Life of a Mobster Endings



My name is Kayla I am new to the forum. I recently bought Life of a Mobster by Mike Walter (it’s quickly become one of my favorites), I am trying to get all the endings. These are the ones I DO have:

The Riches to Rags Ending: You ended up as a homeless drug addict.
The Big House Ending: You ended up spending the rest of your life in prison.
The Suburbia Ending: You ended up in the witness protection program.
The No Escape Ending: Just when you thought you were out, you got pulled back in.
The Big Bang Ending: Get whacked.
The Hollywood Ending: Become a celebrity mobster.
The Senator Ending: Become a Senator.
The Bitter Boss Ending: Become boss of your family, whatever the cost.

These are the ones I DON’T have. Has anyone discovered these endings? If so, could you please tell me how to find them and be as specific as possible? Thank you.

The G-Man Ending: Become the director of the FBI.
The Boss of Bosses Ending: Become the boss of bosses in New Daria.
The Good Life Ending: Make peace in New Daria and live the good life.
The Got Out Ending: Escape the mob.
The Hit Man Ending: Become the most successful hitman in the entire country.


This is all covered in the life of a mobster thread, so I suggest you head on over there.


Here’s a link to the relevant post in case you don’t feel like reading the whole thread looking for it:


G-man ending I got by accident. Choose to go college, keep a clean record while at school, don’t take any drugs, have a high relationship stat with Alex/Alexis and tell them you want to work with them.

By the time you go prison, A will approach you and offer you to become an FBI agent. Then play the game through and you got the G man