Our Steam curator account only needs FIVE more followers


EDIT: Thanks, everybody! We did it!

As of this writing, our Steam curator page has more than 2,900 followers; we only need 100 FIVE more followers to reach our goal of 3,000 followers.

If you’re reading this and you still haven’t signed up to follow our Steam curator page, please do, even if you don’t use Steam that much.

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Since this is up…

Is there a way to suggest games for the curator to add?


Just post them here. (Only 40 followers to go!)


Criteria is interactive fiction, preferably text based… So I’d suggest:

UnRest - Based in India, multiple viewpoints, heavy story, about 2 hours worth of gameplay, quite a few decisions, some impactful, others left ambiguous. Well worth having a go, no happy endings here.

Appointment with FEAR - Comic book, heroes choice-style game. Basically a computer version of the old pen and paper books I think.

The Forest of Doom - As with Appointment with FEAR, an old pen and paper book converted to the PC. Forest of Doom is fantasy, about trekking through a… forest of doom…

Starship Traveller - Forest of Doom, in space. Another pen and paper book converted.

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf HD Remastered - One of the few of Joe Dever’s works made for the PC, this offers an interesting blend of gameplay mechanics. You read the book as you would a normal book, but combat is interactive and turn based, while skills also require you to interact with some mini-games as well.

Sword of Asumi - AJTiller’s most popular visual novel I believe, choices are restricted to ‘routes’ a-typical of Japanese style visual novels but it is a lovely game all the same.

Soul Gambler - This one slipped under everyone’s radar, an interactive game where you’re offered powers in exchange for parts of your soul everytime you use them. The story here is very solid, and there’s a few endings as well. It is very cheap as well, but its value is understated.

Roommates - Winter Wolves’ offering, actually one of the better ones, offering male or female playthrough, LG/straight romance options and multiple events throughout the story. Suffers from some limitations though, particularly with its old-fashioned stat building, schedule planner mechanic in between the actual story.

That’s all I’ve got so far.


Is it better for you guys if someone purchases a game from Steam or from the App Store?


Either one is fine. (P.S. Aiieeee we only need FIVE PEOPLE)


Thanks, everybody! We did it!