Will Choice of the Vampire ever be released on Steam?

Hopefully I’m obeying all guidelines here… But, I simply wanted to ask if there are any future plans to release Choice of the Vampire, and its sequel on Steam? I’d pay for the both of them without a second thought.

Thanks for you time.

P.S. Thanks to whoever edited the title.


Could do with Choice of the Vampire being continued as well :stuck_out_tongue:

As someone who has made a page before asking about the potential third game (shoe in mouth, I know), I imagine Choice of the Vampire will come to Steam once the third game is released, like the Heroes Rise trilogy was handled. Mind you, that’s just my guess. We simply need to be patient.

I’d buy them before they had a chance to sink their fangs into anything. :grin:

Just in case any Steam users missed the releases, both Choice of Vampire titles have been released on Steam as of Feb. 9th.

I wanted to thank the CoG staff for releasing these titles on Steam and @jasonstevanhill for writing one of my favorite vampire-related series ever and allowing them to be included in my Steam library.



Bought and downloaded. Thanks for the heads up Eiwynn!


Bought them! :grimacing: Can’t buy them more than once, though… :thinking: Good thing, I suppose, as I am rather poor at the moment. :blush:

Do sincerely and nigh desperately hope for the next part to come sooner rather than later and much, much rather than not at all (heavens forbid!)… :hugs:

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