Model Citizens: Unmasked (WIP - Update March 11, 2022)

There will definitely be ways to get things that Triple N isn’t all that fond about publishing published and out there to the world (corruption included). The thing you have to watch out for is how many you publish, as one idea I’ve been toying around with is getting the MC fired if they go against Triple N’s wishes too much (like you mentioned) and having to work around that.

(Although as to how/if it’s going to be implemented is still something I’m playing with. As of right now my general motto for the game is try first, cut later if needed. A no holds barred for the first draft kind of mentality. Though whether or not it sticks will depend on how it goes when we get to it.)

The general thought as of now is that there will be a counter tacking up how many moments of defiance you’d show- and if it ever reaches a certain number they’d fire you. Then one of two things could happen- A: The MC is given the option to continue working under a false identity… with a new false identity. Basically a false identity sandwich. If they have a good relationship with Finley then perhaps they’d let the MC ghostwrite under their name- so that the MC could still accomplish their goal but would have a harder time getting from place to place without Triple N’s resources (ex. Take the opening decision of how to get to the party- without Triple N, the MC would have to find an entirely different way as none of those would work anymore- their blackmail with Ricky wouldn’t hold any water since they’d have no way to publish it anymore, they wouldn’t be able to get in as a reporter as they wouldn’t be a reporter anymore, and they couldn’t interview Yolanda for the very same reason.) or B: The MC would have to start up at a new newspaper or try to make their own (I’m a little hesitant for the last one because I’m still not quite sure how I would implement that into the current story. There’ll definitely be the option to branch off and try to start their own newspaper in the epilogue but in context of the current story moving that up would be a tad bit trickier. The former would be a bit easier- change some text here and there and still take away some of the resources the MC would have at Triple N. (again using the example of the party- The option to interview Yolanda would disappear since the paper wouldn’t be big enough for her to take the interview, Ricky might need some convincing that you’re still an actual threat to his image, but going in as a reporter would remain unchanged. Also I’m thinking if I go this last way I could count whether or not the MC has a good relationship with Daisy- as she might be their in should they ever need to get work with Sanctuary magazine instead of Triple N.

I don’t know if I’d have both of these be options, since already the main difficulty here is the mass amount of branching this could cause, and while, like I said, I am going for a no holds barred first draft I also do actually want to finish this story sometime in the future, aha. So if I were to keep this plot line in I’d probably only have one of these options in or keep both but simply narrow down the changes to taking away some options and adding in some flavor text in reference to when the MC is actually writing the articles or at the new office. (If they even had an office anymore). So essentially boiling it down to an increase in difficulty for the player who now has to work around the lack of resources that Triple N provides.

Something to consider, definitely.

Triple N is also exceedingly careful- even something wrapped in a way to make it look nice might not make it past them.

Not to say it wouldn’t get published but it’d have an effect on how they think of you as an asset.


Oh, dear both of my mc’s don’t exactly pull their punches and with some “heroes” and almost all villians Moriarty basically likes to make the prosecution’s case for them in his articles as they can read like roadmaps a motivated prosecutor can simply follow. My main mc probably also isn’t above sending crucial evidence he can get his hands on to the few prosecutors he believes he can trust somewhat.


Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing in Triple N’s eyes. After all, if you’re exposing the person they sent you out to expose- who are they to stop you from taking it a step further?

The trouble would only come if you went after someone they didn’t ask you to.

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Like one of their pet “heroes” who is anything but. Also my main mc believes in exposing every last metahuman, hero or villain to the public, but if they haven’t actually done anything he’d do no more than get their real identity out there.
He is not really interested in purely mundane stuff, unless he were to discover they’re a murderer or rapist, but he wouldn’t go after them for tax-dodging or shady, but mundane business practices on their own. He’ll use mundane misbehaviour to make the case against people he feels need to be held accountable though.

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Omg. Why do I feel the question some MCs might be asking then is “how did we last this long”

Oh man. Imagine an exasperated Finnley just being like “MC I personally support you writing this but my hands are tied so even I can’t—MC NO”

/MC is seen yeet-ing out


And that is definitely where your MC would run into some trouble.

Honestly your hypothetical is pretty spot on.

It’s really because of Finley’s intervention on their behalf.

(It’s also the reason they wouldn’t be fired outright from Triple N after the first offense in the game)

They don’t get paid enough.


Let me guess Triple N is advocating for a meta-human shield law, as in basically the opposite of what my mc would want or something?

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Less so that, more in that they like to shield the heroes/villains who benefit them from any potential harm or risk. If you were to threaten their power by, say, exposing a hero who just so happens to act in a manner that is consistently beneficial to Triple N, then they really wouldn’t be too happy.

In the way of actual power politics, Triple N’s interests shift with the public. I talked briefly about how they came to power and gain the kind of monopoly on news and media in Nickelport that they have in the present-day game. It was much in this same way- their political opinions or push for change of powered law is dependent on what benefits them the most.

