Mafia City- Rise of a Don [WIP] Updated(02/03/2019) Poll Added 48



Not this


Gives me a 91 days vibe


Right now I have two problems

  1. I have the sm plugin files as script in the index.HTML but do not know how to write the code in the startup scene.

  2. I have seen people whose demos have fewer or the same amount of text as I have say their game consist of 10k words and above. What is the best way of counting the words and which value are we to take as the true number of text


I like it so far. Keep up the good work!

Also, I hope we get to become a level 35 boss tHaT’s HoW mAfIa WoRkS


The demo is… okay but it could use a lot of tweaking, especially with the grammar and the language (It’s in English, but it’s not “flowing” if you know what I mean. I assume you’re not English?) The plotline needs some fixing too as it relates to the background (it could do with extra options as it relates to the choices). Overall it’s okay-ish but it could be a lot better. Not trying to shit on you or anything, but that’s just my honest opinion. I’m interested in seeing the full version, though.


It’s good just need more but can’t wait for future updates


Crime lord? Okay I’m in


Definitely life of a mobster vibes here. But this time you’ll be infiltrating the mafia to rekt their asses? Sounds like what a real badass would do.


Sorry about the English, currently using my mobile cos my laptop has spoilt so hives me little chance of seeing the grammatical errors. And ideas you have that can make the game better will be appreciated.


Good! Really good!


This looks way to close to a pre-existing game called Life of a Mobster…


Somewhat, but it’s still too early to say anything.


I think the problem here is that it’s based on the same subjects and both starts from the beginning of the life of the MC, even though this is a little more detailed


I’m trying to take this wip seriously but
tHAts hoW MAfIa WoRks


This is why “mobile games” are evil. I mean, another reason.




As soon as I saw the title I knew at least one person would reference that mafia ad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Interesting start. I will be watching this :eyes:


Is this how the mafia works?


When i press show stats


Thanks, its fixed