Life of a Mobster

Whew. Done with every ending except The Riches to Rags and The Bitter Boss endings.

Riches to rags , you need to be addicted to drugs.
Bitter boss, take over being the don from Nelson and fail to have the other bosses surrender to you

What do your cellmates do if you get them jobs? I know Percy/Polly can trace the phone when your kid gets taken, but what do the others do?

I just had the thought that it’s too bad you can’t punish your own crew for failing to earn.

Also, it’s kind of funny how being a capo is actually a drain on your assets rather than a help, because most of your crew are useless.

Actually you can, if you are romantically involved with Jeff’s sister you can select get advice from Steph and she will tell you to make your guys work harder. But I think that option should have been available based on one of your stats rather than a romance option.

Okay, I’ve unlocked every ending and I’mm going to give a hint for each. If you don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading. OTOH, if you’re desperate for a hint , read on .

As an aside, how is ‘Made’ an achievement? Is it possible to play through the game and NOT be Made?

I’ll rate these endings from easiest to hardest, but I’ll cluster related endings together.

These endings are compatible with not killing anyone. If you don’t want to kill anyone in the mob, learn to lie. Subterfuge really lessens the penalty for not executing a hit.

No Escape: Seems to be the default ending. At least, I got it more often than not. Roleplay casually, don’t screw up bad enough to get a bad ending, don’t do well enough to get anything better. 10 points

Riches to Rags: Use drugs, never check into rehab or quit cold turkey. The mob will toss you out at the end of the game. 25 points.

Big House: Get your heat above 100 and you’ll get an extended vacation in Club Fed at game’s end. Commit lots of crimes, especially involving police, mess with guards, don’t pay your taxes, don’t do anything whatever to bring your heat down to something manageable (say, by buying corrupt cops). 25 points.

Big Bang: Just don’t pay your tribute, don’t do anything to get away. You’ll be pushing up the daisies before you know it. 25 points.

Got Out: Same as Big Bang, but also antagonize the family and Nelson at every opportunity. This means you’ll have a bad feeling and get a chance to run after you miss the last tribute. Have subterfuge over 80 and you can get away into your own private witness protection program. 25 points.

Suburbia: Cultivate your relationship with Alex so he offers you the chance to turn informant. Take it. Run up your respect, persuade, or subterfuge up to 100 so you can record the good stuff and bust the Mob. I don’t know what happens if you don’t do this at the end, but I suspect being found with a wire is another way to get Big Bang. 50 points.

G-man ending: The same as Suburbia, except do well in school so you can go to college, then take one of the three college courses (pre-law, pre-med, business) and go informant at the first opportunity. Also, stay off of drugs. You’ll be offered a chance to join the FBI in prison. Take it, play through the suburbia ending, sit in Mr. Hoover’s seat.

I feel like an idiot about this one, TBH. I had to look it up online here to find out how to get this ending, which stumped me, but the game actually spells it out for you. In your first meeting with Alex, invite him in for coffee and ask him what he did after school. He lays out the game’s requirements for joining the FBI exactly … and I only tumbled to this much later! I wish I’d paid closer attention instead of just ignoring the paragraph and looking for status changes!

50 points.

Hollywood ending: Max your subterfuge and take every opportunity to appear in a play. It may also help to marry an actress or to cultivate Freddy, the dandy who’s always working with Hollywood people. Max persuade so you can pitch the movie deal to the bosses at the end. 50 points.

Senator Ending: Need 100 citizen reputation and 90+ persuade. Get into politics, stay in. Subterfuge really helps to be able to stay in politics even when called off on jobs. At the end, you’re going to need some way to fight charges of your shady background: 100 legal or 100FBI/100 police rep or 7 bought police officers. I found the 100 legal the easiest way to get it done. 50 points.

Good Life: This is the toughest pacifist ending. Need at least 2 mob families (besides your own – you don’t seem to need to worry about your own) to have 80 relationship points, plus 95 persuade and 95 intimidate. Get 3 mob families above 80, you only need 1 of persuade or intimidate. Get all 4 above 80, you don’t need any, although how you’re going to make the Sato family happy is beyond me. I usually try for the 3 families – make friends with the other families, don’t act against their interests, give them reason to be happy with me, don’t kill their people, run up a big bankroll and use ‘gifts of respect’ at the end to push any holdouts over the 80 point line. Persuade the last family and bring peace to the city. 100 points.

It is impossible to get these endings without killing somebody, and you’re probably going to rack up quite a body count. So if you’re going this way, this is a good time to get the cold-hearted killer achievement.

Bitter Boss: Have 100 relationship with 1 of Freddie, Dana, or Jimmy at game end OR have a child and bring them into the family business. Take the option to bring war to New Daria and kill the man who brought you into the business in the first place. 25 points.

Hit man: Max out your firearms skill, take every assassination contract offered. have 30 perception and 30 athletics. Buy a silenced firearm when given the option (it’s about the second from the top – it specifically says ‘silencer’ in the description) and a sniper rifle. Kill your rival assassin, take all the contracts you can. At the end, the option will unlock to assassinate the rival family heads. With a full set of working tools and 100 firearms you should be able to do it, becoming the most infamous organized crime killer in New Daria history. 50 points

Boss of Bosses:: The toughest ending by far.
First, you need the same as with bitter boss: 100 relationship with Freddie, Dana, or Jimmie OR a child in the mob.

