Law-Abiding Citizens (WIP) -- Updated 23/08/18 (HUGE HIATUS)



I have a question that got spoiler innit…



why when you are asked what’s your motives , there is no option related to your father ? also , you can’t mention it at all ? well unless the story isn’t about it ? just curious…


Thank YOU so much (≧∇≦)/


In relation to this, I don’t want to spoil very much but the MC wasn’t affected by it as much as they thought they would.
But that’s my personal opinion, if I get a few more people that would prefer to have a motive that is influenced by that event then I might change it :smile:

No problem!!! ^w^


Wow next is Serena, can’t wait to try it:hugs:


I can’t wait to write too :hugs:



Hope you guys enjoy it!


I would die for Serena (and for you brosky,ily)


Honestly, same to both ily too! :heart:


I was actually woundering about the father motivation myself; at least how my MC is their motivation is no longer just about helping people, but also wanting to find out if what they heard about their father was really true.


I immediately playthrough again after knowing Serena is available :blush:

wow…your Serena scene is truly amazing you make her so much “human”, Serena is a smart lady with unlimited potential, yet she is so vulnerable :persevere: i can’t imagine what will happen if i didn’t chose her as my partner, twice i need to be there to protect her…against the burglar and the chairman , both of them are such villainous especially the chairman…how dare he makes Serene cries :rage: i am happy that my MC can be there when Serene needs me most :innocent:


Well how I will proceed with the story will tell this. Basically the story is organized in arcs, one of them is going to be the MC arc. Where this will be solved…
It’s frustrating to not be able to say anything else because I don’t want to spoil anything >.<
But I appreciate the curiosity!


That’s really nice of you! I strive to write every character with strengths and flaws, though it’s still early to spot some of them.
But I’m really glad you enjoyed It! I will keep doing my best!!! ^w^


I am wondering… will the events of all 4 choices of our partner running concurrently ? I means let say the MC follow Raven’s mission, will burglars still break into the agency and since we were not there, Serena got hurt or something ? I think it will be more troublesome and difficult for your writing if that’s the case , so perhaps all four choices are consider independent event where they won’t cause consequences to other characters ? :slight_smile:


This is hard to explain but the events in each character chapter still happen, some things do change though.

For example, if you do the Serena chapter and you prevent her from getting hurt she will not be hurt. But if you don’t do Serena’s chapter, the burglars still came in and she got hurt… the MC wasn’t there to prevent that.

I don’t know if it makes sense but if you still have questions feel free to ask. It is no bother!


Oh… i think your story writing in such way is perfect and it makes sense…because the events are running concurrently , in which it gives a realistic sense that every thing is happening in the same universe, abd it will gives readers difficult choices on what they want to do :slight_smile:

like in Serena’s case, if we don’t chose to accompany her, she will get hurt and most likely she will have a mental trauma especially if the chairman scold her without us by her side… i am glad i chose Serena as partner so that i can prevent her from getting harm :slight_smile: oh and i chose the hacking skill so i got some valuable information too…hehe


Thank you, it makes me really happy that you enjoy my writing and the way the story is told ^-^

And I really hope you keep enjoying the story, there’s gonna be a lot of surprises and important character arcs!


Didn’t even realize this demo got updated. xD


should be “throat” instead.


I normally change the date of the title when it is updated and such. Thank you and can you tell me which part that error is in? I’m sure I made the same mistake countless time ^-^;;


Hahaha… take your time to write your story, i surely will keep enjoying your story and patiently waiting for those surprises :grin:

I believe All Good Things Come From Patience :smile:


Thank you! And I agree 100%
I did finish Ricky’s chapter but right now it’s going through testing, I’m sure it will come out today at the very least.
Your comments always make my day, thank you so much!