Life of a highschool vampire[wip/idea/concept]

i am working on a story for a game but last night another idea popped in my head so i wanted to see what you guys think about it:
For thousands of years vampires always lurked in the dark and always kept to secrecy but 5 years ago they were brought into the light by a group called
Vilke, their goal was to show the world that these vampire freaks existed and need to be destroyed but was shocked to see the vampires openly accepted after one of them saved the president from being assassinated 3 years ago which the president(who name is william by the way) to show gratitude passed couple of bills that allowed the vampires to be treated as equals and that all blood banks donate 20% of their stocks to help feed them and decrease vampire-related murders while the republicans hated the idea and wanted to declare war against all vampires, the democrats were more open to accept them but didn’t want the vampires to go uncheck so the two parties after months of debates on how to deal with them, eventually agreed to established a special military group to deal with vampire-related threats.Vilke didn’t agree with the government’s decision so they are now killing off vampires left and right. You are a 16 year old vampire well…technically you are 65 years old but due to how slow vampires age you appear alot younger. Now you are being enrolled in highschool as a transfer student, will you survive high school or will you be hunted down like a dog by Vilke ?

is too blend ? does it sound like every other wip here ? is it plain sh*t ?
anyway i only spent 15 minutes on it so pretty much everything is wip.
also you might have guessed but i have vampires age 4x slower than humans
any and all feed back is welcomed…now off to continue the other story (which hopefully won’t be as boring)


I am not much on vampire stories but this has enough of a slant on it might peak my intrest.


I love vampires and this sounds awsome. You should totally do it.


It sounds like it could be interesting.

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i would read it… as long as the Vampires DONT EFFIN SPARKLE!!!


I find it interesting, just don’t make the vampires Sparkle Twilight kind of screwed up when they made a vampire sparkle


don’t worry my vampires won’t sparkle because well i think that is stupid too, while the vampires won’t burst into flames, they will be a little weakened and will need extra blood to help adjust to the sunlight. :slight_smile:


The moment i saw vampires won’t burst into flames
I was thinking about a daywalker :smiley:

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its how the original Vamps were, weakened by the sun instead of totally destroyed & turned to ash like Hollywood portrays… think of it as a sun alergy


I love the idea. I’m interested with vampire. Please continue, i would like to see more with this concept.

Sounds freaking sick!! meaning cool

Seems promising. I would suggest though just primarily focusing on one project at a time but that’s just me who can’t multitask worth shit. But! I do hope, if you decide to do this, it turns out great because, that be really cool–sounds interesting!!

sounds awesome, I like Ghoul books

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well am 50-50 on vampire stories

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most people are because of the romance and stuff, and quite frankly that’s the fault of Twilight

Is there any reason why the vampire has to be at school? I mean, they probably already know everything they’d be being taught, and if they’re trying to keep in the closet about their vampireness, it would probably be just as easy to claim that they’re home-schooled, or just naturally baby-faced. I have no problem with the concept per se, but there should be some sort of explanation (beyond “they look like they should be at school”).

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Blade now THAT was awesome!


This sounds like a game called vampire house.

So, I take it that these Vampires would be more of a species of being than undead creatures?

guess so, since it would make more sense but I have no idea