Missing Wings (guide/hints/FAQ)

November 20, 2018

Version 1.0.2 is out (hotfix)

November 19, 2018

Version 1.0.1 is out!

November 18, 2018

Bug in the Horse Racing area confirmed. Fix coming “soon.”

Spoilers! You have been warned.

Hi everyone. In anticipation of the Hosted Games release of Missing Wings, I’m going to post a guide here. Missing Wings is unlike many other COG or HG games because it is in fact a “variety puzzle game.”

This means that you need to figure out what to do in order to beat the game. Trying to beat the game by just blazing through it without much thought or planning will result in failure. The game is designed that way. To me, the fun of a puzzle game is in experiencing that “A-HA!” moment when you figure out what to do and it actually works. At the same time, I want everyone to have a good time and more or less be able to play how they want to. If someone else’s idea of enjoyment means beating the game by using a guide, then that’s cool with me.

This is a long game, meant to be played over many hours. The game is a lot longer when you have to figure out everything yourself, so please be advised that using a guide may shorten your play time. Additionally, some sections are not beatable when you first enter them.

The basic premise of the game is that you are an angel fated to help an archangel regain their missing wings. In the game, an archangel’s wings are ten-fold meaning that there are ten sets of wings. Somehow they got scattered throughout the different realms of existence, and you have to collect them all to beat the game.

Missing Wings has a variety of stats. Some of the most important stats in the game are under Mastery. Mastery is your control over the ten angelic elements including Death, Earth, Fire, Life, Lightning, Metal, Time, Void, Water, and Wind. When you are asked what your favorite element is, whatever answer you pick will end up increasing your mastery of that element by 20.

Once you get to get to The Nexus, there are many things to do. Feel free to talk to the guardian and explore the area so you can see everything you can do there.

Important: The Nexus is where you train your Mastery and also where you can equip weapons and armor. You need to equip progressively better weapons and armor to beat one particular Realm. You will see an Equipment option in The Nexus the next time you visit; it’s not there on your first time.

----> There is only one single area in the whole game where you can die permanently. <----

Knowing that, don’t be afraid of failing because you can go back to the main area and try again without really losing any other progress. So, without further ado…

The Realm of Death

Play chess with a skeleton. You need at least 25 Death Mastery to play. You need 100 Mastery to claim the Wings. It’s almost actual chess. One of the only differences is that the King can move into check. The skeleton is ridiculously easy as an opponent because he wants to lose. This is a trap. Do not try to claim the Wings unless you have 100 Mastery, or you will get the game’s only permanent death. The upside is that you get a “bad end” achievement for doing so.

The Realm of Earth

Referred to locally by some as the “dwarf tower,” this Realm involves reestablishing the dwarven population. It’s deceptively simple. There are ten floors total (floor 0 through floor 9) and on each floor there are ten males and ten females from which to choose from. You pick the mother and the father, and they have a baby. The babies of floor 0 will be the adults of floor 1. If you’re on floor 0, you have to keep making babies to fill up floor 1. The trap here is in not carefully picking who the mother and who the father will be. The names are arbitrary. It’s the lineage that counts. In other words, if you pick the same mother and father combination on floor 0 to make all the babies of floor 1, then NO ONE on floor 1 will be able to breed because they are all brothers and sisters. Dwarven siblings (or first cousins) are not allowed to breed with one another so you will have to be careful in managing moms and dads.

The Realm of Fire

This is the casino area. Only certain games are actually random. The other games have the appearance of being random, but are not actually so. One of the gimmicks with this Realm is that the games use different currency, and that currency has an exchange rate. You can get a breakdown of currency if you talk to the shopkeeper inside the Curio Shop, but beware of making conversation. You might just trigger a catastrophe of sorts if you’re not careful.

  • Blackjack - actually random.
  • Deadman’s Word - the word selection is random, the gameplay is based on luck and skill.
  • Poker - actually random.
  • Janken - pay attention to the words used to predict the opponent’s attack.
  • High or Low - the number is random but you can see what it’s going to be if you have enough Mastery.
  • Roulette - pay attention to the words in the background to predict the number.
  • Horse Racing - pay attention to the condition of the horse to determine the outcome.
  • Creature in the Dark - the location of the creature is random, but can be found with luck and skill.

