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is this enough for y’all to hide? I promise not to look under it again. for now.

Most anticipated HG WIP?

That’s quite the, ahem, blanket statement, I find… :thinking: :wink:

As for the nice replies and praise, pfft, you get what you deserve, and you’ve earned those. :grin:


I especially like the trope How far are you willing to go for the love of your life ? And i answer " all the way" :-):grin:

Sort of Deja Vu because i read and answer the similar line for the interaction with Lady Katarina in Guns of Infinity :-):laughing:

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Wait there was such a scene? :rofl: I need to replay this game!

Hmm…not at the moment I think! I’m a little cautious about writing anything about body sizes , as I don’t wanna come off as disrespectful to any body type, which definitely won’t be my intention :slight_smile:

I’ll focus on getting the main story out first, and perhaps these additional flavor text can come in at the later stage of polishing!


It was during the secret mission of either capturing or assasinate Princess Anna and Aleksandra , after obtaining the detail, Lady Katarina was waiting at the tent and awaiting MC’s respond

Oops… i never thought those flavour text remark could cause a problem… sorry, i will remove them now :slight_smile:


Oh no it’s perfectly fine! It’s a good suggestion and would be really great to have in a game :smiley: I just wanna avoid promising too much haha.

And ooohhhh I see! It’s been awhile since I played that route xD





@planetmars lol! I’m glad you like it! I’m still hoping I can deliver this well. As much as I love mystery, I haven’t ever tried writing one before till now :rofl: I’ve a lot more experience in penning short emotive/descriptive pieces so I’m still working to polish up the dialogue scenes (which I fear aren’t my forte!)

Small Update

Just posting a small update here as I’ll be away on vacation in a couple of days till Christmas, so I probably will be MIA here during this period. Hopefully the break from life will provide a much needed dose of relaxation and inspiration!

And before I poof off… here’s something for all of you :slight_smile:

For those who have read the demo

Here are some snippets for you! It’s still a very early draft, so pardon the awkward expressions. The final product I upload will likely differ slightly from this one :slight_smile:

Here's a teeny snippet of how you'll meet Eden/Enya in Chapter 2!

The snippet here is what happens a little after Chapter 1. There’ll be a transition scene before you wake up that isn’t shown here.

When you open your eyes, you don’t recognise where you are. You’re sitting in a small bed, the walls around you painted a warm yellow hue, a window by your side allowing for a view of the expanse of forestry outside.

The peripheries of your vision catch a sudden movement by your side, but a gentle shushing halts the curse before it spills out of your mouth:

“Shhh, you’ll wake her.”

The voice is soft and calming, like tinkling bells on a quiet day. You turn to the side as someone looms into your line of sight. Your eyes are immediately drawn to a pair of concerned hazel eyes. The stranger who had just spoken has a face framed by a mop of blonde hair which curls around a sharp chin, the faint rays of the sun casting a warm glow upon glowing, ivory skin.

“Who are you?” you ask, wincing when you hear just how croaky and weak your voice sounds.

#”My name’s Enya,” she says,
#”My name’s Eden,” he says,

“and it’s nice to have you back with us. You really had me worried for a bit there." ${enya} pats the back of your hand gently. “Now, it’s best that you be silent and still. You haven’t quite healed yet, and t girl’s still sleeping. It’s best we don’t wake her.”

If you helped Idris...

You watch ${e_his} eyes dart down to someone by your side. “The poor child’s exhausted.”

You blink as you become aware of a light weight pressing into your ribs. It’s a testament to how exhausted you feel that you did not notice it earlier, but when you glance down, you see a small girl with mop of black hair snuggled by your side, her arm draped across your chest.


“She was pretty distressed when you wouldn’t wake up,” {enya} smiles softly. “‘Refused to leave you. She said, and I quote, ‘_!{mc_he} didn’t leave me so I won’t too.’._ !{e_he} chuckles as {e_he} shakes {e_his} head fondly. It took us a long time to calm her down enough to rest, but even then…” {enya} gestures at Idris. “…you can see that it isn’t stopping her from being close to you.”

You can’t help but smile at that.

# “She looks so peaceful.”
“Indeed she does,” ${enya} smiles.

# “What can I say? Kids love me.”
“Truly, you do seem to have left quite the impression on her,” ${enya} chuckles.

# “Was she hurt, when I…?”
“No, thank the heavens she was not,” ${enya} gives you a small smile.

# Quietly brush the hair from her eyes.
“That certainly is quite endearing,” ${enya} smiles.

“And thanks to you, there’s not a single scratch on her."

“That’s good,” you exhale.

“You seem to care very much for her” ${enya} observes… It isn’t surprising then, that she’s taken such a fondness for you.”

{e_he} chuckles as Idris lets out a sigh of content, as if in agreement to what {e_he} said.

You both watch as ger arm tightens around your chest, and her smile grows even wider even as she continues to slumber.

