Law-Abiding Citizens (WIP) -- Updated 23/08/18 (HUGE HIATUS)



Between Raven,Serena and Bella I dunno who to choose brosky,you made them all so interesting!!! Great update!
(jk between all of them,i would choose you brosky, ily)


Mostly bcs i have trouble comming up with names and its bit easier then having to type it every time you start new char


Thank you Ritter! Fortunately I am not a RO… god knows I’ve already sinned too much.
And I’m happy that the ROs are being enjoyable!

Thank you for answering sincerely. I will add this to the next update, If you have any more tips in how to make the game more enjoyable feel free. :smile:


Haha… in Bella’s route , she wants me to be her body guard, so i need to protect Bella from Raven when they meet ? :smile: That will be so funny …

But funny thing is Bella ends up saving me instead… what a bummer :stuck_out_tongue:

I am still considering the skill between hacking and sharpshooting , hacking seems helpful in Serena’s route but sharpshooting seems most important if i want to protect Serena or other ROs :blush:


Remember that if you’re Bella’s bodyguard, Raven is not your top threat… though she’s high in that list.

Each special skill have their strengths of course, sometimes hacking can save a life… sometimes sharpshooting can gain you valuable information… etc


Now you are seriously teasing and tempting me… i always love saving a Damsel in distress :blush:


Don’t get me wrong. She knows how to defend herself too but there are some enemies that she cannot defeat… I appreciate you liking the game regardless! :smile:


Hahaha… i know Bella can defend herself well, but i like to add “comical” sentiment to everything :sweat_smile:

and you are welcome , honestly your game is very fun to read… there is lots of imagination and “funny” materials where we can add in ourselves :grin:


Thank you! That really does mean a lot to me.



Heeey, this one was faster since it’s very similar to the previous update, but I promise after Kid’s chapter I have a surprise for you guys… Hopefully you will enjoy it. :sweat_smile:

So here’s the poly route and genderfluid options! Thank you for sticking around owo


Is chapter 5 also going to be uploaded route by route or as a whole?


Route by route I hope… I want to make every route different so it will take a while. ^-^


Your story is very impressive. The effort that you have invested thus far is evident, as is your passion for the project.


Thank you so much! It makes me happy that people notice, I want this game to be unforgettable. That’s why I will do my best to make it amazing! (°v°)/


Oh my god, I’m so sorry it took ages but Kid’s chapter was added!

Next update, I’ll have surprise that hopefully you all will enjoy ;w;

Thank you for waiting and thank you for the amount of support I’ve been getting! I would like to ask you guys, how much of the game should I release it as a free demo? Because after I finish, I will try to enter it into the COG competition - I actually don’t know how this works, and how you release your WIP, so please help.

Hope you like the new update either way! (^-^)/


I hope not to bother but I don’t know if it’s my fault or something but I encounter an error that says Error: Bad slots and doesn’t let me save or load


Oh no you’re not bothering me at all. I might have forgotten to do something… :T

It should be working now but tell me if it doesn’t! Thank you.


Noticed a few language issues, most prominent I remember was using the word “ensure” several times where every time it is used I am certain that you meant “assure”. The words sound similar when spoken aloud but their meanings are not even similar. Common mistake for people that are just starting to write and have never communicated with any method other than voice communications, or have done so rarely. There were a few other examples I think but the ensure/assure was the one that stuck with me due to the multiple occurrences.


Sorry and thank you so much for telling me! I really appreciate it and will change it soon enough.

Regardless, hope you enjoy the game!


So this popped up after I tried checking on the Relationship Stats after calling the Chinese chick (Bella?) in Chapter 2 a criminal.