Second, you need 100 respect at game end. No one gets to be boss of bosses without respect.

Third … perhaps you’ve heard the Buddhist koan “if you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him?” The same applies here for Mafia bosses. If you find yourself alone in the room with the boss of a rival family, whack him.

Fourth: At games end you need to have previously killed at least 2 of the 4 bosses AND have 95 firearms AND 95 fighting. Kill three of the 4 bosses beforehand, and you only need 95 firearms OR 95 fighting. Kill all 4 before the meeting, you need nothing – your rule of Daria will be unopposed. This ending requires exactly what it says in the final paragraph: To be coldhearted, ruthless, ambitious, and entirely without mercy.

I did this one by maxing my persuasion and citizen relationship skill, even if this meant forgiving a debt – -10 respect I can get back in other ways. This gave me the opportunities I needed to put a max firearm skill to use. Went to the final meeting ,everyone was dead.

100 points.

Interestingly enough, the only ending where you need a better gun than the free Phoenix is the hit man ending – it requires the full set of working tools. For everything else … there are times when a fully automatic firearm is nice, but it’s never critical.

Have fun! Although I prefer the G-man or Good life endings, myself.


Brian P.


thanks dude, this will help allot

I did everything right to get the Hitman ending except when you go kill the bosses one of them “heard” the killing and got away, is there any way to avoid this?

Yes. Used a silenced handgun.

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You are offered two chances to buy a gun in game; the silenced gun is available the second time around. Its between the tactical machine pistol and the worthless but expensive gold-plated gun.

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Life of a Mobster is the top selling CoG on Android! Good job, Mike:

I didn’t think I would like this as much as Life of a Wizard. I actually like it more. XV
Gotten several different endings so far, even managed to bring peace to New Daria :L

Thats an odd emote… I meant something along the lines of :slight_smile:

@Pendell2: Point of info. “Got Out” doesn’t require antagonizing the family, it requires high Perception or screwing up horribly enough that the gang has to loot and hawk your possessions (and thus being humiliated).

Incidentally. @Lucid, is it intentional that you can’t hold out on Harcourt and then spread the cash around elsewhere?

I figured 13 endings was enough. :slight_smile: You can double cross Harcourt in a few ways as well as some very unique types of endings, on top of the loyal/traditional ones in various directions. I wanted the endings to be very specific and different, so I stayed away from making any of the endings just being a slight variation of another. They each had their own dramatic point or decision. I’m sure more could have been made. My goal was to hit the big ones. :slight_smile:

Ah. I meant that if you hold out on Harcourt, the game immediately ends the capo vignette instead of letting you spend cash to buy favor from everyone. I was wondering if that was a bug or a feature.

I see what you mean. Yes, that’s intentional. The idea is that if you don’t keep up on your tribute, your time as Capo feels cut short when Harcourt moves against you. You don’t get a chance to spend your money the same way. :slight_smile:

Because I can, here’s a skills guide!

While most any strategy has some chance of making it to the top in Life of a Mobster, some skills really are more useful than others in almost every path. Simply put, you’re going to get more benefit out of Persuasion than you’ll ever get out of Medical with almost any concept.

When a skill is said to be “useful” for an ending, that means directly useful in the endgame, except in the case of the hitman ending, whose skill requirements are met by remaining a hitman at the end of your Capo period.

Tier 1: These skills are vital for everyone. You want one of them if you’re going anywhere, and you really want both. (All right, I’ll amend that. A pure hitman can prosper without relying on either, if he’s got enough gun skills to make up for his lack of brains.) Without either of them, it’s going to be difficult (though not impossible) to get a good ending.

Persuasion: Smooth criminal. This is useful at all levels, but it’s especially good at keeping the heat off you in the early game and building up rep with citizens and criminals alike. Persuasion is absolutely required for a career in politics, which is a useful edge in a lot of places, but you only need a moderate ability with it for that if you have Subterfuge. Useful for the Good Life, Hollywood, G-Man and Suburbia endings (though you’ll get the Informant ending anyway, you want to take all the Families down, don’cha?). Also useful for avoiding the Big Bang.

Intimidation: This is the skill for the hard rock, and it gets a lot of use too, especially in the early game, where it’s excellent for getting stuff done and kickstarting your early earning (and in the early game, even a few hundreds can make a difference). Beware, though: muscling people attracts a hell of a lot of heat in the early game, which can cost you a few benefits. Intimidation is also the best way to get the mob friend on your side, along with a solid criminal rep. Useful for the Good Life ending.

Tier 2: These skills are useful for everyone in some places, but you don’t need all of them. Still, look into getting 'em.

Firearms: I’m putting Firearms here because of the Pacifist achievement; if you’re consciously staying away from the wet work, then your gun skill is useless. If you’re not, it’s almost as useful as Persuasion and Intimidation. Just about every serious problem can be solved with enough bullets, and being a hitman is highly lucrative. Also a productive way to deal with surviving bosses if you’re going for the top spot. Useful for the Hitman and Boss of Bosses endings.

