Bonus Steam Keys From Choice of Games Website?

Hello. If this kind of thread showed up, I apologize as I couldn’t find it. Just to make this case short.

As developer do you guys consider adding free steam keys for games which you purchased earlier on directly from your website (or iOS, etc.) and end up released on Steam later on ? For me it’s kind of important as I collect games on Steam (and most of my friends do as well). I wouldn’t mind purchasing some titles, but if I see certain game released on Steam I don’t think I would be happy to be forced to get second copy of it (for example for achievements, etc.) just for it. As to be honest this is main reason why I’m reluctant to purchase copies of games which aren’t on Steam. Just to be clear - I picked up every single Choice of Games title on Steam and I enjoyed pretty much all of time with my top3 being Mecha Ace, Choice of Robots and SLAMMED! and I really enjoy works you guys release. But yeah, Steam part is just important for me. - My Steam Profile. Feel free to add me even for some random discussing and stuff.

This kind of practice is popular for example on games which are added on Steam later on and you picked them up for example from certain bundles (IndieRoyale, Indiegala, etc.). Those websites provide really cheap bundles with games in to support for example charity. Also it would win lots of cool points for you guys in my eyes ;).

It’s been mentioned before. I don’t think there’s plans to do this. I’m not sure why.

Which is a massive shame as to be blunt I know many people on Steam which this alone discourage to buy it now as I introduced few people into this genre myself by Steam. I’m also sure that none of them are willing to buy it without being certain that they land on Steam as they like to collect all games on one platform just like me.

And to be honest I’m hungry to play more of them, but I would need to be certain they land on Steam later on as free keys. Otherwise I’m afraid I must wait to see them on Steam. As I said - this idea alone would encourage good amount of people to try and know that they get the game they like on Steam which let’s be honest is main gaming platform for PC gaming (and well Steam works on mobile platforms as well, so yeah).

I know it’s frustrating. Ideally Choice of Games would have all of the games released on Steam. I’m sure if it was possible they would be giving away free Steam keys if you purchase the game on their website. They’ve got to have their reasons why they aren’t.

I know that Choice of Games wants as many people as possible to be playing the games, on Steam. They directly benefit from people playing the games there, the more people playing their games on Steam, the more games they can release on Steam.

It’s likely going to be a very long time until we see any of the Hosted Games on Steam (if we ever do) so I’d suggest if you do want to purchase any games, and are worried about that game then being released on Steam so you’d need to purchase it twice, go for the Hosted Games.


Thx for detailed answers as it explains how it works. I wlll go for Hosted Games I guess. I assume list of those is pretty large ?

To be clear - I picked up ALL your games released on Steam and I’m subscriber to you so as a single user I did what I could ;). Oh well, in this case I can only wait.

BTW you guys considered talking to one of big charity gaming websites like HumbleBundle and offer your games in a bundle ? While it would kind of don’t let you profit as much obviously from single purchase it would be a good way to promote yourself. Also MANY people are willing to pay more then suggested price, so you could get your profit and good commercial in a way. Plus it would help a good cause. How it works in detail ? I have no idea as I never negotiated with them obviously. No idea if it affects your app credits as well if people add your games on their steam accounts as steam keys as well. But well - it’s just a simple thought, you may as well ignore it.

Just to be clear - sorry that maybe I sounded a bit dissapointed with your answers and I couldn’t hide it. I want you guys to succeed as I really like this genre and well I enjoyed pretty much everything you guys released. It’s just a shame that I must hold off because of this thought. But yeah, I wish you luck as this genre is just underappreciated and seeing new stuff on Steam from this genre always makes me happy.

I’m just one of the moderators of the forums so I’ve no idea what the plans are. I’d to purchase the games twice, to get versions on Steam too.

I admit I do love Humble Bundle.

I think, of the official games Choice of the Dragon, Choice of Broadsides, and Creatures Such as We are all free. For Rent: Haunted House might be as well.

Of the Hosted Games, play the demos first. They’re more of a mixed-bag than the official games are and there’s a wide variety in terms of quality. If you don’t enjoy a demo chances are you won’t enjoy the full game. There’s also a few unfinished series’ in there.

Mecha Ace’s writer also wrote Sabres of Infinity.

I’ve not played many of the newer Hosted Games, unfortunately. Zombie Exodus, Life of a Wizard, Paradox Factor, Tin Star, Unnatural, Waywalker’s University are those I’d suggest looking at. I’ve likely missed out some and there are other threads out there.

Well I have certain limit I spend on games so I can’t exactly purchase them twice, otherwise I would. Personally I’d rather spend let’s say 20 euros on as many games as possible then pick up half of them in two copies each. And well, I prefer Steam versions, so I may just wait. It’s not like I have a choice here ;).

On bundles - it was just a simple suggestion as lots of people visit and buy from those websites. It may be as well IndieGala, IndieRoyale, Groupees, Bundlestars, etc. But yeah, it may be as well ignore as I mentioned before. It’s a simple random idea.

Heck, gifting let’s say 10 copies of some games on SteamGifts could also work as a decent way to promote the website.

And thx for suggestions I will check them out, but I prefer at least +200,000 words versions.

I agree entirely. I’ve a spend limit too.

I think all of the games I suggested, apart from Paradox Factor are long. They’re also replayable. I can’t remember the word counts off the top of my head, mind you.

I prefer reading from a phone / tablet, so the Steam releases are of little concern for me as a user but I really understand that it is the paradise of video games and how much the whole community I am part of would benefit from the eventual success there.

About word count, Zombie Exodus is a series of long games. Unnatural is 200 k (or more). Tin Star is the longest ever (not sure how exactly, it is so long that I don’t dare touch it since I prefer short ones). Life of a Wizard is 120 k. I believe Waywalker’s Uni is a series of 3 (100 k each). Paradox factor is one of the shortest but it is one of the most meaningful and entertaining. I really prefer something that goes through your brain like a bullet.