Will you be adding more of Your Games to Steam?

I Was Wondering if you Considered putting more of the games you have on display onto steam?
For Instance i have Fallen in Love with the games

  • Treasure Seekers of Lady Luck
  • Choice of he Vampire
  • Reckless Space Pirates

And Sadly I am Limited to Only Demos of these Games because there are very few of them
Added to the Steam Store.
I am Aware of the various places i can purchase them sadly I am also Limited to Only
Using Steam as a Way of Attaining the Full Version of these Games.
But oh the Painful Fact that the games I liked the Most are Limited to the Medias I am Unable to Use.
I Want to Know if you have Plans to Try get these Games onto Steam or if not I would like to have
a decent reason as why not, if you please.

Thanks for your Time

Firstly, is there a reason you can’t purchase the games on the main website? Or in the chrome store? (Those are the two alternative options if you’ve PC and not a tablet.)

Here’s what Dan has to say.

Thanks for Clearing that up for me.
And Steam is the Only of the Methods shown (that i know of(And Own)) that has the method of topping up
your money (Steam Wallet in this case) through purchasing a code from a Store (Such as Gamestop)
Which is Because I myself do not own a Paypal,Credit Card,Etc. which to my knowledge all other formats take. But if I’m Wrong and you Can top the Other Methods up without Credit Cards or Paypal Then Let me know

Do your stores sell google play cards? You can use those in the Chrome Store.

No they do Not.
And i Don’t have anything Amazon or Apple related.

Are you sure Gamestop doesn’t sell google cards, or credit of some sort? That seems odd.

For me, at least, the added utility of being able to play when I’m not in contact with the internet is substantial…I’d rather not have to go over to BlueStacks to manage that.

Ok, a broad issue presents itself on this front: I’ve downloaded a lot of games for not-Steam (mostly through Android-using-Bluestacks). I’d love to download them again, but I’m going to be hard-pressed to justify paying for games multiple times (Choice of Robots being an odd exception because of how much it hit off with me). I’d love to buy your games on Steam…I just don’t want to wind up paying for them a second time.

I have a similar dilemma myself. I’d like to support their games on steam more so that they can release more games that way and reach more people, but my primary platform for playing these game is on my iPhone.

Not the ones in my Town or even the ones in the next towns over.

If you don’t want to buy the games twice (and I understand that sentiment completely) then you can still support Choice of Games by following their curation page on Steam if you’ve an account there. Also tell your friends to follow the page. I’m not sure how it works but the more people they have following their page the better.

@IrishSniper136 I’d suggest asking them. It seems odd. Those cards are everywhere where I am. Even the supermarkets sell them right next to the checkouts. It seems odd that a game store wouldn’t stock them. Maybe they’re in the back or something?

83 positive reviews for Choice of robots and 0 negative, that should count for a few games at least.

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