Eternal Completed


Well that certainly was a lot of writing…

Anyway since I know some of you bounce around between various CYOA sites, I have just finished the final chapters of Eternal with five new epilogues for a final total of 13 epilogues.

It can be found over at Infinite Story or ChooseYourStory.

I set out to complete this story and it is finally done and I can honestly say I feel a great deal of accomplishment. This is definitely the story that I always wanted to write, but it either got side tracked or truncated in some way. Not to say the other attempts produced work that I didn’t like, far from it, but this is definitely something I always had a goal to do for a very long time.

A complete life of a villain protagonist (or at least really dark gray) from the womb to the tomb and all the complex struggle in between. (And in a few cases AFTER the tomb)

To anyone else out there trying to complete their own epic story, just keep at it and eventually it will get done.

Off to enjoy semi-retirement!






Well done.


I remember playing this a while back… I felt like shit after killing all my friends for the Empire.


Wooo great news been waiting for it for a while
Good job


Thanks for completing the best CYOA I’ve played!


Is there a link


Congrats for a job well done.

Here is the link


Congratulations!!! Well done on finishing it!


@EndMaster Congratulations! Time for the hundredth playthough of Eternal :slight_smile: You fully deserve your semi-retirement.

May I add - the work you’ve done on Necromancer & Death Song has inspired my current endeavour. Your advice couldn’t be more timely!


Hey congrats! This is certainly one of the biggest CYOA projects (if not the biggest) I’ve ever seen. Just out of curiosity, how long is the entire thing?


Omg I played this game so much last year and that’s all I’d do during class. Very good game props for finishing your masterpiece.



495 pages. It’s the longest one in terms of how I normally write CYOAs.

Legend was much longer at 1,313 pages, but that one is more gamelike (Some pages with just monster stat fights, skill checks, market place purchases etc) and less story intensive.

Also that one was shorter in text at 234,162 words. Eternal is 648,052 words. Both of them still took a long time for me to finish writing though.


Oh wow. That’s longer than the Lord of the Rings Trilogy combined! Impressive! Have you ever considered writing professionally? I know you have a fairly big following on Choose Your Story so you already have a lot more exposure than most other amateur writers.


@Endmaster Congratz on completing your magnum opus! I’m very glad to hear that it’s been completed. So what are the new paths that have opened up that will lead to the 5 new epilogues? It’s been awhile since I played.


Congrats. Looking forward to reading it. If you ever want to convert it to Choicescript…


@JimD It would certainly involve adding an ‘Undo’ option. The amount of times I died because Sigismund had something else in mind…


@Drazen good point. We can figure out an Undo feature. Vendetta’s save system provides the framework. If Endmaster was interested in porting a choice game (and I bet others have suggested it), there are enough people who would be willing to help with coding (likely even CoG).


@JimD I’m not sure there would be much point, in all honesty. It’s not really a choice game, so much as it is a story which branches off every now and then. Which isn’t to say its in any way bad, just not really choicescript style.