Model Citizens: Unmasked (WIP - Update March 11, 2022)

One of my mc’s is attracted to VInce for a reason, well multiple reasons really, but one of those is that life with Vince is pretty much guaranteed not to be ordinary or boring.


Hi, I read and enjoyed a long time ago. I just played through again after seeing so much conversation. Is there a longer path than Ricky dropping you off after the party? That’s where I ended a while back, too.

I love the really odd power dynamic with him.

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Hey all! I added three new customization options to the start of the game. Two of these are purely aesthetic (dimples and lines beneath the eyes), but one is one that I was debating for a while and decided to go ahead and add in that may effect events in the future and/or a memory in the past. (Missing a limb)

The photo ID description in the stats screen should also be updated to match.

Well, if you don’t want ordinary or boring, then I agree, Vincent’s definitely someone who isn’t either of those. Not by a long shot.

Hello! Im so very very glad that you enjoyed it!

Right now there’s no other longer path. I’ve been mostly flushing out the bits that come after that as of right now, since that path was the shortest and least substantial (now it should have plenty of substance to match the others/will have so when I’ve finished with the optional memories accessible through it.)

After those are done, I’ll be implementing the interview with Yolanda, which should be about the same reading length as the other two. (As the Q&A also provides access to Daisy’s Sidequest, it will have it’s version of the “optional memories” later on.)

I’m glad you enjoy the interactions with him! :smiley:


Hello all! Just about time for another monthly progress report!

As I said last month, November was most likely going to be slow and I wouldn’t get much done due to my focus being on NaNoWriMo for the month. That prediction played out pretty much to the letter. However! NaNoWriMo is now done! And I actually managed to make it to the 50k goal which was a lot of fun! (If you want more details on how that went, I had also mentioned last month that I’d be putting up daily progress reports on my NaNo progress- which I did! So you can see that lil thing if you’re at all curious.) But yeah! November is over and so is NaNoWriMo! Which means it’s back to work as per usual!

Thank you for your continued patience!

Oh! Also! Happy Holidays to anyone who celebrates one of the many December holidays! :smiley:


Can’t wait till you get to the first bits of real Vincent goodness. :wink:


I think I found another bug (?)


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So I’ve read the character description on the Tumblr page but I was wondering what Ricky hair and eye color was…

It’s not gray is it?

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No, if I recall well, his hair was a dark brown and his eyes an icy blue.

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“One of the ideas I’m toying with is allowing the MC to move at certain points, and while it wouldn’t change anything major it might add some flavor text if, say, the MC lives with their RO, or if they live in area that’s the same area as the next scripted event. Like if a case starts off with a fight or such, the MC either sees the fight on the news, or maybe even out their window (and maybe temporarily loses their house in the process). I feel like it’d give more of a sense of just what living in Nickelport is like! Plus it’s a fun idea when it comes to the ROs so it’s something I’m toying with.”

From your Tumblr. But if I may comment, please, please, please add this to the game. My second mc, in particular, would very much like to actually live with Vince (bonus points if it gets him out of his current dump).
My main mc (and Ricky too, I imagine) would be much more hesistant.
Happy Holidays in any case @RenaB

Whoever said V even has a power? Who knows?

As far as my second mc is concerned Vincent at least has the power to be charming, sexy, smart and super-cute. :wink: He also seems to be quite fashionable. Really Vince is perfect, though even my second mc will not tell him that too often as it likely swells his ego to unmanageable proportions.


:smiley: Glad you’re looking forward to it!

Whoops! Thank you for pointing that out!

I just redid the physical descriptions, actually! (Wanted to refine them some) so here’s the full ones below:

New Descriptions

Finley: Finley is very tall, easily over 6ft- they have a kind of lanky figure but hold themself with control and stability, however by the perpetual dark rings beneath their eyes and the hollowness that rests inside their sharp features there’s a kind of tiredness that hangs about them. This is also visible in the pallor of their skin. They have sandy blonde hair that’s never really neatly put together, almost always messy and usually kept in a shoulder-length side-ponytail. It’s supposed to keep it out of their eyes but they’ve still got sideswept bangs that, if not pushed aside, can and will fall into their cornflower blue eyes.

Eileen: Eileen is, in a sentence: soft and squishy. She has round features, coupled with a button nose and green doe-eyes, along with a milky-way of freckles that trail all across her face, arms, and legs. She is very short, and has bright, vibrant natural orange-red hair, which she keeps cut in a french bob that brushes her cheeks and curls around her face. She has blunt bangs that fall just about her eyebrows. Her freckles and rosy-peach skin have a habit of disappearing whenever she blushes.

Yolanda: Yolanda is regal- in her looks, in how she walks and holds herself, even in how she dresses. She is tall, very tall, and has a heart shaped face with defined, angular features. She has sharp, dark eyes and an effortless smile. Her tightly coiled black hair is often done up and dripping with some kind of jewels or other decorations. Yolanda’s warm, dark brown skin is also often painted with makeup, used to accentuate her features. She is slender and willowy, second tallest without heels (but when will you ever find her without heels?)

Ricky: Ricky Dempsey may not have been known publicly as Nickelport’s playboy politician but that’s never stopped his face from reaching the cover of most magazines at least once. He has an athletic figure and the kind of picture-perfect smile as if he were always prepared for a public photograph. He keeps his dark, reddish-brown hair slicked back from his pale face, and bright blue eyes. He has roman, fairly pointed features, and always looks well put-together. (And never casual.)

