Eternal - Chooseyourstory Game (Mature Content)

I’m normally not a fan of the ChooseYourStory games but this one was just excellent, good solid length and has immense replay value. I played through the “shadow” path and after finishing the game (a whole lifetime’s worth) learned there was an entirely different storyline that could have taken place. Has anyone else played this yet? What did you think?



Endmaster is by far one of the best writers I have read, on these sites. His stories are always messed up but enough to where they are realistic. No one has better morales than any other, and every one is self serving even if they don’t admit it. Have you played any of his other games, they are well worth the time.


So you’re saying LOVEsick is Realistic? It isn’t, it’s just disturbing.


no i meant his longer works, ones that are actual novel sized stories. LOVEsick was pretty short and disturbing yes but still well written.

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I prefer his more disturbing stories. :stuck_out_tongue:

i have read all of Endmasters games & Eternal was one of the best. it is tied with Necromancer in my oppinion & Ground Zero is right behind them

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My kindle doesnt like that website. When I click on the link, nothing happens.

I found it completely by accident yesterday, I think I’ll try out the other ones the author wrote

You should play necromancer before you try death song, altough death song is kinda depressing and should not be played if you’re depressed and have easy access to guns.

Death Song is seriously the most depressing game I’ve ever played.

I’m playing Necromancer now

I get a lot of interesting comment on my stories, but these two from the same guy are by far my favorite:

The first one was for Death Song:

OMG dude!!! How could you not make a good ending, not a single one?! Do you know how depressed I feel right now? You are sick!!! YOU are the lich king. I’we read through every bad ending on purpose hoping and wishing that I’d end up with the good one, where the world gets saved and he gets together with the female general or something. OMG OMG OMFG!!!

What have you done? You are evil!!! AAAARGGHH!!! I feel like crying right now. This is horrible. To be honest, I have always felt that it’s kitchy to make good endings in stories but now I realized that it isn’t. Hoping for the good is my nature, humans’ nature, SENTIENT BEINGS’ NATURE!!! What the fuck has happened to your nature?!?!?! How would a book like LOTR or Narnia or whatever feel if it had a horrible ending? It would feel horrible. Well, that’s how your story feels, horrible. I feel empty and disillusioned and like I’ve totally wasted my time, I’ve been tricked and used. I suffered through all that gory, violent, cruel, sad shit that happened to the character (me in a way) and I got nothing for it. Makes me wanna kill myself right now.

Fuck you man!

Then he read another story of mine (Not Love SICK) and wrote this to me:

WTF, I thought I was a negative, pessimistic person, but you seem to be it because you like it!!! How could you write something liek this?! WTF is wrong with you?! What is wrong with the world?! This is just sick and wrong and evil. I’m not some puritane christian twat, I don’t dissaprove of the individual events and endings you write about, what I despise is that you’re just being destructive, you’re not presenting any good sides, you seem to just be making fun of people that get problems and have unhappy lifes. That makes you the saddes kind of person.

Are you a fucking psycopath? Don’t words like empathy and compassion ring a bell? Ok, I might be ufair and overreacting, I only quickly run through the female storyline and I just finished your Death Song story and wrote a comment about that. But I must say, BAD impression. I have been feeling bad all day and I decided to read your stories hoping I’d feel better but I ended up feeling worse.

And even with Death Song it’s not like I didn’t enjoy the story, I did, that’s why I read the whole of it and rated it 9 when I was in the middle of it. But you’ve fucked up, you’ve given your readers a total anticlimax. Your’e a sadist with your audience.

Fuck you again you stupid jerk!!!

As I mentioned once before, its a good thing he never read Love SICK or else he might’ve really gone off on me! Lol.


They should of thought about the title.That is why I pick it.Also I love you story from now till forever(I killed everyone though evil conquest…WOOT)

@endmaster i love how he was freaking out about your endings and your ‘name‘ is endmaster XD

@endmaster if you ever put out a novel let us know man cause I will be one of the first ones in line on the day it comes out

@Endmaster after playing through your stories and a few others It’s motivated me to try out making some of my own on that site, and hopefully when I gain more skill I’ll be able to make a choice of games.

All your stories are very well-written and exciting, I like Eternal and Necromancer probably because of the whole rise to power thing the most

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There should be more ‘evil’ games on that site(Or any)

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@EndMaster In all honestly I sometimes think you are a psychopath. :stuck_out_tongue: How else could you make such disturbingly affecting stories?

Wait, one of your games has a “female storyline”? I thought you only wrote Male main character which consequently seems to be one of greatest strengths, and greatest weaknesses.

@EndMaster The guy who left those two comments is a complete pussy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just had an hour worth of my writing gone. I hate my internet.

I have even more respect for you now @Endmaster.