Camp NaNoWriMo cabin for CS writers

Exactly what it says on the tin!

Camp NaNo just started up again today and it’s like NaNoWriMo just more casual. Basically you set a goal for yourself, be it words, hours or lines, and join a “cabin” full of other writers and talk about your projects and help each other out and stuff.

Rena_B and I did it in April and a new month just started and we were wondering if anyone else would be interested in joining our cabin. We can work on personal novels or CS games and scream about code together! Just give me your NaNo usename so I can invite you in!

And if you’ve already signed up for a different cabin, we’re using the fan discord server to chat since its more instant than the cabin chat. Join us here, even if you aren’t participating in Camp NaNo!


Just gonna push my own little recommendation for joining as well if anyone wants!! It’s a very fun and low-stress way to push yourself into getting a lot done, I find! Especially since, like Leem mentioned, you can set your own goals!

A great way to write more!

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Oh, I just joined a regional cabin. Can you have more than one? My hunch is probably no.

We don’t have more than one currently, since there aren’t a lot of people doing it, but if we get enough we’ll make another cabin gladly! But like I said, even if you joined another cabin you can join our discord group chat! Specifically a group for people doing camp nano :smiley:

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