Steam Sale: Choice of Games Are 34% Off

In case you missed the blog post, or the mail announcement, Choice of Games are currently discounted on Steam.


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Sweet! Oh wait, I already own them all :frowning:

Buy them for a friend? :slight_smile:

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Even if you already own our games, please follow us on Steam!

We need your support to continue delivering our games on Steam. Steam has introduced a powerful new curation system, that lets you follow people and organizations that recommend good games. We’ve set up our own Steam curation page to recommend our favorite choice-based games, and we’d like you to follow us.

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Done I followed the steam page :slight_smile:

Done and done! I hadn’t considered buying from steam yet. While I am here…

I own all cog and hg games on kindle, so I won’t buy any from steam.

@Catraider I think it’s awesome that you already own everything. And we definitely can’t expect everyone to buy things twice. I know I don’t. (I was just joking about the buying it for a friend.) :slight_smile:

@Dfabulich Can we access the game’s code on the versions bought on Steam?

Awesome, followed the CoG page just now!
(unfortunately, I have like, 30 cents too little to buy any of the games OTL)

No, but I think we can arrange it for anybody who’s interested.


I for one would very interested.