I can't buy The Lost Heir 3 in the site

I can’t buy The Lost Heir 3 in the site. When i try to by the site send my to steam. I would like to buy from the site (CoG)

Thanks for any help and sorry for my English

Same. And while i WANT to buy at steam, it’s not available there yet, too. At Least, not for my region.

You might give the Steam link a try; I just purchased it there.

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My understanding is that games are not available on the CoG site until the discount period is over. It should be possible to buy it on the site once it’s no longer on sale.

I also prefer to buy these on the site :slight_smile: just a matter of deciding if it’s worth the wait and slightly more money.

(I think it’d also be convenient if this information were noted somewhere in the purchase text to reduce confusion, but I don’t know…)