Subterfuge: If you’re a politician, this is almost Tier 1; except at the first election, it’s a completely equal replacement for Persuasion, and it’s also necessary to stay as a politician and get involved in the counterfeiting business. Elsewhere, it’s very useful for pacifists and hitmen alike, and also leads to one of the better solutions to the Jane Garcia subplot. Useful for the Got Out ending and for avoiding the Big Bang.

Perception: Used in a lot of different places to pinch-hit for just about any skill, circumstantially. A modest level of this is vital for a hitman, and it’s also important to have if you need to hold out on Harcourt. It’s checked for nearly as many things as Persuasion, but it’s much easier to cover for a lack of Perception than a lack of Persuasion. Useful for the Hitman, Got Out and Hollywood endings, and for avoiding the Big Bang.

Athletics: Ordinarily, this would be a Tier 3 skill, except that it’s vital for completing the Hitman sub-story (and thus the Hitman ending), and can earn a fair chunk of money from the counterfeiting operation. It’s not very broadly useful, but it’s irreplaceable. Needed for the Hitman ending.

Finance: Do you care about money? Of course you do, and this skill makes your money go farther by saving it from the IRS’ greedy maw. Also, majoring in business gives you a profitable racket to run. However, while this skill is the single best skill for earning spending money, it has very few uses besides that, and all of them are better covered by Persuasion. Still, money is highly versatile; while you pretty much have to be an idiot to not be able to pay Harcourt his last tribute, nearly every ending can be made possible by throwing enough money at it. This skill is almost completely useless if you’ve flipped, either to become an informant or agent (though you may as well take the business major if you want to join the FBI, because the other options are Tier 4), because the IRS can’t get you. Useful for the Hollywood ending. Throwing money around is useful for the Good Life, Boss of Bosses, Senator, Suburbia, G-Man and (if Freddie is still alive) Hollywood endings, and for avoiding the Big Bang, Big House and No Escape endings.

Tier 3: These skills are situationally useful. They may find a use in your particular strategy, but their absence can all be covered up for by something better. Still, don’t be afraid to take them if you like the idea.

Technology: Technology is Tier 2 in the early game, but you only need a small amount of it to do what you need to with it. It can get you an extra bookie, a little extra citizen rep, and save your bacon with the Sato attack. In addition, the Tech Support career leads to a useful racket where Technology is indeed a useful skill. However, Technology can be a pain to raise, and there’s usually better skills to be training. Useful for no endings.

Automobiles: This skill can save your toosh in the early game when dealing with the Sato attack, and it also provides good opportunities for money (including a chop-shop racket, should you be a mechanic by trade), Respect and discount assassinations later; it’s singlehandedly the reason why the Tier 4 skills are redundant. However, it’s also a skill that’s itself easy to make redundant. Useful for no endings.

Fighting: It has its uses, particularly in prison, but in the late game this skill has no real steam, and what uses it does have can be covered by Firearms. In addition, its usefulness in prison is compromised by the fact that fighting in prison builds heat, which you’d probably rather avoid if you want to get out early. As an associate, it can also make you more popular with Dana, but Dana’s not really worth courting. Theoretically useful for the Boss of Bosses ending, but in practice this is a moot point.

Streetwise: This skill just barely avoids Tier 4 for two reasons. While nearly all of its uses can be covered by something else, it’s easy to raise by doing next to nothing. More importantly, Freddie can flip to the Feds, and if he gets killed, you can’t have him scriptwrite for you in the Hollywood ending. So if you’re going to go for the lower-class background anyway, you’ll probably end up with enough Streetwise by sheer luck to make it useful. Useful in the Hollywood ending.

Tier 4: Novelty skills. Anything they can do something else can do better, and the professions that lead to mastery of these skills are not particularly lucrative. Take them if you want to be a crooked lawyer or doctor.

Legal: Okay, running a law practice can make you popular with the Family, but there’s no money in it; the car accident can make money, but being a mechanic is more useful for that than being a lawyer. Useful for no endings.

Medical: Useful for assassination (if for some reason you have no skill with Firearms on a non-pacifist route) and a bit of quick-stitching. It can save your kid’s life if you have to get him back from the Smirnovs, but it’s a suboptimal solution and a sign that you’ve neglected more important skills. Useful for no endings.

Just my random thoughts because I was bored.


Wow that is detailed *3o

I’m not sure if I agree with firearms being on a different tier than the social skills. Granted, if you’re going for a relatively peaceful ending, firearms is inessential, but the reverse is really true as well. Having no persuasion and intimidation can lock you out of a couple moneymaking opportunities, but, for Hitpeople and BoB’s you just need enough cash at endgame to pay off Harcourt without liquidating your assets, and maybe bribe one soldier if you didn’t procreate or manage your relationships at all. Any cash past that point is largely superfluous.

In fact, it’s at least theoretically (if not mathematically) possible to get any given ending with no social skills, and entirely possible to do anything in the game with only one or the other. But if you don’t have maxed firearms, the Hitman ending is unattainable no matter what else you’ve accomplished.

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