Law-Abiding Citizens (WIP) -- Updated 23/08/18 (HUGE HIATUS)



That’s weird but thank you for telling me. Unfortunately I will only be able to fix it tomorrow so I apologize…


Not a problem, I just figured I should at least bring it to your attention :slightly_smiling_face:


I really like what you have so far. I tend to really appreciate the more character-driven stories, and yours definitely has me intrigued in figuring out the various NPCs’ personalities and motives.

Choice Spoilers?


I picked an intelligent character (usually what I go for in these types of games) and my special ability was reading people. I’ve only played it through once so far, and honestly I don’t know if i’ll end up picking Ricky, Trevor, or Kid for a RO yet. My first play through I picked spending all my time with Ricky, mainly because he seemed to be somewhat tough since my character is physically lacking in that department. I’m really intrigued by Kid…he seemed too nervous during the meeting when I gave him the letter and I’m wondering more about the MC and Kid’s backstory.

Anyways, I really like what you have so far and am looking forward to following your progress.

Oh! And I caught two grammar mistakes.

“Raven told me that you were interested into helping out the case.


“Then…you have incredible lucky.”



Thank you so much, hearing that makes me really happy. I’m not very good at writing a story per say but I enjoy writing characters and their own story. So thank you really for enjoying that!

Thanks again and I will fix this in a few minutes. Hope you keep enjoying the game! :smile:


Being imperfect nothing to apoligize about lol.

And yes I think I am enjoying the premise of the game, probably would not have cared about the mistakes at all if I didn’t find it at least somewhat interesting. If writting is what you enjoy doing then keep it up and have fun.


Thank you so much for the kind reply ^-^

I have fixed the errors and mistakes mentioned so I hope you have fun! If there is anything else please tell me.

Have a wonderful day!


Hey guys! I’m back after a long hiatus which were my holidays and I hope everyone is enjoying summer (if you’re having summer, if you don’t then I hope you’re enjoying whatever season you’re on).

If you’re not following the blog on tumblr then you wouldn’t know that the big update that I was planning on turned into a trainwreck. I explained what happened there, but to summarise, coding sucks and I was trying to do something that eventually couldn’t happen. I apoligize again and I feel terrible to have promised something that I couldn’t deliver.

Either way! Raven’s chapter five is out! I’ve only arrived yesterday and I’m still suffering jet lag so I’m sorry for any unnoticed mistakes. Please tell me if there are. I hope you enjoy and stay healthy ^w^


Oh boi oh boi oh boi this i what Ive been waiting for


Your excitement makes me very happy.


Omg Yesss! Thanks you so much for the update, i been waiting for this. The wait was totaly worthy and i hope you had an amazing holidays.


Your comment made my day! I’m glad it was worth it and I hope you have an amazing week. :smile:


chapter3 line 64: It is illegal to fall in to an *else statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block.



I’m on it.


I honestly did not have this error and looking at the code there isn’t anything wrong that I can tell. I’ve been at this for a few hours and I can’t figure it out ;-;

Test it out again and if the problem continues, inform me. I’ll have a look at it tomorrow morning.


Just played through this and gotta say I love it. Raven is amazing, but I’ll definitely have to try out Serena at some point (so cute). Why must you make me choose.


First of all: thank you so much! I very much enjoy writing this and people liking it is super wholesome.
Second: I’m sorry for making you choose, I understand the struggle. They are both gr8t
Third: I love your profile picture.

Thank you again for such a nice comment. Things like this is what really motivates me to write! Have a wonderful day :smiley:


And I just played through Bella’s route. I did not think I’d like her but it looks like I’ll be playing through 3 separate routes now. Raven’s still number 1 though.


I think Bella’s route is also unique because we will help her to save the casino and becoming “good” again

and @SmolPirate , i think Bella’s route has a great chance to become a classic gangster story , my MC will be sort of double agent there :wink:


I’m glad you enjoyed Bella’s route too! I will do my best to make all routes amazing. (And don’t tell anyone but I secretly think Raven’s number 1 too)


In regards to Bella’s route (as well as Kid’s and their poly route) there are two possible endings. One where they turn good and another where you turn bad. Thanks for liking it!