Soul Gambler (on steam)

Hey guys, just saw this game seems to be on sale for 50c over on steam (No I’m not associated with the developer in any way, just thought it might interest some people here :slight_smile: )

I’ve played it before and thought it was good fun, especially if you can get it at this price. It’s a text based game but also has some nice images. It’s kind of meant to be a modern day take on the legend of Faust (although it’s not exactly the same).

My main issue with it, is it’s pretty railroaded, but if you can look past that it’s pretty fun. Anyway, just thought I’d let people here know in case you’re looking for some interactive fiction between COG releases :slight_smile:

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I’ve just moved the topic to ‘other interactive fiction’, if you don’t mind . . .

I played part of it, and the writing and art were good. The story premise is a little more on the unusual side for modern games, too, which was fun. (At least, from what I’ve seen).

No probs, thanks for doing that. I was debating where to put it and kind of did the when in doubt choose general option :slight_smile:
Yeah I think that’s why I liked it, I like games with unusual story lines.

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I’ve been kinda interested in that game for a while. Never got around to trying it though.