Life of a Mobster



There’s also Jeff’s sister. She’s from the rival family with Jeff so your family wouldn’t like it, and by the time you two start going out, you’ll be too old to have kids.


Oh, how do you unlock her as a RO?

Its the person who accidentally bumps against your car.


There’s a scene where you end up crashing your car into someone elses. The first three options involve gaining cash. The final option has you ask them out for dinner which puts you on their path.


Do you know how to romance Jeff’s sister?


Oh wow so its then. I never tried this romance so I didnt know who they were exactly.


Something like 2 conditions
Must be freinds with Jeff
Must be married.

Scene will trigger and Jeff will call you asking you to pick up his sister from the airport. Will give 2 options, you want to pick the one that says show her the city sights.


Yes. Save him when the guards are beating him up, go to the nightclub, enjoy yourself. When the place is under attack pray you got some perception or firearms. Eventually, Jeff will call you up to take his sister somewhere. Offer to show her the sights, start dating her.


Number three is Ashley. Alex/Alexis isn’t technically a RO, more like a one time fling. The fifth is Stef, Jeff’s sister.


You need to be friends with Jeff (not businesses partners, friends), one day he ll ask you to pick up his sister at the airport. Take her sight seeing and you ll start the romance. In the case where you have another romance/marriage going, you have to make a hard choice, since Jeff will not be pleased if you treat his sister as a mistress.
In the case of a bachelor run, you need to be looking for true love in order for the scene to fire up.


I wonder whose the most popular RO.


Personally? Ashly. I like Christine but she was such a pushover when it came to what we did for a living.

“Oh you’re going to hide some drugs in our child’s room just before the police raid us? No Biggie! I’m okay with that! I’m a little worried but it’s fine!”


Ashly on the other hand, we have to keep what we do under wraps and there’s a lot of drama within the relationship such as when she tries to kill us when she finds out about us killing her parents. It was an emotional roller-coaster and I loved it.


Nah I was just giving an exaggerated example of how Christine is weirdly okay with everything you do in the mob family xD


Ashley was the scariest RO for me, maybe because she was the most realistic with her response to the MC’s association with organized crime.

I felt guilty when romancing Christine, she puts up with so much and deserves better…

Tyler… isn’t really my type as an RO…

Alex was… a mistake.


Tyler was just a pain in the ass xD Ashley was challenging, which is why I enjoyed the romance so much.


It was pretty emotionally rewarding if handled right, otherwise it could be devastating.

Wait… what about Jack/Jill? Are they a popular RO option?


After countless playthroughs,I finally got the Good Life ending.

And now I have to somehow get the Boss of Bosses ending…


I don’t like romancing Jack/Jill. It turns out they’re super broke from trying to live a lavish lifestyle even when they can’t provide for their lifestyle, and when you marry them it turns out they’re in serious debt. The only thing Jack/Jill is good for is the Hollywood ending.


The Boss of Bosses ending isn’t difficult to get if you know what to do. All you have to do is Max firearms (by selecting the shooting range or get into the army/become a cop. You don’t need to be a hitman and you also need one child. It’s completely possible. You actually may not need a child as long as you have 95 firearms and kill three bosses. Also, 100 respect.


Yeah I finally managed to get that ending a few days back. Now I think I’ve literally done everything the game has to offer, except romance Jeff’s sister.


Does anyone know how you can kill the Don of each Family before the peace meeting takes place?