano I’d absolutely recommend joining it and am going to casually just plug in a little recommendation of joining a cabin @Leem has set up for CS Writers, more info on that can be found right here:

And that’s my shameless advertisement of the day. :smile: )


Non-love flashback means how we broke up with our ex right? :slight_smile:
Lucy was kind not to smash the MC’s face or throw MC out of window for daring to hurt her :wink:

Please enjoy your camping activity …

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Non-love means that you didn’t marry for love and never fell in love with your Ex while married. In that case it was more a marriage of convenience / for a specific reason (that you’d get to chose from a list) / an accident (which is definitely the more comedic of the options).

The reason the non-love flashbacks get a little longer (as well as to keep it on par with the fact that there’s two different ways to have fallen in love) is because your relationship with your Ex during marriage has a few more variations than being in love- you can have been friends, rivals, or trying to bury the hatchet from a rockier past. (These are just base relationships, there’s going to be one or two decisions you make in the flashbacks provided that will change how the Ex thinks of you on top of all these. So an Ex that was your friend might be a bit more forgiving than an Ex who you were rivals with. And you might have succeeded or failed on burying the hatchet depending on what you did, stuff like that.)

Thank you very much! :smiley:


While you’re at NaNo I’ll just mull over this ask and let the theories come :))

Seriously. All these are songs (sans Case 4) so I’m really wondering if the lyrics are a tip off


“Nickelports dark secret! Aliens are turning good people into villains”

-Zsero on the MC:U Discord server


I’m so glad you posted it on the forum too omgg

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No one should be deprived of the greatest conspiracy in Nickelport’s history! :kissing_heart:


Can you link the discord please?

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It’s at the bottom of the very first post! Right under the tumblr link.


Oh lol thanks

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I just played through the demo (…several times…) and THIS IS SO AMAZING! I love how diverse MC’s personality can be.

I’m stuck between Raf and Ricky as ROs. One part of me is a romantic, sappy fuck and the other part of me delights in ruffling Ricky’s feathers - and wanting to find out whether there’s more to that sleazebag than he lets on. I’m leaning toward Raf tbh, but I think it would be very interesting to still flirt with Ricky and find out where that leads me. DAT LOVE TRIANGLE (I usually don’t like them, but your ROs are too good.) I am so in distress about finding out how the divorce happened.

Also, has anybody already made a playlist for this?


I went and read the last few months’ worth of posts on the tumblr, in one go, and now I’m having feelings, @RenaB, FEELINGS!


We’ll see, eh?

This is still one of my favorite drawings and I adore it.

!!! I’m so happy you enjoyed it! And thank you so much! I hope to be able to continue to allow for varied MCs!

Thank you again!!! (And just remember the chant: Multiple playthroughs! Romance as many people as you like!)


I know @anon86661845 has made some absolutely amazing playlists that you should be able to find scattered about here! They’re very very good and I 100% recommend checking them out.


Also! If anyone here hasn’t joined the discord yet and wants to then I’ll go ahead and plug a little link right here!

We’re having a little just for fun competition right now to decide what the discord’s banner should be. So it’s prime time to join!

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The original site for the playlists I used was kinda crappy so idk how much of them will play from the links that are on here currently but I remade them through 8tracks recently :eyes: There’s ads but it’s better than half the songs not playing at least

This one is for MC:U as a whole (I keep forgetting to make new cover art for it dskjghsdgk)

This one is for V


So I’m curious. Has anyone tried to draw the RO’s?

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