Model Citizens: Unmasked (WIP - Update March 11, 2022)


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Who’s Nymph?

What scene are you talking about @Eric_knight?


Nymph is the heroine who tried to stop Valkyrie but got beaten in the news

I was just hoping my MC can date Nymph in future and make Valkyrie, my ex wife jealous :slight_smile:


Ooh oke but which scene did you play when Nymph tried to stop Valkyrie? and what’s the update? :persevere:


it was a news about Valkyrie went rampage… the scene where valkyrie back story as our ex was introduced… it was said Nymph arrived at the scene but being defeat easily and never heard of again… so i think she appear very briefly but the name caught my interest

And @RenaB confirm that we will meet Nymph in future, so it is a very intriguing prospect … for Nymph to date a super villain’s ex who had just defeated her :wink:


Yep. I think I have upgrade problem since I don’t see the scene that @Eric_knight has said–or type–


I paste it for you

”Hey, Eric! Come on!” A bright, strong voice, steady as a rock and confident as a Hollywood pirate. A lopsided grin that made one dark, nearly black, eye look higher than the other, made her nose- already slightly crooked from a story she’d told you long ago- look evenly placed. Her black hair was always pulls back in some kind of ponytail, kept away from her dark forehead, out of her eyes and off her neck.

Lucille Pinchette. She always went by ‘Lucy’ because her first name “sounded too uptight” it was “the kind of name some kinda upscale, silver-spoon CEO’s daughter would have” not her. Not the woman you knew… But you didn’t know her, did you? You never knew ‘Valkyrie’, the woman on the news.

”Authorities were unable to catch Valkyrie. They put a fight, but, in the end, the criminal escaped. Five officers have been admitted into Nickelport’s main hospital, two are in critical condition. Luckily, due to police intervention, no civilians were harmed during the battle. The hero Nymph arrived on site and attempted to intervene, but by that time Valkyrie had gained such power that she was easily defeated. Nymph disappeared from the scene, and has not been sighted since…”


Thank you! :heart_eyes: :grin: But I really hope I can experience it myself tho :disappointed_relieved: :pensive:


I have zero idea what you’re talking about :wink:

Nymph is one of the many heroes of Nickelport, you can get a reference to her when choosing your divorcee if you choose Lucy (aka the “Her fiery eyes” options), but you’ll also be able to meet her face-to-face later.

Ah, might have to disappoint you there. You’ll meet Nymph later but she wouldn’t go on a date or have any romantic connection to the MC.

The update is if you choose for your Ex to be Lucy (the “Her fiery eyes” option again), don’t choose to have been in love with her (just don’t say “I love you” in the very first dream and then when the option comes choose that you’re not in love with her nor did you fall in love post-marriage, and go to the party with Ricky to access the extra/optional flashback sequence.)


Thank you!!! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Of course! :smiley:


Found an error. Not sure if anyone spotted this early.

When trying to view my relationship with Rafael ( in the stats menu) I got this error:

relationships line 164: Non-existent variable ‘ture’

Probably a typo for “true” so the hidden relationship with Rafael would become visible to me.

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Dang, I thought I fixed that error.

I rewrote that little bit and reuploaded the relationships bit so I think it’s all fixed now!

Thank you for pointing that out! :smiley:


I’ve finished the Demo. I have to say this is one of the best writing I’ve encountered in Choice of Games. I don’t play every WIP ( I have either a very selective or horrible taste ) but from the games I’ve played (Not only WIPS, for that matter, but also Hosted and Official), this takes the trophy by far.

The level of detail is incredible - not to mention word choice. I might just play Icarus Sun after playing this one. I really like the menu system. Although it lack many stats (Me being someone who played games such ass Princess Maker and Academagia: The making of Mages, both infamous for their numerous stats), I’ve found it…extremelly pleasant.

The relationships and clues having detailed explanations managed to amuse me, to the point I tried multiple routes just to check the tab - and seeing it change. I might be returning to this game just to check the writing and -steal- , I mean, be inspired by.

