Life of a Mobster



I think you can have an one night with her, but you cant romance her.


You can have an affair with her if you continue to flirt with her and have a high relationship. But yes, she refuses to leave her husband for you.


Anyone know if I could romance daniel using female character?


I think you need 70+ relationship points with him, You can have an affair, but I don’r think you can marry him.


Thank you very much ma’am.


Every time I play this game I always end up in prison. Trying to have five kids is super hard too. I almost did it, but my wife went and found out I killed her parents, and tried to kill me before we could have the fifth one.



Do you pay your taxes? If not, then that’s probably why you end up in prison: serving time for tax evasion.


how to join in the FBI? thank you


No, I alway either forget or don’t have enough money to pay the crooked cops


This is so frustrating, can’t seem to meet Stephanie.Any suggestions guys?


I think you have to be married to actually meet her, if you’re not married the event to meet her won’t happen


To join the FBI, you have to go to college, and then flip to the feds on your very first meeting with Alex/is. You’ll be recruited in prison.


You need to pay taxes, then. Pay it all off, and your MC won’t end up in jail.


Maybe the next hero should be the guy/gal sitting in the same car with mc(BoB ending he was the new skip of mc).


You need your child or a made with 95 relationship.


Wait do you mean more then one kid though out the game or having twins?


How can I romance Steff? I never got her…


Get married, spouse doesn’t matter. Code says you can meet Steff while single but I’ve never managed it. Step two is keeping Jeff (rival family buddy you meet in prison) alive- gotta save him twice inside and once out. When he gets his club back, don’t ask him to cut you in. Just relax, he won’t be friends with you otherwise. Stay friends with Jeff, keep him alive, and he’ll introduce you to his sibling.