Life of a Mobster



In order to kill all four bosses before the meeting, you need to have a child, and a lot of firearms skill.

The first boss you can kill is Enzo. You need 60 firearms by the time you turn 37. You have to go in the limo, pull out your gun and begin shooting. In order to actually kill Enzo, you shoot him and the guards, while dodging their attacks. After, shoot him in the head to make sure he’s dead and run away.

Next, when the Don says Taylor/Tyler needs to be killed, you select the option to kill Hiroto. You need $3000 at this point, or the sniper rifle, and 50 firearms. Or just 60 perception.

This is the on where you need the kid. So, you need three police officers or a good relationship with the FBI, and after you have a lot of options to get them to surrender. The easiest ones are using the MAC-11 and having at least 20 firearms, 75 persuasion, 75 subterfuge, or 75 athletics. After, Demetri will apologize, you have to visit him intending to murder him, and you need 40 athletics, 30 firearms, or 40 fighting.

Finally, you have the boss of the Martinez family, Pedro. At this point, you need 100 police rep or 4 bribed officers, 50 streetwise and 90 criminal rep, 30 legal and 30 finance, or 90 Alexis relationship. Then, select the bottom option to shoot Pedro, which needs 70 firearms.

If you wanted, you could become the Boss of Bosses easily after this as long as you have 100 respect.

Edit: If you want to make peace for New Daria, you can’t kill anyone.
Edit 2: Respect caps at 100, and the easiest way to get it max is by killing the bosses. I shouldn’t have said easiest, but it’s the fastest. Don’t get the red convertible, it costs twice as much as the BMW and still only gives +10 respect.


Alternately, you can have three bosses down and 100 firearms.

100 firearms does quite a bit for bosshood.


I did it.I finally got the Boss Of Bosses ending.

Here are the stats:cuz why not?

Jack, the boss of New Daria living in a beautiful mansion.
Age: 65
Heat: 7
Respect: 100
Money: $4620


  • Lucky Lanes, the the bowling alley we hung out in to do business.
  • A luxurious BMW executive sedan.
  • a fully-automatic MAC-11 submachine gun with sound suppressor

Athletics: 25%
Automobiles: 0%
Fighting: 100%
Finance: 0%
Firearms: 95%
Intimidation: 100%
Legal: 0%
Medical: 0%
Perception: 40%
Persuasion: 20%
Streetwise: 95%
Subterfuge: 50%
Technology: 0%
Police: 70%
FBI: 15%
Citizen: 85%
Criminal: 100%
Untamed Family: 100%
Sato Family: 0%
Smirnov Family: 0%
Rossi Family: 0%
Martinez Family: 0%
Protection/Extortion Rackets: 4
Drug Rackets: 3
Bookies: 1
Amount Loansharked: $3000
Police Bribed: 6
Cold Blooded Murders (not self defense): 10


My five children: Stacy, my daughter, Chloe, my daughter, Avalon, my daughter, Desdemona, my daughter and Amy, my daughter.

The famous movie star and my wife:
Jill Decker: 100%
Boss of the Untamed Family:
“Four Finger” Nelson Harcourt: 100%
Soldier of the Untamed Family:
Jimmy “The Carrot” Rockford: 60%
Soldier of the Untamed Family:
Freddie “The Rose” Johnson: 0%
Soldier of the Untamed Family:
“Digger” Doug Francesco: 45%
Soldier of the Untamed Family:
Daniel De Luca: 80%
Associate of the Untamed Family:
Lisa “the Hat” Torelli: 20%
My daughter and Associate of the Untamed Family:
Stacy: 100%


How exactly I need to go with relationships to get “Serial Monogamist” achievement ? I can’t do it for some reason.

EDIT: Thx, this helps ;).


You basically need to have serious relationships with everyone in game.

Please note that I’m going to use the female RO’s names here since that is how I generally play (GxG)

And I have a feeling you are either getting caught up on the Best Friend part of the Achievement, or the very last romance.

Also, in the high school phase, you need to make sure you are attracted to the same gender as your best friend Taylor/Tyler.

The first, and easiest one is Christine in high school.

The second one is to hook up with the actress Jill.

Note: There will be an encounter in prison where you might come across another inmate about to get whacked. You need to make her survive (whether you bribed guards, do it yourself etc.)

The third one is Ashley, which occurs after your prison time.

The fourth one is Tayler. She may occur before Ashley, depending on whether you had her run after killing the Sato man.

The fifth and final one is Stephanie. She’s the sister of the inmate you saved in prison.


Question. Earlier in this thread, someone mentioned that the number of children you have is determined by a random roll. Does that mean that to get the ‘Full House’ achievement, I just replay it until I get a good run of luck and have five children? (For the record, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve played, and have never gotten more than three children.)


There is actually a work around with this. First, you need to know when the babies come up in specific scenes after the first one.

There is a spot where it asks “Do you want to try and get more children?” You have to hit yes; it is random whether you get one or not. If you don’t get one? Go to your stat page, as if checking your stats, then go back to the game. This will give another random chance as to a child showing up at that part or not. If this doesn’t work, do that again until you have a kid.

I hope the above makes sense…at least it works for me.

I don’t remember off-hand where children 3, 4 and 5 happen, and I don’t have time to do a quick playthrough at the moment. However, the same trick (check stats, go to game, go back to stats screen if needed) will work.


Thanks! I’ve managed to get up to child 3 with that trick (the third kid appears after the park). I guess that after the 2nd child, I’ll try doing the same trick with each page of the gamebook, to avoid missing any kids.


I’m glad that it helped :slight_smile: Sorry for forgetting where the other 2 kids occurred.


Achievement unlocked! And that was my last one. :slight_smile:

The fourth kid apparently happens just before the kidnapping, so I had to use the workaround on the kidnapping page until I got the kid. I don’t remember exactly where number 5 is, but it’s before the MC turns 55, I believe.

Now that I’ve unlocked everything this game has to offer, I can say that this was a pretty satisfying game (especially the Boss of Bosses ending). The multiple endings were a nice touch: I feel like it had more replayability than Life of a Wizard, where your goals are limited to a) conquer the world or b) bring peace.


This is super late, but…yeah, you have to buy a Steyr Tactical from the gunshop after you get out of prison, I believe. And you have to afford a sniper rifle with silencer. Altogether it costs $9,000.


There are 2 things in the end too. To romance Ashley you have to be unmarried when you date her (or she won’t be interested in someone who’s married) and for Stephanie it’s the opposite (have to be married to meet her). So basically you will have to go with the Christine, Jill then Tyler unmarried, marry Ashley then break up with her and romance Steph.


i dont know if anyone is still on this thread but im going to ask anyway, Does anyone know how to get dropbox to work because it wont let me plah the game


Heh. Dropbox is dead, my friend.


Try Steam, it can help. :wink:


um sorry if this is a stupid question but what do you mean by try Steam? (again sorry im new here)


Or various other platforms, shown here:


Thanks! Now i just need to get $4 somehow🤔


Can you romance alexis, I didn’t think I could but the description says win the heart of a FBI agent. And I’m sorry if this is a dumb question.


You can romance Alexis, but you can’t marry her.