Should I wait for more?

First found out about Choice of Games when they came to Steam, they had said that they would try to put their whole library on there, thing is, should I wait and hope for the best. Or should I buy the mobile versions?

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I think the older games are less likely to go on Steam, but there is still a possibility.

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Honestly I’d say just buy the mobile versions if you have any games you’re really wanting to see. I couldn’t imagine that there’s anything particularly different between the steam version and the mobile version.

Yeah I thought so, thing is I don’t have anything besides the PC. :frowning:

Oh, you can play the older ones on Chrome or on the Choice of Games website! That is, if you’d like. No mobile device required.

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It Worked!! Thank you so much!

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The next “old” COG title to go on Steam will be It’s Killing Time, which will probably be released alongside The Sea Eternal on April 22nd.

Then, sometime later this year, we’re going to try and get Neighbourhood Necromancer, Last Monster Master, and NOLA is Burning. But that might be it for back-catalog for the year.

EDIT: I forgot, there’s also a push to put the Choice of Romance: Affairs of the Court trilogy on Steam sooner rather than later.


Alright!! Thanks for the quick reply!