Life of a highschool vampire[wip/idea/concept]

For some reason this reminds me of an anime called Dance with a Vampire Bund :smiley:

Hey, have you seen my avatar ? Of course I want vampire games…
That is, as long as they don’t friggin’ SPARKLES !

Oh, and this game needs red coats and hats as a possible dressing choice.


@bl00dragon, ah, how I have missed the sound of Alucard’s angelic voice…

Vampires should only sparkle if glitter is thrown at them. That, or if they’re just too damn kawaii for anybody else to handle.


Well some vampires do get so fabulous that they begin to shine…

Don’t know about vampires gaining enough kawainess to sparkle though.


Should have been more clear on that, I mean you don’t look young you ARE young. A human baby is 1-5 years old right ? Well since vampires age a LOT slower, they are in the each stage of life longer than that of a human. So the player is actually a teen in vampire years also there is another reason why the player is in school besides a education (don’t gonna say any more…for now) :slight_smile: l

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This sounds so awesome can we have romance and gender opinion can’t wait for demo

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Amen to that @Harley_Robin_Evans

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As long as this is nothing like Twilight I am all for it.


I can’t even bear to think what a Twilight version of a COG book would look like, that alone would put me off reading for life!

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:confounded: Reading that made me threw up. Seriously, if someone does such a thing they’re really asking for the pitchforks and torches. And I’ll have to light a fire… a big fire, the kind where you throw people in it. :angry:

(Now crawling back into the shadows, to hide from cecilia, made too much bad things lately :sweat_smile:)


I imagine it would still be annoying to have to sit through the same years of school again and again; it shouldn’t take that long to learn it. (If I recall, this was one of the many complaints aimed at Twilight: why is Edward still at school, other than to fall in love with Bella, of course? Also, will he still keep going to school “just to fit in” even after the series has ended? To be honest, though, this is probably one of the lesser problems with Twilight…)

If there’s another reason, though, it’s probably fine.

@bl00dragon Did I already mention that I kinda like Twilight :stuck_out_tongue: (The books, not the movies. Cheesy plot aside, it’s pretty entertaining to read :wink: (And before you bring the pitchforks to bear on me, that opinion has already been properly discouraged on this topic :rolling_eyes:))

Aside from Twilight I generally prefer reading/writing about a more vicious type of vampires though. To me them having a completely different morality when it comes to killing/maiming others than humans do is a huge part of their overall charm.


Don’t know about the books, romance fictions (even with vampires and werewolves) just aren’t my thing. But you’re right the films were so cheesy it smelled from outside the box.

Yes my thought exactly. What’s the point of being an immortal monster if you don’t have looser morals than (most) humans. My favorite vampires were those of the World Of Darkness universe with the masquerade and everything. Though I like when vampires that have original characteristics, I just can’t stand the sparkles.


Like Alucard who is a vicious type vampire

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Alucard rules :sunglasses:

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Sounds awesome!! Can’t wait for the final product.

I would rather hunt a vampire than be one any day lol

Why not be a vampire who is a vampire hunter


well, if that WAS to work then they would have to be seriously hard-core to kill their own kind like Zero from Vampire Knight he’s a vampire who slays vampires, but on the over fang he was originally a human slayer who was turned into a vampire (sits in a dark corner and scratches her head and tries to figure out if she’s actually got the story right.)

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Well there’s always Blade too. And Alucard from Hellsing is also a vampire that is basically a vampire hunter.