Raf: The key distinguishing feature about Raf are the laugh-lines that mark the edges of his eyes when he smiles- and he smiles quite a bit. He has a very gentle feel to his smile, which also softens the rest of his face in turn. He has a strong jaw and a slightly hooked nose. His hair is a deep, dark brown- dark enough that ‘black’ is about as an accurate a descriptor for the vast majority of lighting and times. He tried to keep his hair cut but… often forgets, and now his wavy hair lies just around his jawline. He’s athletic, but it’s more sinew muscle than anything fairly visible, and is often hidden beneath the kind of soft sweaters that he’s drawn towards most times. His skin is a warm, sandy-ochre tan and he has medium-dark brown eyes flecked with a lighter, golden-brown.

Lucy: Lucy has broad shoulders and long legs. Her dark curly hair is long enough to reach her hip but she often keeps it pulled back and up, away from her strong features. She has a sharp, boisterous grin that splits her face from ear to ear and scrunches near-black, joyful eyes. She walks with confidence and swagger, which often makes her seem… taller, in some ways, although she is average height already, her presence carries her even more. There’s a lightness to the way she walks and move- assured of her own skin and of herself. It is confidence that carries her forward.

Jacob: Jacob is the second shortest, just taller than Eileen. He has light, mousy brown hair that’s always at least a little windswept (usually from him running from place to place) cut just above his ears- and it absolutely refuses to fall in line, ever. His skin is always at least a little rosy (like he had just finished running from place to place). He has bright hazel eyes that can never settle on whether or not they’d rather be green or brown or gold or somewhere between the three of them. Nothing about him is ever really settled, always bright and buzzing with energy and enthusiasm. He has a dimple on the right side of his cheek that shows when he grins- which is often enough that it might be more odd to see him without it.

Informant: His eyes are often hidden behind dark, reflective sunglasses. He has black hair and always looks well put together. Overall, he seems unremarkable, though there’s a sense that this is purposefully so. Normally hides his figure in dark clothes and jackets, it can be hard to get a read on him.

V: Vega, Vera, and Vincent Bayer are pretty much identical. All of them have exceedingly bright, fire-red hair and emerald eyes. They all have the same sharp, knife-grin and the same sway when they walk that seems visible even in just how they hold themselves. Vera is the tallest, followed by Vincent and then Vega, and all are fairly statuesque. Vera’s hair is long, down to the small of her back. Vincent and Vega wear their hair shorter.

I’m happy you like the idea! It’s been one that I’ve been pretty set on from the beginning, and at this point the only thing that would hold me back from it is if I found it just… really didn’t work (too long/detracted from the story too much/etc).

So there’s a good chance it’s gonna happen but we shall see!

And happy holidays to you as well!

You assume that V’s ego already isn’t at unmanageable proportions.

But thank you! I’m happy you like Vincent!


Hey all! Got a bit of an update up and ready for you. I just filled in the last bits of the part of Lucy’s Non-Love Memory in the first (panicked) response, since those were fairly minor and I figured I could get them in now to make that bit fully fleshed out. So have fun! Couple of new conversations mostly, which I hope you all enjoy picking about!

Thank you for your continued patience and have a great day!


Hey all!

A long time ago I had talked over on my general writing blog about… Well, a couple of things. If you want to read the full thing there, it’ll be linked below.

But the tl;dr of it included the mention that I might one day in the future look into Patreon as a possible thing for extra fun bits of information and whatnot for Model Citizens, as well as the rest of my writing.
Turns out the future is today!

I’ve set up a fun new Patreon for my writing projects, including Model Citizens, and by supporting me you’ll get early access to any future shorts, a special monthly Q&A about the writing/development process, or even a custom 500 word story.

If you’re at all interested in supporting me and my writing, you can find the link to it here:

(And the announcement I had talked about before:


Awww,…I really don’t like Patreon’s micro-transactions on a monthly basis.
But as always I wish you good fortune nonetheless.


Thank you for the well-wishing!

And all of the stuff that’s up for free now will remain up for free (such as the shorts/long answers on the tumblr/asking questions/stuff like that. Patreon is only additional things, and access to things outside of Model Citizens if you’re interested in some of my other projects as well. (But, again, even there the stuff that’s up for free will keep being up for free as is.)

So ye! Thank you again! :smiley:


As usual your dedication and skill showcases your passion for writing. I may not be physically able to keep up with all of your work (Since choice of games is a small pass-time that I come to if I remember about it) but this is one of the few forums I always check when I come.

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Thank you so much for these wonderful words of encouragement!!!

I’m so happy you enjoy this story of mine, and that you’ve come back to check each time! I’m always thrilled to know that someone enjoys reading this as I enjoy writing it. So thank you!! Very much!

Have a lovely day!


Wow. I love this! Your writing style, the characters, the premise…looks like I am hitting up ICARUS SUN next! Great work, can’t wait to read more! (The Raf flashbacks are breaking me)

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Thank you very much! I’m so glad to hear you enjoy it! (And I hope you enjoy Icarus Sun as well! It’s significantly older and in the process of being rewritten, but hopefully what’s up there is still enjoyable, too!)


Hey all! I put in a new update! Now the ‘party’ choice in Lucy’s non-love memory has been fully filled out! Which means there’s just the ‘trespassing’ choice to go!

Not much new content-wise but the point of these choices are to allow for different personality MCs who might notice/interact with things in different ways. So the dialogue and such is all new and hopefully allows for a wider variety of MCs. Have fun!

Hope you all have fun with it!


It’s been a while since I played this - because of my university - but am excited to replay it with all the new option!

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