Eternal - Chooseyourstory Game (Mature Content)

Death Song almost had me shed a tear at the end, the sense of absolute hopelessness that slowly builds throughout the story was magnificent.

@Endmaster you rock, i loved all your stories even Love Sick & Repression, i cant wait to see whats next.

Was it A Very Special Choose Your Story that the dude had read? Cause as far as I can tell, that’s the only one you’ve made with a Female Storyline (Although every Story Branch ends with you Dying Horribly)
Not Joking here folks, you Die in every Story Branch, regardless.

Oh right. The “Cautionary Tale” one.


Tales from the Basement had a Female MC on one of the stories


Yeah it was A Very Special Story he read. All of the endings, male and female result in a horrible ending for the protagonist. Though I really did put a warning on that one.

It was sort of funny that he managed to pick those two to read one right after another.

And Lobo is correct in that I did make a female protagonist in one of the mini-stories in Tales From the Basement. Hopefully one of these days I will get around to making a longer story with a female lead though.


@EndMaster I forgot to say you are a good writer you almost got me to tears(Almost no one can when I am reading)

Hey @Endmaster, given your experience with the Chooseyourstory site do you know if it’s possible to let people play your game before it’s published? Like a demo, I’d like to let some of my friends play mine while I write it but I don’t have much experience with making these :-/

I’ve never used it before, but there’s a sneak preview box that you can check on which basically allows the story to be accessed through your profile, but it doesn’t pop up on the main reading list.

I think even if you click the sneak preview off though people can still access your story if you give them a direct link to it. Some people just write a little note at the beginning explaining the story is a demo and publish what they have though.

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I went via the link on the sneak preview box, where it says play seems to work so far

I just read a fantasy novel with a lot of torture and hopelessness for the MC. The right hand man of the antagonist is a gay pedophile rapist who kills his victims. the antagonist practices a weak form of magic that consists of reading someones entrails with a whole ceremony and everything. And it kinda reminded me of necromancer idk why?

Actually a good question how is the struggle path going?

That is weird @alexxo97 considering that that sounds more like the protagonist of loveSICK than Necromancer.

Yeah, Necromancer was pretty much nil on any sort of sexual content let alone sexual violence. (Plenty of regular violence though) it does sound more like the Doc from LoveSICK or even Mistress from Eternal.

The struggle path is going slow right now, though I have completed half of Chapter 1. I think I’m going to divide this into two separate chapters so Ch2C1 and Ch2C2.

I got more update info in a thread over at CYS, though I do pop in here from time to time since I know sometimes my name or stories come up in conversation.

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oh maybe, makes sense do.

I am assuming struggle path means us fighting to last breath for the Empire!

Yeah, it could be interpreted that way. You do get more of a chance to directly save it from falling completely this time around rather than say trying to pick up the pieces of the remnants and trying to copy it.

The struggle bit though initially comes from the fact that given between the two “choices” your first teacher gives you in training which is to either beg or die, you chose the third option and struggle. Naturally Mistress gets pretty pissed at you for doing so and your training once again goes much differently.


just wondring endmaster does the struggle path focus only on the saving the empire or can you take it down or better yet take control over the empire by getting rid of the empror. i also do hope that in one of the path you can royally fuck mistress over without it leading to a dead end.

Well without giving too much away, basically you are in more of a position to change the course of major events and thus a chance to save the Empire properly this time, but of course there’s still the chance that you’ll have messed something up and you won’t be able to.

Getting rid of the Emperor? That’s traitor talk! Who knows though, maybe there will be some unfortunate event that allows the Eternal to take direct control.