Law-Abiding Citizens (WIP) -- Updated 23/08/18 (HUGE HIATUS)



I feel like our Fathers past (whatever it may be) is going to have the biggest impact in the Bella and Kid routes. I’m just imagining a really emotional scene where they’re trying to get us to do something crooked (like a bribe or probably worse) and we just scream out that we won’t become our Father (could I order one margherita pizza with extra angst).


Hahaha don’t worry.
You’ll get all of that angst (Though it depends on how you play your MC) >:D


Hey guys! Trevor’s chapter 5 is out!
I really hope you like it and if you don’t, please tell me how I can improve it. Hope you enjoy your week and stay healthy ^-^


Found a bug!


Found a bug after choosing to “protect him from the truth”.


I’m so sorry, will fix these two as soon as I can. Thank you for telling me.


Hey guys, there seems to be something going on with dashingdon and while I’m trying to solve this the game doesn’t seem to be available so I’m really sorry.
I contacted the dashingdon creator…? to see if they reply. I really hope it’s just a dumb mistake from my part, but again, I’m really reaaaaallyyyy sorry!
I still hope you have wonderful day, and play other great games in this server. I will update this topic if the situation gets resolved.
I’m sorry again, I love you all ;w;


Hope it gets fixed I was just about to do a read through with chapter 5 of Raven :cry:


I’m sorry again, I really hope it gets fixed soon too.


No need to be sorry I’m sure it’ll work out :smiley::+1:


I love Trevor’s route! :heart:


Thank you, hope you keep enjoying it!


Just getting this when click link. :disappointed:


Sorry to inform you but the link doesn’t seem to be working. I explained better in my first post in this topic but it seems dashingdon is causing problems.
If it isn’t dashingdon then it’s me. I’m working to fix it and I would be super grateful if you could be patient. I’m so sorry and thank you again!


Ah, sorry didn’t notice that part.


I don’t know if this helps but I actually got an error message and while I’m no code expert you have your save plugin before your “create” section. Could that be it?

startup error


It’s alright I just added it!


You’re right on the money! I know that’s the problem but…
Here, I explain it better in this topic:


Hey guys! A friend of mine came up with a quick and really good solution, I posted it on the first post so go check it out. I swear it’s good news…

Also this friend is @GoldenSilver, check out his game: Pelottomia Susia: Mercenary for Hire (WIP) (Updated 12/27/2017)
It’s really good and he’s a great person! Thank you GS :)))))


Oh ew, how bizarre. I hope you have luck sorting it out. In the meantime I look forwar, I love the story you’re setting up. Trevor’s chapters in particular have been very interesting so far.

Edit: it works!