Steam and saving

Hi everyone. I downloaded the lost heir 1 and 2 on steam. but when i try to mod the stats a bit it doesn’t show my save in the restore menu in the lost heir 2. but if I played it the normal way? it shows my save file. is that how it should be? or there’s a workaround for this? and thank you very much.

Awww…man, that sucks and is the bad news I kind of feared. Ugh Steam is really the worse platform for CoG’s compared to the good old days with Chrome Apps.

SO there’s no workaround to make it show my save file? and apple’s devices doesn’t allow us access to the filesystem unless there’s a jailbreak. man that so sad.

Lol Android also don’t show it unless you are rooted (mine is rooted):blush: and to say I don’t use steam apk much so don’t know about it .But here is the location of data file of the game in Android (/data/data/com.choicegames…

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so it’s Either modding. or saving. not both? and here I thought that apple devices are the only ones with the jailbreaking limit