Life of a Mobster



You have to attend college after high school and become a informant for the FBI when Alex comes to your house. Once your in jail you’ll have the option to train to become a full FBI agent and once you accept you’re pretty much set.


I dont see the option in jail, can you become director?


How do you become director of the fbi?


How can i get legal point?


Hey, How can i get legal point?


Try studying pre-law at the university.


I didn’t scan because my battery don’t have time for that. Low Level bug discovered;

gender difference in iPhone app


Really enjoyed Life of a Mobster, though I do wish I could have pursued a relationship with Alex!


Can you have a baby girl


Yes, and IIRC children are handled by the *rand command. So If you have a child it’ll randomly be a boy or girl and there’s also a random roll for having more than once child.


Any tips on how to reach the boss of bosses ending?


You have to kill the other bosses throughout the story, so level up in firearms and fighting and stuff :slight_smile:


Is there by any chance a walkthrough that someone made?I can’t seem to get the 2 main endings no matter how hard I try.


I was hoping someone would ask this. I’ve gotten every ending now.

Riches to Rags: Do drugs, never go to rehab or quit. The mob will kick you out.

The Big House: Never pay your taxes and try to do something big, or have heat over 100.

Suburbia: Become an FBI informant and don’t kill Alexis.

No Escape: Do everything mediocre. Don’t have high relationship with the other families and try to make peace, become a senator and fail, or try to share your story with the world.

Big Bang: Don’t pay your tribute ever. The mob will kill you.

Hollywood: You need 90 perception and persuasion, and you can either go do stage performances, have a kid in the mob, or max out your relationship with someone in the mob. You can also get this by being with Jill or Jack.

Senator: You need seven bribed police, 100 police rep, or 100 FBI rep, and 100 citizen reputation. Also stay in politics the whole game and max your persuasion.

Bitter Boss: Have 100 relationship with Freddie, Dana, Daniel, or Jimmy, or a child in the mob. Take the option to make war in New Daria and you can either try and fail to convince the other families, or kill the Boss.

G-Man. Go to college, never do drugs, and turn FBI Informant at first chance. Assure the mob you’re not the rat, and bring everyone down.

Boss of Bosses: This is tough. You need 100 Respect, and you can either kill all four bosses (possible) before the meeting or just whack them right there and then, which needs 95 fighting and 95 firearms.

Good Life: Don’t kill any of the bosses. You need 80 reputation with all of them, which you can buy to make it easier. Technically, you only need 80+ rep with two families, as you can persuade and intimidate the other two. But that needs 90 persuasion AND intimidation, so you’re better off buying them out.

Got Out: Don’t pay the final tribute, or any. You need 80 perception to get the option to run, and 80 subterfuge to avoid being whacked.

The Hitman: Max firearms. You also need a silenced gun, which you can buy right after you get made, (costs $6000) sniper rifle, and 30 athletics and perception.


For the hitman one you also need silenced pistol.


Oh yeah, I forgot about that. That’s how my attempt at Hitman got turned into Bitter Boss.


What would be the best choices to maximize your Perception and Athletics early into the game (to become a Hitman and hit the Boss when you refuse to pay the final tribute)? But I guess you can’t also have high subterfuge to avoid getting whacked if you put all the focus on perception and athletics.


When you’re in your youth, be the star player on the lacrosse team. Also, if you wait for the police to arrive and then cooperate with them (when you stole the candy bar) it’ll show on your youth record, so when you get busted with the serious crime you chose, you’ll go to juvie and then you have the option to lift the weights, which gives you +15 athletics. You also try your best when it comes to the big game so it increases your athletics. Also, going into MMA gives you +20 athletics.

Then, if you got into juvie you go into the army and they up your athletics even more. After that, you don’t need to increase it any more. As for perception, when you’re doing that job with Lisa and Doug, choose to help with the security guard, and select the first option. It’ll give you ten perception, which you can use as a springboard to max it.

As for subterfuge, in your youth you can run a few simple cons that’ll up your subterfuge to +10, and choose stage productions when you get the opportunity to do free time, but I suggest only when you’re in prison, since you can then go to the shooting range and increase firearms (which is kind of difficult to max in regular situations)

What I actually did for Hitman was I did drugs and used speed so I could up even more skill, but I quit cold turkey when I went into prison, and fixed up my athletics by lifting weights in prison.


What are all the ROs in the game?

  1. Christine
  2. Jill/Jack
  3. That woman whose parents the MC killed
  4. Tyler/Taylor
  5. Alex (but not really)

Have I missed out on any other ROs?


I think I never met that third person. How do you meet them?