Choice of Games has a Steam curation page

Choice of Games now has a Steam curation page, which you can follow to see our newest games recommended on the Steam home page, along with a dozen other games that we strongly recommend.

Which games would you add to our Steam curation list?

Any plans of adding more of the older games to Steam? I’d love for Choice of Vampire to be there.

Analouge: Hate Plus* even

Will some of the Hosted Games be going to Steam?

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I strongly suggest Magical Diary by Hanako Games. (Not least because the creator included a couple of choice games on her list here It’s a visual novel, with a female protagonist, set in a magical school, everybody’s bi, and your choices are important.

Loren the Amazon Princess by Winter Wolves. (A fantasy rpg where you can play as male or female, gay or straight, and your choices have an impact on the story.)

I second Analogue a Hate Story, I haven’t played it but it seems fitting.

If it was out yet I’d say Solistice by Moacube. (Both protagonists are PoC and one’s gay.) Since it’s not (at least not last I checked), I’ll suggest Cinders instead. Cinders is a gorgeous visual novel, with strong feminist themes and plenty of choices that have a meaningful impact on the story. And while the only romance options are male, I was delighted that there are multiple endings, which are portrayed in a positive manner, that you don’t need to end up with any of the men.