Model Citizens: Unmasked (WIP - Update March 11, 2022)

I’m pretty sure they have, just look in this thread. Plus there are some in the discord too.

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I can see the evil lurking behind that yellow fake visage, a yellow so yellow it’s fake yellow, too. A façade is all life is, because Raf and MC are soulmates but NOT TOGETHERIFJEFLIWHWCPDIQ-

Tune in for more Sound of Despair at 1 am, because sleep only exists in the land of the maskless.

clears throat Where were we?

Thanks, I’ll check it out!

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There’s some absolutely positively fantastic fanart scattered about! If you want to know exactly where then:

Post numbers

They’re on posts 1797, 1544, 1481, 1243, 1134, 1035, 1012, 911, 913, 772, 509, 496, 484, 457, 367, 413, 122, and 135! (If you think I don’t have all of these bookmarked you are wrong I cherish and adore every single one of these so much and honestly they continue to astound me. I love all of them.)


Also “sleep only exists in the land of the maskless” is an amazing line.

Also! I promised to keep up with monthly progress reports so I’ll do just that now!

Like I said in last month’s progress report, it was going to be a slow month since I was focusing on another project for Camp Nano. As a result, not much got done, admittedly, but Camp Nano is complete now (yay!) And I made my goal there (double yay!) So it’s back to focusing more on Model Citizens.

Again since Camp Nano was last month there’s sadly not a lot I can put here for the previous month- however, expect a more detailed progress report next time/when I have enough to give you a more solid answer.


I read this story to me it the best story I read

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Just finished the demo and it was very interesting and it’s great. :grinning: I’ll be waiting for the updates.


I can’t view Raf’s relationship status in my playthrough, I think that’s a bug.


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Thank you so much!!! I’m so happy you enjoy it!!

Yay!! Hopefully I’ll be able to update very soon! (As you’ll see in the below progress report, aha!)

Oh whoops, thank you for pointing that out!

Also here’s the monthly progress report!

I’ve admittedly been putting this one off because it was supposed to be an actual update about 2 weeks ago now, sadly the problem with running multiple projects at the same time is that sometimes you end up forgetting certain things in both and in this case I accidentally switched tenses halfway through writing this update, so now I’m just going back through and switching the tenses once more to the correct state.

After I finish that, I’ll put up what’s in the update. I’m splitting up the non-love update into a tad bit more manageable chunks since, to account for the fact that there’s only one non-love path and two variants on the in-love path, it’s going to be quite large in total.

So yeah! Thank you for your continued patience!


I was on the tumblr page, reading fluff and was surprised…

…Ricky is a nickname?


Yes. His real name is Cedric (does this count as a spoiler?)

It’s rather funny tbh

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I’m of course most looking forward to part 5 of that. I just wanna have some fun with my boys, Vince and Ricky. :heart_eyes: :persevere:


Yep, it is! And he’s not a big fan of his full name.

Not a big one- a minor thing that if you want to remain a secret you can but I think I’ve mentioned it before here (and I know I’ve mentioned it before on the tumblr) so it’s all good!


Hopefully those next few updates are a tad bit quicker than this one has been. (5 is already mostly written, even, aha). This last one was just especially slow going since I took a 3-month semi-break from Model Citizens to try and write a novel. (Which if you’re at all curious about you can find more about here and I’ll hopefully have more news on sometime in the future!)


Alright! Well, after far too long the next update is finally up!

Admittedly it’s more of a partial update (any path not-available right now should be marked), as it’s not the complete Lucy non-love memory. I’ve talked a bit about why that is a few posts up but there’s also adding on the fact that between all the revisions this has had to go through, despite my checking I’m about 99% sure there’s going to be errors neither I nor randomtest are catching right now so I figure might as well get a head start on catching those as well.

Either way! I apologize again for the long wait and I hope it’s fun!


Yay! Thank you for the update! I’m going to check it out now ><


Yay! I hope you have fun with it! And thank you for your patience!

Also it looked like the update wasn’t working for some people- I think I found the problem (not sure why it was working for others but not all, tho) and it should work for everyone now?

Hopefully at least, aha!


The update is with your first post 's link right ? :slight_smile:


Yep! Same link as always! :smiley:


I hope you don’t mind one weird question, are we going to meet Nymph in future? :slight_smile:


I don’t mind the question at all!

And yes- you absolutely will!

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Ah thank you… i want to treat Nymph a lunch just to make Valkyrie jealous :-):grin:

Hope my ex- wife will wait for me angrily at our house after that :-):hugs:

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Hi! Just finish playing the wip and may I ask what kind of update did you do? Because I’m not sure whether I have played it at the day where you have updated or I think the update isn’t working for me?

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