WIP - looking for Beta Testers for Dating Sim (Creatures Such as We) - Entry for the IF Comp

Hey! I’m planning on releasing a ChoiceScript game for the next Interactive Fiction Competition, and it could use beta testers and general feedback. Creatures Such as We is a dating sim about how games affect our lives, how people connect, and our place in the universe. If you’re interested in testing, shoot me an email at Lynnea.Glasser (a t ) gmail com. (I have to keep the pre-competition file release limited to known testers.) Thanks, and I look forward to getting feedback!

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I’m assuming there’s no adult content since you don’t mention it anywhere?

Nope, no adult content.

Do you mind telling us more about the game, please?

Hm… the problem is that it’s somewhat discouraged to discuss your entries much publicly pre-competition (except to solicit testers). I will mention a bit about my pedigree? I was last year’s winner with Colorautra, a game where you are the horror monster found by a research vessel: http://ifdb.tads.org/viewgame?id=g0fl99ovcrq2sqzk It was a fun parser game, but I’m interested in trying out CYOA this year.

As for Creatures Such as We, I guess I can say that it’s ~110,000 words, and is intended to be played in a 2-hour time limit (and so it isn’t necessarily something interested in demanding replays). The content layers together the gaming and the real life parts into a connected plot, and deals with the philosophy of gaming and game design.

If you’re sill curious about more details, I can send you a PM or email or whatever.

@Lglasser Mkay, a shame.

Kinda creepy. If you want adult content, go get it somewhere else or make your own games. Don’t pout about other artists not wanting to make adult content. Just accept the “no” and silently move on.

@Lglasser Uh, that’s what I had intended to do, no need to be rude about it. I asked a question, got an answer and it wasn’t what I had hoped for. You’re free to make whatever you wish, as I hope I am free to say no thank you that’s not for me, without getting lip about it? If you wanted to come across as a horrid person, mission accomplished, but then again, you seem to have made up a similar opinion about me for whatever reason, so I guess we’re even on that front. Good day to you.

It might be kind of awkward to be called out for being creepy, but it’s way more awkward to have to deal with people being creepy towards you. Don’t lash out at people telling you that your actions make them feel uncomfortable. Just treat it as a learning lesson for how to treat people in the future.

I fear I have naught to learn from someone so obviously lacking in that knowledge themselves, but thank you all the same. Now, may I leave you and this thread alone without further snide insults directed at my back or are you so attention-starved that you desperately wish to keep me here any further?

@Lglasser @MutonElite

I think enough has been said (by the both of you), please let the matter lie or take it to PMs. I’ll be deleting any further derogatory comments by either of you (and anyone else daft enough to get involved).

Does the game allow you a variety of choice in regards to who you date, gender, and sexuality?

It’s actually very allowing with your dating choices: you get choices of different genders, different people, and any sexuality. I made that it would be unassuming.

Can we have a link here please??

“I have to keep the pre-competition file release limited to known testers.”

It’s against IF comp rules to publicly distribute a demo or beta test.

Ok sorry forgot

Neat to see a ChoiceScript game in the IFComp - iirc, the only previous CS entry was “Sons of the Cherry” a few years ago and it didn’t make too much of a splash at the time. Perhaps this’ll lead to more cross-pollination between the parser IF and ChoiceScript communities? I hope so.

Anyway, sounds like a very cool concept!

Cool I would like to be a beta tester and kind of reminds me of World God Only Knows (anime) where dating sims become real life with flags and checkpoints in the MC finding their hearts.