Life of a Mobster

OK so for your job choose apply to police force then buy the magnum, go to the shooting range , shoot the guy when you go to get the drugs for Don Hancourt , shoot the martinez members , keep the MAC -11, choose your made "the gun " , pull out your MAC-11 when Tyler returns ,shoot the Smirnov members at the hospital with the MAC-11 shoot to kill , obviously buy the sniper ,shoot the mole I.e Jimmy , Dana , if you and your RO have kids reveal your gun with the college guys , kill Tyler with your gun , if your child gets kidnapped lay waster to your enemies,
Hope this works it worked for me twice



Let the cops pick you up for shoplifting in the beginning (make sure you’re guilty). You’ll end up in juvenile detention with some extra chances to build Athletics and other Thug skills including Intimidation & Streetwise if you so desire. You can still play lacrosse and go to Prom while doing this, but college and police are career lockouts. Be lacrosse team strategist for extra Perception & Athletics. For career join the Army (only available if you were in juvie) and get +15 to Athletics, Fighting, & Firearms before you join the mob. Then just keep practicing with your gun to boost Firearms till it’s Max. You’ll also need 40 Athletics & Perception to stay in shape. A silencer and bribed cops are good investments to keep Heat low. At the end choose to kill everyone and be sure you have a silencer (you’ll also need a sniper rifle but the plot tells you that).

You may also want to keep Tyler around- he gives a chance to buy the Sniper Rifle early if you have him when the Satos want to whack him and you can use it to protect him. He can also make you extra Protection money if he’s your RO.

I need help with romancing Alex is there a step by step I must do?

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The MC can’t end up with them since they are already married. What happen between the MC and Alex was a fling but nothing more.

@Lucid What is respect? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t see it.

That’s my definite guide for endings, I know there is another guides but I’ll write anyways.

“Boss of bosses” Ending: In my opinion that’s best ending.

Necessary stuff

Have a kid (If you prefer LGBTQ+ relationships
that can’t have kids tho, have at least one friend with full relationship. Having a kid makes latter unnecessary)
Don’t have romantic relationship with Taylor/Tyler and Ashley/man version of her (that means either Chris/Christine or Jack/Jill must be your RO, ignore that if you won’t have a kid.)
Kill at least 2 Dons of other mafia families (4 is best but 2 is enough if you have maxed both fighting and firearms. One of them will do if you nuked 3)
Have 100 respect
Full auto gun (I use Steyr TMP personally)
4 bribed cop

How to obtain
  1. Always but always pick options that involving either fighting or firearm. It’s not important if you fail or success. You need to max at least one of them until ending
  2. Get married and have a kid or pick one of other soldiers and improve relationships to full
  3. Always pay your taxes, that’s important.
  4. You know Tyler/Taylor messed up with Sato, if you don’t romance with him/her newest Sato Don will want his/her death because killed made man was his brother. You say we must kill Don instead and you kill him. (50 firearm with sniper, 90 without it or high amount of perception needed)
  5. When Enzo calls you for a deal, you kill him, stay and fight (65 firearms needed). That will grant you 10 respect. Don’t forget you must make sure he’s dead by shooting at his head otherwise he survives.
  6. Pedro will call you for a deal, agree with him and kill him (80 firearms needed) after deal.
  7. Russians will kidnap your kid, if you have 3 bribed cops you can trace the call (usually you don’t have another choice that will lead to your kid, maybe Percy or his female version if you helped him/her or yourself if you made a technology career) and you can save your kid (you must have enough firearms skill for doing so if you successfully followed guide). Then their boss will want to apologise you, but you will kill him instead. If you don’t have a kid tho, look below
  8. Now, stop and check these conditions again. If you failed 3 or 4 opportunity, 2 opportunity but you didn’t maxed both fighting and firearms, or only one opportunity but you can’t max either one of them then restart. Also restart if it’s highly unlikely to max relationship with a friend if you don’t have a kid. Otherwise, continue.
  9. Pay. Your. Tributes. All. Of. Them. Also, pay all of your taxes.
  10. Your kid will ask you to join family, say yes. Ignore if you don’t have a kid.
  11. Eventually game will ask you what are you going to do. Check if you have 100 respect, if not restart the game. Pick the option that says you’re going to take all families.
  12. That’s why I am asking a kid, you have to get rid of Harcourt and only your crew members or your kid can help you. Get rid of him
  13. Then, there will be meeting. You’ll fail if you don’t have full respect. If you listened my advice in step 8 you should either not resisted due to other families being weak or you have to kill bosses that you failed to kill before. You should success and congrats! You are the father of five bosses.

