Kill To Survive (WIP) (DEMO)

It has been two years since bacterial outbreak wiped out most of the worlds population in a few days. Humanity is more dangerous than ever now. They would do anything to survive, get food and water. Instead of getting together , they chose the hard and cruel way to survive.

But, not everyone’s like that. There are people who still believe in humanity. Unfortunately, these people do not survive so long.

Living alone is more dangerous. Someone can kill you and take your everything, or worse.

But, living with a group is a problem too. Not every time people agree with each other. Sometimes, leaders make bad choices that cost so many lives.

Which way you choose to survive?

  1. Choose your gender and sexuality.
  2. Survive alone or live with a group.
  3. Be a bad guy and betray your friends.
  4. Or be the good guy and sacrifice yourself for them.
  5. Die or survive.


Thanks for your attention.


:expressionless:…well it seems that I am going to be bad guy :relieved:


Makes sense :smiley:

Well, you have my attention. Good old post-apocalypse setting is always good for entertainment.

Is there some sort of end-game objective that we’re aware of, or is the Pc simply has survival in mind for most of the game? - which admittedly is a good motivation on its own.

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I didn’t get your question, sorry :smiley: game is about survival so MC will do anything do survive… Or not. It’s up to you. You can just give up and get yourself killed. Then game over.

Are there going to be more characters or are there literally 5 people left on earth?

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Of course, there will be more characters :slight_smile:

Good, you scared me for a moment. Sadly that doesn’t mean Alexandria is the last woman on earth and 2 out of the 4 men were old or a jerk. :sweat:

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Actually there are more people in group. If you can stay in the group you will see them.

Yeah I saw the name Jane. Also how come everyone believed Terry at first without looking for evidence. Then William (I assume is the leader) and Alexandria (I assume is trusted for putting herself in harms way) said they believed me.

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As I said they trust and respect Terry so much. And he’s the leader of group, not William. Also, Jake is an asshole and they know it too (Except for Jane).

Ah i get it. Makes more sense now.

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Jake is such a butthole but I wonder if there’s more people like Jake. Will there be RO in the updates? Is there going to be group fights like off of TWD? :smiley: :grinning:

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Of course, there will be ROs (You already met one: Alex) and group fights (If you can stay in the group or find another group)

Cool! Later on in the game will there be a safe place away from the infection?

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Well, that depends on your choice. Yes, there are safe places but can you find them?

Will there be an option to go out on our own.

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You mean leave the group without getting kicked out? No.

Or did you mean go solo in whole game? Yes.

There isn’t a lot right now but I’m a sucker for survival games.
Will there be some characters who might try to follow us if we decide to go solo? I hope you give us a few handicaps too. It’ll be interesting to see how the MC will react to them.


He always care about his people safety.

Should be “cares” and “people’s”.

“Someone stole our medicine!” He says, starts pacing around your room.

The composition of this sentence is really weird. Now, I’m not a native speaker, but I really don’t think it’s correct. Something like “He says and then starts pacing around your room” would be better.

“What?!” You ask in shock. There’s a traitor in the group?

Similarily, this sentence would make sense if it was part of the dialogue. However, seeing as it’s your character thinking, I believe “Is there a traitor in the group?” would make more sense.

You follow William to the guest room. You see everyone is there, angrily pacing around the room.

“Who the fuck stole our medicine?!” You hear Jake screaming angrily.

Jake is the most angry one in the group. He always gets angry, he never trusts anyone.

Too many “angry” in short succession. You might want to switch up a bit with synonyms (“Jake is the most short-tempered one in the group” etc.)

Not enough content to comment on the story yet.

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