The Realm of Life

This is a strange Realm. You can solve the first part of the bone collecting puzzle more or less efficiently depending on when (if at all) you decide to consume. If you need a certain gem or gems in the later part of this Realm, do not freak out. You can get gems by beating the Realm of Water. After you have what you need just come back and finish here.

The Realm of Lightning

This is a Realm of switch puzzles. The topmost selection is the easiest and the bottommost selection is the hardest. This Realm does not require any Mastery at all and I would recommend doing this Realm first to gain Mastery points so that you can train up and beat a different area easily.

The Realm of Metal

You can bet on ogre fights for Coins. The blacksmith here actually needs to forge the Wings you’re looking for, but that can only happen if you provide the metal. You might need to get the ore from the Realm of Earth after you beat it and you might be able to smelt the ore by talking to the shopkeeper in the Realm of Fire after you progress to a certain point there.

The Realm of Time

Fight monsters. As noted before, you have to equip progressively better weapons and armor to be able to complete this area. Although, I’m pretty sure Excalibur can one-shot everything…?

The Realm of Void

Decode things in space to hunt down fugitives that have escaped throughout a multiverse kind of thing. The space hunt (I’m not talking about the fugitive hunt; the space hunt is different) is optional for normal endings but might be mandatory for the best endings. If you’re trying to get the very best ending, get the scroll fragments every single time, and bring them to The Nexus.

The Realm of Water

You will want to have your Mastery at 100, or as close to 100 as possible. The events are pretty much on a timer and the resource management is up to you. The event that triggers should be different depending on whether or not you scouted. However, it should be the same event every single time. Let’s look at an example that’s not in the game: On turn 5, if you get attacked by rats, then you can expect the same encounter with rats on every single turn 5. If you write down how many resources you need then you should have enough time to prepare if your Mastery is high enough.

The Realm of Wind

This is a straight up maze. With warp tiles. If you step on the wrong warp tile, you will return to the entrance, so you’ll want to know where you’re doing. You can either do this the hard way and try to map out every which way one at a time, or you can get enough Mastery to use the positioning system. If you get even more Mastery you can view a map of the area. The map might be confusing to read at first. The way the map “drawn” has to do with your coordinates. For example, you’ll see a bunch of “a1” on the map. Stepping on an “a1” tile will warp you back to a1, which is the entrance.


Congrats on getting it out @Carlos.R !


Yea, can’t wait.


Thanks for the support. I am super freaking excited right now. :smiley:

Secrets in the Realm of Fire…!

Once you progress to a certain point you can unlock free play in the casino. Once unlocked, you can play all the casino games you want, and your currency should never decrease. If you max out your Coins, consider talking to the shopkeeper. But be careful because… reasons!


If you do happen to trigger the catastrophe, try going to the Realm of Life to fix it.

Throw a good problem solving game my way and I in turn will throw money right back at you.

Btw, did you code in any cool game mechanics, ala mule management from rebels? I absolutely love parts like that. And I get a feeling that you did… Here’s hoping %)

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Absolutely! I think you’ll especially love (or hate) the resource management in the Realm of Water. Did I mention there was turtles? There are turtles. Sea turtles to be precise. Save them all to uncover a secret.

I hear people like turtles...



Congrats @Carlos.R - a long journey is about to reach its destination.

I also respect your decision to make a walk-through immediately available. It is a decision I hope others follow more regularly.

Well done.


Congratulations i won’t see the spoilers but i will buy the game as support


Congrats @Carlos.R! Looking forward to seeing it released :tada:


I love all of you beautiful human beings! :heart:

But yeah, if you have any questions about the game let me know and I’ll walk you through it.


Is it out yet?The other game “The Slayer Of Evil” has been released on playstore.

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I believe it’s not officially released until the company sends out that email, but I will post links as soon as I find them. :grin:

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Congratulations! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

I am a Professor Layton fanatic (a Nintendo puzzle game series), thus I am certainly planning to try this one out!


I haven’t actually heard anything about this until now, but my interest is piqued. Definitely going to buy this when it releases.


why is it not on play store?

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As stated elsewhere:



Link in the first post.

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I can’t seem to find the app on Play Store. The link provided says “Item Not Found”. Is it not available in certain countries?

@RETowers is probably fixing the link to Google Play?

It should be fixed. Give it a little bit to show up.