“G-Man ending” well my nickname is same so…

Necessary stuff

Full persuasion and subterfuge.
You must either pick business,medic or lawyer path
Never mess with drugs, it’s ok if you have drug rackets but simply don’t use it or caught selling that (a.k.a don’t sell drugs in youth)
Good relationship with Alex/Alexis

How to obtain
  1. Be a good person, it’s ok if you’ve caught while mugging or poker etc. As long as you will behave (so your record will get nuked) that’s not a problem.
  2. Pick the right pathway, pook at necessary stuff for your options
  3. Eventually, Alex/is will contact with you. If your relationship with him/her is good then you’ll speak in your house. Then, there’s two options: directly tell you wanna become informant or flirt so “romance” options will open later. Depends on you but I do suggest a “romance.” You’ll need high relationship points later.
  4. You will get arrested, call FBI, Alex/is will tell you take the blame. Agree his/her offer.
  5. If conditions I told before is ok, then Alex/is will offer you job at FBI. You accept that.
  6. Don’t kill anyone, max your persuasion. You may not pay for first two tribute (but pay anyways, better safe than sorry) but you will have to pay for last one. Also pay your taxes.
  7. Sato will complain about you (or not, there’s a tactic that bypass that by making relationship very good but it’s kinda ridiculous so maxing persuasion to persuade them is just much better) and you will charm them. FBI will arrest them and you will get ending.

Hitman Ending: Really cool ending. It’s a bit more tricky than boss of bosses ending.

Necessary stuff

Max firearms, 30 athletics and perception.
Silenced gun
That’s it, really

How to obtain
  1. Make your athletics 30, perception is easy to gain.
  2. Pay your taxes and tributes
  3. Accept assassination contracts when offered. And complete them, obviously.
  4. You will have to deal with a hard target later, if you don’t have 90 firearms you will fail. That’s the tricky part, it’s easy to not reach 90 at here if firearms neglected for gaining other skills. I know many failed gameplay due to that
  5. Ending options, pick Hitman one and you will assassinate all family leaders in one day. Unless you bought a loud guy unlike I said.

Senator Ending: It’s really easy to obtain.

Neccessary stuff

Max persuasion,subterfuge and citizen reputation
7 bribed police or 100 police rep
Try to avoid heat

How to obtain
  1. Behave. You need citizen reputation. Also persuasion.
  2. After getting out of jail, there is an option to enter into politics. You need 2000 cash, 90 citizen rep and 40 persuasion.
  3. Buy all corrupt cops, they’ll greatly help you with political stuff.
  4. Taxes… I don’t think I should tell that. Pay all of it.
  5. Avoid FBI. Not fully tested but they want you leave politics for becoming informant for some cases. Just avoid them.
  6. Come to ending and pick politican one, last check need 100 police rep or 7 bribed cop (and another thing I can’t remember now). Congrats, senator and future President

Peace ending: Well that’s really hard. There is a very good reason it’s point is highest. IMO it’s ridiculous but ending is worth it.

Neccessary stuff

Max persuade, subterfuge and optionally intimidation
Good relationships with all families (Sato is not needed but I will tell you it’s tactic)
Pacifist run, mostly
100 respect
Make money, make money abd make money
Not getting married (you need money, staying single makes sure you won’t spend money that much)
All bosses must not killed. That’s important, even if you kill a boss their family refuses peace so you lose. You’ll get no way out ending instead

How to obtain
  1. Full persuasion, subterfuge and optionally intimidation. Pick bussiness path, that gives best money. Join De Luca family via Tyler/Taylor path but pay his debt to get Smrinov family bonus. There is no reason to not get Mustang though.
  2. Pick Phoneix gun, you won’t need anything else. Get all the money making stuff then put all remaining money into Shylock bussiness. Also, it’s important you get the key from ded Sato member. 4000 from a gun is real deal
  3. While in jail, get your bussiness degree. Also don’t spend money until you have the chance of making money. That will make sure you’ll get released early and you will have another opportunity.
  4. You should have many money (you must sell mac-11, you won’t use your gun anyways) if you did it right, buy new house, outfit, BMW (not Corvette, both gives 10 respect so there’s literally no point spending 3k more) and invest all other money into shylock bussiness. That should be too much.
  5. Do not involve with other family bussiness (unless it involves you and/or your family ofc). Tyler/Taylor must die, sorry fellas you need good relationships with your family. Also if you are looking for perfection that’s needed. You can ignore that if you don’t wanna impress Sato though.
  6. Always lower your taxes and persuade Harcourt for less tribute. Before latest tribute, don’t bribe any cops (or bribe 3 so you’ll have 4 or 5 cops to decerase your heat. Not sure if too much heat causes issues tho). You should now have more than 20k money. In order to being able to peace, you must need +80 relationship with other families, you need at least 2 families like that so other families can persuaded and intimidated to peace. Sato is well, there’s not much chance to increase your relationship so…
  7. Now check your status, if any family is lower than 80 increase them by sending tribute. You need at least 2 (or 3 if you don’t maxed either persuasion of intimidation. If none of them maxed you need 4) family higher than 80. Do note that sato will complain about you if their relationship is lower than 80, but that shouldn’t be an issue.
  8. If everything is happened correctly, you can pick peace option and declare peace.

