Knights Of Valor (WIP)



So, hey, don’t really know what’ll happen to “this”. Anyways…
This is my first game. I’ve asked for help on the forums a few times and the replies were always instant, I love the community! So, with the help of the people who helped me overcome the choicescript errors despite me being stupid, this game’s ready to be called a work in progress(I think?).
I don’t really know what requirements a game must have to get here, but enough with this.

Knights Of Valor is a medieval fantasy game where you can choose your own class, skills, attributes and make a legacy for yourself. The game takes place in the realm called Agrar, where the regions of Evraeca are fighting for power. Your story starts in the battle of “Dragon’s Eye”, Asnurg’s capital. From there, it’s up to you to unfold it.
Features and planned features:

  • Gain allies, recruit companions and gain bonus benefits from them.
  • Become a skilled warrior, a powerful archmage, or a “Deathrbringer”.
  • Romance various characters, nobles, commoners, and the alike.
  • Advanced warfare: Your numbers, commanding ability and the friends you make will have an impact.
  • Worship Tars, the divine of war, or Zerphis, the divine of hate.
  • Help Aeyron ascend to the throne, or claim the throne for yourself.
  • Unify Agrar through peace or war, it’s up to you to choose its fate…

Credits to:
Mr.Seal, for looking for any typos, grammar mistakes and bugs, for being a tester overall.
Azarus, for being a tester.
Rolotor, for inspiring me.
Z3R0, for testing the game.
Moss, for inspiring me and testing the game out.
And many people unknown to me, whose names I do not know, but I still appreciate what they’re doing!
^ Changelog:

Finished the “aeyron” scene.
A part of “tasal” scene done.
Added a “house” mechanic.
An opportunity to hear a rumor about a legendary sword.

Thank you for the 2k views!
You guys are awesome!
:smiley: Edit: Sad news: I’m afraid the development isn’t going as planned, my updates are barely noticeable and I can’t for the life of me write 5k words in a day, I just can’t force myself. The game won’t die, obviously, the development will just be slower and the game won’t be updated anymore(here). I hope to repost the game whenever it’s in a beta state, over 100k+ words.
I hope you understand.
Thank you for everything.


So far its prospect is promising.


Thanks, means a lot!


Yes! Another medieval game. :smiley:


Thank you!
Yep, great medieval games out there, including yours!


Are you planning on keepung MC a soldier or did you have somethingelse in mind.? Like a noble.


Wait what? You read my story? Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:


He’s not really a soldier though. He can choose to swear fealty to Lord Dalkan or not. By swearing fealty to him, you’re not his usual army recruit, you still have some free will. I do have the idea of making a feature where the MC is able to actually fight for the throne.


Obviously, I read every medieval game there is.


Strength Of Will: Meet Enzo Fransez, a soulguard.

So what is a soulguard? It sounds cool to me.


I intend to make the game heavy lore based too, so I’ll make it an option in the stats.
Basically, a soulguard is the ultimate monster slayer. If you’ve played Witcher, you can basically think of a soulguard as a witcher. Except soulguards, as you can see from the name, rely on their soul power and will. They also use stealth. If you want a more detailed description, you’ll have to wait. (You know, hype and all)!
Yes, the game was inspired by many other games.


Although interesting its won’t be medievally accurate unless you have legitamate claim like you are long lost son or secret royal bastard


I understand what you’re saying, but in the realm of Agrar, no one inherits by claim. They usually usurp the throne, which you can do as well.


Well in that case its all good.


Just like Game of Thrones, where Aegon conquered the seven kingdoms. So as long as you killed or defeated the king, you have the kingdom. :grinning:


It would be interesting to see someone usurp the throne from us.


However, the king in here is actually an “Emperor”. Even he usurped the throne.


That means the stability will never last. And probably a war every generation.


Exactly. It’s meant to be. Lords and nobles are always mobilized for wars to seize opportunities so they can take over. Don’t expect that peace will last.


A lot of revolts and usurpers. Great.

Long live the emperor.