If that goes with your example, of shielding heroes and villains from exposing or accountability for public property destruction then that’s the position they’d appear to take. If the public was, as it was during their time of rise, oriented more towards pushing for better regulation of powers and heroes, then that’s the kind of wave that Triple N will ride (and has, as was aforementioned).

The goals of Triple N are almost entirely internally-focused. Which is… a little ironic considering their whole goal is external communication of current events (or supposed goal, at least).

As for the current state of Triple N’s politics, it’s definitely oriented more towards looser rules and regulations. But that’s mostly because they want The Rust to become more popular, and by publishing a paper (albeit secretly) that directly goes against that stated goal, they create controversy, and by creating controversy, they attract more attention- and therein more money.

So, frankly, they might be a bit happier if you went with a stronger opinion of exposing all heroes and keeping them accountable for the damage they cause… So long as you don’t go too far. (And, again, so long as it continues to benefit them.)

Plus it means they can reach into both markets- people who want heroes and villains to be held to a higher standard, and those comfortable with how things are currently.


@RenaB who gave you the right?

Ouch? My heart?


In another words, our articles also “influence” , “manipulate” and “provoke” the general public :wink: Write an article that garner sympathy towards a super-powered individual, if the public react well to him/her … Triple N also shift towards the said hero/villain as well :smile:

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Would again depend on how the hero/villain would benefit Triple N, themself. The public can be swayed if needed in their eyes- so it really more depends on the individual hero/villains merits to Triple N as a company.

(And for Valkyrie’s case they’re… already kind of not her biggest fan, considering she’s hurt their company in the past, so that might be a tad bit trickier.)

The apparent interests that shift with the public are more geared towards the general view on heroes and villains. So if you waned to make Triple N appear more sympathetic to villains and heroes as a whole that could change with the public. But their private interests of self-betterment and keeping a tight hold on their power would always remain the same, and thusly their actual view on heroes and villains is purely based on how much the individual person would benefit them.

Triple N is more selfish than anything else- if you want to make them like someone your best bet is to appeal to that self.

(And that would be especially tricky with Lucy, as she’s firmly planted in the opinion that Triple N is an evil corporation. So she’d be more inclined to fight them rather than help them out in any way.)



I wonder why Finn decided to stay there then /chin rubs

I feel there’s an unsolved case they still feel the need to solve and Triple N has answers (cue all the theories)



Would it help or hurt to mention that part of the bit you don’t see in either short is that both Raf and Lucy get hurt by protecting the MC?

Some very interesting theories…


That’s just awesome !!! Luckily for Lucy, she has a “double agent” in me :blush:

So in that sense, i must manipulate Triple N into believing i am obedient (sort of) and sided with them… that i can gain valuable information from them, and then secretly warn Lucy of any potential harm that’s going her way, maybe even leak some sensitive information to her :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently my profession turn out more adventurous than it seems , i am a "Mole" within Triple N … :wink:

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Yes. Yes it would.

Now you’re making it difficult to romance other characters (boo!)

:eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

Is there a case we can theoretically unlock because of this O: IS IT ABOUT STILLWATER

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First of all, how dare you
Second of all



I didn’t write it. Rena did so I can’t claim credit for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless you’re joining me screaming in the dark OH NOOOOOO THE BABS (like how dare Rena)

The Ayesha ask though :eyes:


Let us scream together in this beautiful angst


You know, she’d absolutely love having that kind of inside source, so I get the feeling she’d be 100% up for this plan.

Just keep the chant in mind: Multiple Playthroughs!

Like I said: An interesting theory…

Gotta love overly dramatic reunion scenes.

Just remember, this was just a snippet of an example of what the reunion might be like… The real thing has yet to come.

Ah, yes, my goal to answer semi-spoilery questions with as vague and foreboding answers as is humanly possible.

Ahaha, I’m happy you like it!



Idk if you saw the ask on the MC being accepted by Raf’s mom but dang. I can only imagine my MC eventually going off (after REALLY trying to get Catia to at least cordial with her) like “I am trying to get along with you but since you’re more determined in making this more difficult than it should be I don’t know how this will end without hurting Raf.”

(I can only hope that Catia appreciates Cass’ pluck and nerves of steel because you can also bet my MC is highkey just “so long as Raf wants me I will be”)

So the Ex may or may not be injured out of protecting the MC? Cool, cool, cool, cool

You say this now but there’s a very good chance while romancing another character I’ll just restart with yet another Raf

/looks at my ME files where I said I wouldn’t romance the same RO and yet Garrus has at least 100 runs and I still haven’t finished my Tali file

//then the ghost of DA starts screaming at me because of the multiple Fenris runs

///then FE:Awakening calls up and goes “did you forget the time you said you wouldn’t romance Chrom and here you are restarting again to ship Mr. Wyvern in Heat and your MC even though you really promised the last run you’d choose someone else”