I loved how fast you solved my issue but - I gotta say - I think you created another problem. Rafael’s relationship page now has a choice called “Notes from Before”. Clicking it results in
“relationships line 190: Non-existent variable ‘ash_realtionship’”

Anyway, good job. Keep going. You’re incredible, yadda yadda.


Oh my gosh.

Thank you so much. That’s honestly… I’m floored, wow. I mean really, thank you. I’m happy you enjoy my writing so much! So, uh, yeah, thank you so very very much. :blush:

I’m glad you enjoyed it that much!!

And, yes, the stats are something that need to be refined. Although admittedly that won’t change that much going forward. I’m leaning more heavily into the boolean aspect of stats, where the majority of your actions won’t be determined success/failure by a skill check but rather instead by things you’ve done before (along with relationships. I want to put more pressure on people remembering certain things you’ve said/done than a the relationship stat number.)

Aahah, I’m glad you enjoyed those as well! I love the branching aspect that the interactive fiction format allows for so I’ll definitely be placing little clues in different paths.

Oh no, I’ll fix that right up as well!

(And the “Notes from Before” section is mostly as the format of the relationships section is still under some progress. I’m debating how to format the relationship notes and whether to keep them all on one page or split them into subsections such as the notes from before subsection.)

Aaah, thank you so much for the kind words! I’ll be sure to do my best! :smile:


Hello everyone! Here’s the monthly progress report!

Progress has been steady! Lots of minute details that split across little things like conversations which take up the majority of the writing time. But they’re very fun and I like hiding tiny conversations/writing scenes in varying ways depending on who is with you and what your attitude towards it is at that given time! (Part of the appeal of interactive fiction to me is stuff like that! So it’s very fun!)

I am doing NaNoWriMo this year with the novel I’m working on, so the update most likely won’t be coming out this month as the majority of my writing time and energy is being poured into that. (I want to see if I can finish the full first draft of it by the end of the month with this!) If you’re at all curious to how that’s going/what’s happening on that end, I’ve been putting daily reports on my general writing blog here (which is now also linked on the first post!)

That being said! I have also been keeping up with Model Citizens, of course, and Lucy’s non-love memory had now reached a solid 40,000 words, so there’s definitely a lot of progress being made there as well!

Thank you again for your patience!

Also have a fun mini-preview because I will now and forever be a fan of cheesy dramatic irony in flashbacks:
		#A shame, you kind of wish it had actually turned into something.
			Your life has been... exceedingly boring, if you're being honest with yourself.
			Where's the grand adventure promised to you by children's stories? The excitement and the drama?
			Well, you have some drama- trying to keep your "marriage" up and convince everyone else but...
			Is it so wrong to say that you want something [i]more[/i]?
		#And boy are you glad for that.
			You'd much rather take the uneventful, everyday life than some kind of wild adventure.
			It's... simpler that way.
			And frankly you're glad for it.

Hey! Rena, have you seen this article.

I find it helps me put me in the sort of world my first mc “Moriarty” lives in and I imagine he does spend some time interviewing people like that on the side, though I also imagine they won’t actually let him publish something that subversive…yet.

My two mc’s would unsurprisingly fall on different sides of that choice too, one would be perfectly happy to have a relatively uneventful ordinary middle class life, the other one would hate the mere thought of it.

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:laughing: this is why I like your work very much! :heart::heart::heart:


Star potential

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Oooh no, I hadn’t seen that article before! I’ll definitely have to check it out, though, it looks very interesting!

Ooh, very cool!

And yes, Triple N is as of right now pretty strict on what they let and do not let out- however they’re also very much motivated by money, so if your MC can sell a subversive piece well then… well, they’d follow right where the money goes.

Ooh, very cool! Well, then the second has certainly gotten a tad bit more than was wished for, eh?

!!! Yay! I’m glad you like it! :smiley:

Thank you so much!!! :smiley:

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