Hollywood ending: Full subterfuge,persuasion. Marry with Jill/Jack, help him/her getting nominated. When arrived to ending choose sharing your story, you must either have 5000 bucks, 100 citizen rep or high subterfuge if I don’ remember wrong and congrats

That’s endings that don’t suck at all, now let’s talk about endings that bittersweetish

Bitter Boss Ending: There’s very easy way to get it. Follow Boss of Bosses but You need to make sure one boss lives. Kill Harcourt. When said boss says no, don’t kill him. It fails but since you’re best capo and Hartcourt is dead you replace him. Hence “bitter boss”

Suburbia ending: Follow FBI ending but Refuse being and FBI agent

Got Out ending: Follow boss of bosses but Don’t pay tributes so Harcourt will try to forcefully take it. Either accept or refuse, then you kill him when “revenge” option appears. Escape and you get this

No Way Out ending: Follow hitman ending but buy anything else but silenced gun so your plan fails and you get this

And bad endings

Big Bang: Don’t pay tributes and don’t let Harcourt take it forcefully, then do nothing. F

Big House: Don’t pay taxes, tax evasion is serious crime

Riches to Rags: Become a drug addict and always use drugs
Will updated later


To me the best ending is the Senator ending. Powerful, rich, no one will try to kill you and you might be the next president.


It’s implied nobody has the courage to mess with you after boss of bosses ending though. But being president sounds cool!

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The G-Man or informant doesn’t have to pay taxes.

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I mean yes G-Man is cool but for informant I personally don’t like the idea of having to stay in witness protection program for your entire life


I just mentioned that your guide mentioned paying taxes, and you don’t need to do that to get either ending.

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Well I alwaysPaid my taxes lol better safe than sorry. But thanks for heads up.

How do you romance five people

Chris/Christine (known from now on as C) is probably the easiest. C is the highschool sweet heart. When they are introduced, you are given the options to ask them out right away, be shy about it, or to completely hide the crush. Selecting the first two will lead to you dating. If you select the third one, you can still ask C out to the dance later.

Next is Jack/Jill (J), the movie star. You have to successfully get J the role they want, then bug Freddie for their number. You will have to break up with C if you haven’t already.

Almost immediately following that is Tyler/Taylor (T), the childhood best friend. After T kills the Sato made man that was chasing after you, it doesn’t matter what option you choose. T will try to kiss you. You have to kiss them back. If you decide for T to stay, you will have to break up with J. If you decide for T to leave, you will get the option to get back with T later in the game after you become a made person. This will require breaking up with whoever you are dating at the time.

Next is Ashton/Ashley (A), the realtor agent. After you become a made person, they will rear end you. You have to select the option to have dinner with them to call it even. You then have to make the choice to break up with J or T, whichever of them you are dating at the time.

Steve/Stephanie (S) is the last person and the hardest to unlock as they require multiple passed checks to even show up in the game. When you are in jail, make sure to save Jeff/Jen (J). When you visit their night club later, sit down and enjoy yourself. When you hear about the hit on their life, be involved in saving them. After doing all this, the game will make one last check to see if you have are in a relationship with anyone. If you are, J will ask you to pick up S at the airport. You have to accept, then pick the follow-up option to show them the sights, then the option to breakup with A or T (whichever one of them you are dating/married to at the time).

People that don’t count toward the achievement are Alex/Alexis the childhood bully/FBI agent and the tech you can sleep with during the money printing scheme (their name escapes me at the moment).


Thx do u know how to get all ten cold blooded murders

There’s a lot. I can list a few off the top of my head, but probably not all of them. Some of these are mutually exclusive.

  • Ashton/Ashley’s dad if you shoot him
  • Jeff/Jen’s attempted killer in jail if you kill them yourself
  • Herman if you shoot him
  • That guy you loan money to if you kill him
  • The made person who turns out to be an informant (decided by whoever you have the best relationship with) if you shoot them
  • Tyler/Taylor when the Sato boss demands it (impossible to do if you instead decide to kill the Sato boss)
  • The Sato boss with the sniper rifle (impossible to do if you instead decide to kill Tyler/Taylor or otherwise let them die)
  • The Rossi boss if you shoot him and his guards, then shoot him in the head just to be sure
  • The Smirnov boss if you save your kidnapped child then decide to kill Smirnov when he tries to apologize
  • The Martinez boss if you kill him after working with him setting up the MMA stuff
  • Daniel after he nearly kills Alex/Alexis (not possible if you choose any other option in that scene)
  • Alex/Alexis after they are nearly killed by Daniel
  • Choosing to retaliate against the mob boss that tried to kill you just before the peace talks (I’m not sure how this boss is determined)
  • Killing Nelson when trying to become the boss of bosses

I’m sure I’m missing a few. For instance, I don’t know if any of the assassin kills count, nor do I know if shooting at the Martinez guy near the beginning when you’re with Jimmy or the Smirnov’s during the hospital heist count either.

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How do i get the full house achivment?

How to get five children??? The maximum I’ve gotten to is three!!!

It’s mostly based on luck. If you want five children, you have to get lucky