Law-Abiding Citizens (WIP) -- Updated 23/08/18 (HUGE HIATUS)



It was in Trevor’s route, and it’s no problem! Glad I could help! :>


Thank you! I will go fix it.



Thanks for the support guys, you’re all amazing!


Okay… beaten Ricky’s chapter didn’t encounter any bugs


Oh thank God. That’s really good thank you!
I hope you enjoyed It!! :smile:


“I think so… but my foot hurts.” She winced once again when you applied pressure. You could see it starting to swell up. “I’m sorry John, you seemed down, and I
a cup of coffee would cheer you up.” She gazed at you. You looked back at her and smiled.


Just went through Ricky’s chapter …it was fun… but hey i want to buy the expensive riffle but not enough money… can we go back later if we get money later on ? If we are not playing Ricky’s route, can we still buy those guns ? I am planning to but the “baby gun” for Serena , so that she can protect herself :blush: and i want the Riffle myself :slight_smile:


Thank you! I’m really grateful for the help in spotting these errors… I’ll fix it soon.

Yes, you can always return later to get a new weapon when you have money, no matter the romance route you’re taking. And as far as giving weapons, I’m not sure since they all have their own guns due to police protocol. Including Serena, though she prefers not to use it for obvious reason :smile:


Are you sure Serena knows how to shoot ? :wink: but the fact that she hides a gun surprise me :grin:


You can’t forget that she is still a police officer in the best team of EML… :wink:


New updates guys!

Bella’s chapter is out. It took me a while and it ended up bigger than I thought… I put a warning on this one since it has more sensitive topics.

Kid and Bella’s poly chapter will be after so hang tight amigos :smile:


Haha… like the Bella route as well, although it feel strange Bella and Kid are so bold… but infiltrate their organisation to get information is intriguing, i am wondering how do we keep in touch with others? and will be have option to tell this to someone like Serena ?

btw, when Bella ask what is your strength … i can only have option of Strength while all other options grey out, is that intentional ? :slight_smile:


In regards to the reason of joining Bella’s casino, you can choose to actually commit to the criminal life or to infiltrate. You can of course tell the team later if you remain loyal to them. But this is Bella’s route and I am going to do two alternative endings for it. One where Bella remains a criminal and the other where she joins the police.

And the greyed out strengths are intentional. You can only choose your highest stat… this was in case you had two skills on the same level, then you would be able to choose which one is your strength.

Thanks for liking it Eric! Hopefully I explained it well and it’s not that confusing.


Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:

Bella’s route seems a bit of stressful for me :stuck_out_tongue: well… i like Bella, but i think i will stick with Serene , Serena’s route is more sunshine for me :blush:


Each with their own, that’s why I gave everyone multiple ROs. Glad you’re enjoying nevertheless!


I agree with you…however, i do hope MC can still cross path with Bella and Kid even though we take different route here ? :slight_smile: I mean perhaps Bella or Kid will seek MC for help when things get out of hand… or MC somehow find their involvement via hacking of database, and decide to offer Bella and Kid some sort of witness protection ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmmm i didnt think Bella would be so…caring for MC
Now i have inner struggle between Bella and Raven, dunno who i like more


Of course the MC will encounter both Kid and Bella no matter what, they are both big parts of the story.
And even if you don’t choose their route, they can still be converted to the good side… and the MC can choose to help them out.

To be truthful, in my notes these two hate each other. So it’s hard to choose between both since they are polar opposites. And minor spoiler that I think a lot of people didn’t catch on is that they know each other.

Bella is a very emotional person, she can worry about the little things but she can also get super angry quickly. She’s very caring nonetheless… :blush:


This might be insignificat but have you thought about adding few premade names / surnames ?


I have thought about this and I find it interesting someone brought it up… I don’t know, maybe I should but I see no harm in not having it either.
If you don’t mind me asking, why would you want premade names?
Just to get some perspective… :thinking: