Lost Heir 1 and Lost Heir 2 on Steam

It looks like Lost Heir 1 and 2 will be releasing at some point on Steam today. At the moment I don’t see a price for them but it should be coming shortly

For those who may buy Lost Heir 2, if you purchase it on Steam, Choice of Games should give you a free browser copy as well.

Here are the store links:
Lost Heir 1:

Lost Heir 2:


For me it should’ve unlocked at 18:00. It’s now 19:20 here and still nothing xD. No price but the item is visible, what does that mean? The Hosted topic does say it releases on this day so I’ll wait a little while longer, I’ve got time.

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Sometimes Steam glitches up this way. What is weird is now it shows Lost Heir 2’s price, but not the first one.

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Yeah, Lost Heir 2 now shows as available for me on Steam, but the first one still says Coming Soon. I don’t mind waiting a little longer, hopefully it’ll show up soon.

I wish steam had a cog game sale…both for 4.50$ would be awesome.

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I don’t want buy this on steam, I do in Google play but could I give it a like and share a link? Andhow I am not good with this tech stuff but I wanna give support. I already have a steam account.

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We just did a sale on all our game for the Winter Sale.


Both titles are available now and both are on sale. Thank you very much for putting both 1 and 2 on steam.


is their another way to save data except through the choice of game website?
or does it have to be stored online?

I have not even figured a way to save any of my play-thrus … it accepts neither email address as a save nor a normal name. When I put either in 2 it says it can not find anything.

Yeah, that’s the funny thing: If you try to save a playthrough of TLH1 on steam, then it apparently does not get saved to the choiceofgames site and thus you can’t load it… But if you own TLH2 on this site and have some save savegames of it, then you can load those into TLH2 on steam. So if you already own TLH1 on this site, you simply need to do a playthrough and save at the end and then load that save into TLH2 on steam. Well, until they fix the problem anyway…

Why when I try to buy TLH2 on COG website, it keeps linking me to steam? Anyone else have this problem?

I don’t think you can buy it on the CoG site until it’s been released for a few weeks.

I remember there being complaints about this before and that the answer was that if the game is available on steam, they’ll encourage you to buy it there in this way instead of making it available on the site first. They prefer it that way, as their games gets more exposure and so on through people buying’em on steam…

I have a question. I bought both LH1 and LH2 on Steam. However I am unable to transfer the online save file at the the end of LH1 even though I did save it.

Is there anyway I could move my end save to the second game, or do i just start over in LH2?

Read above; I had the same problem, with no savefile being available when you try to load one in TLH2 after playing through TLH1 and saving ón steam. Currently, I know of no other solution than to play through TLH1 on this site, make a savegame and then load that savegame from the choiceofgames site in steam. I guess they’ll fix the problem eventually though, but I have no idea when, so until then, I’m afraid you might have to be content with creating a new character in TLH2 - you’ll miss miss some bonus stuff and whatnot that way, but it should be quite doable…

So, the save game doesn’t work on Steam from LH1 to LH2? Or is the issue when trying to go across platforms?

@Lucid - It doesn’t work.

The prompt asks for a “save file name” which I assume saves it to the hd or no save at all, then when you start part 2 it asks for your email to look for the save here at this site.

If the 2nd part would look for a local save would it see your saved file made in part 1?

Err, that would seem to be the issue, yes. I played LH1 on steam, saved at the end, then went on to LH2 (on steam of course) and tried to load said save, but there were no saves available at all. Wondering if I’d made some mistake, I played through LH1 on steam again and made a save, then started up LH2 but there still was no save to load. Then I came here, played through LH1 on the site itself and made a save, then stared up LH2 in steam and tried to load a save… This time it worked and it was defintively the playthrough I’d made here on the site… So saves made on steam apparently don’t get saved to choiceofgames…

@DarkSpeck - I believe that if I send in my receipt I will be credited a copy on the COG website right. If so, how long will it take to get credited and to whom should I send the reciept. Cuz at this point i am kinda just waiting on a work around before I go go on to LH2, but it kinda seems like it might just be easier to get the game on the site and use that save file.