“Yes, quite the fondness for you indeed.”

If you didn't help Idris...

You watch {e_his} eyes flick down to {e_his} side. “The poor child’s exhausted.”

It’s a testament to how exhausted you feel that you did not notice it earlier, but when you blink glance down, you notice that {enya}’s arm is gently wrapped around a small girl who lies snuggled by {e_his} side. Black curls fall across her face, and she appears to be deep in sleep.


# “She looks so peaceful.”
“She wasn’t so earlier on,” {enya} replies with a shake of {e_his} head. “Though I’m sorry to say that her distress was largely caused by your actions.”

# “Is she alright? Was she hurt?”
“No, thank the heavens she was not,” ${enya} blows out a breath. “Though I’m sorry to say that it was in no part thanks to you.”

# “I’m…sorry I handed her over.”
“Save that apology for her, not me,” ${enya} gives a small grimace. “Though I do appreciate the intent.”

“She was pretty mad at you. It took quite a while for us to calm down.” !{e_his} eyes flick to you. “She was quite… vocal about why, and I quote, ‘{mc_he} didn’t care about me so why should I care about {mc_him}?” {enya} sighs softly. “It will be good for you to explain yourself, when she wakes. Seeing that both of you will be seeing much of each other in times to come.”

“More of each other?” you echo.

{enya} nods. “You both will have to stay with us for the foreseeable future, at least until the current predicament is resolved. As for why….” {e_he} takes a deep breath. “We’ll wait for the others to arrive before we discuss that.”

Idris chooses that moment to shift her position. {enya} pauses {e_he} strokes her hair gently as ${e_he} speaks. Idris stirs and mumbles incoherently, but continues to slumber.

It is then you take the chance to take a close look at her appearance. Despite the serene look on her face, her innocent face bears lines of exhaustion, clear remnants of the trauma she endured just… what has it been? Hours? Days?

You tilt your head to glance at the sky outside. It’s painted a soft blue, hints of crimson just beneath the gilt that peaks out from the horizon.

It’s almost dawn.

Christ, how long have you been here? It shouldn’t have been that long, right? Your wounds still throb slightly, thought a part of you is surprised that the pain isn’t as bad it should have been. Noticing your expression, {enya} tilts {e_his} head to the side and gazes at you in concern. “Are you alright, “${firstname}? How are you feeling?”

#“I’ve been better”.
#“Terrible. Utterly, terrible.”
#“Like I could crawl into bed and sleep for eternity.”
#“Wonderful, with a lovely ${e_man} beside me.”
#“Not too bad, considering the circumstances.”
#“Awful.” Groan exaggeratedly and clutch your chest. “It hurts so bad!”

When Idris wakes...

“What’s goin’ on?” a sleepy voice pipes up suddenly, cutting off the conversation. All heads turn to the child that lies by @{sleepposition {enya}’s|your} side, as she slowly pushes herself of @{sleepposition {e_him}|you} with a loud yawn and a tired rub of her eyes.

If you helped Idris...

When she catches sight of your open eyes, she gives a delighted squeal. Reaching out with both hands, she gently wraps her tiny arms around your waist.

“${firstname}! I was so worried!” she gushes, tears springing to her eyes once more as she hugs you as tightly as a child of her age is able. “I thought those bad men got you like they got to Mommy, ‘specially when you didn’t wake up after they hurt you! But then they came to save us, and then {enya} made all the pain go away, and then {e_he} said you’d wake soon but you didn’t and-”

“Dear child! Take a breath,” ${enya} chuckles, cutting Idris off from her ramble.

Idris blinks, her long lashes fluttering a few times, before she shyly disengages from you. “Sorry, ${firstname}. But I’m really glad you’re okay.”

${tiana} barks out a laugh. “Such a sweet little lady, isn’t she?”

“Quite,” {aeryn} replies, a suppressed smile on {a_her} face. “She really does have quite the personality.”

“Though she’s not wrong in feeling that way,” {lorraine} says, the briefest smile touching {l_his} lips before it vanishes all too soon.

If you didn't help Idris...

When her eyes catch you staring, her frown deepens, and you almost flinch when she snorts and glowers at you. Huffing, she flippantly turns away, her hair dramatically swiping her cheeks at the movement. “Mamma said you’d help but you didn’t!” she pouts. “I hate you!"

Then, she catches {enya}’s stern gaze. "Remember what I told you about being nice, Idris?" {e_he} says gently.

Idris nods, biting her lip before giving you a neutral look. “Uhm, {firstname}? I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude.” Then, she turns to look at {enya}. “${enya}? If I apologise even when I don’t mean it at all, it’s still called being nice, right?”

“Ha!” ${tiana} barks out a surprised laugh. “Smart little lady, isn’t she?”

“Quite,” {aeryn} replies, a suppressed smile on {a_her} face. “She really has quite the personality.”

“Though she’s not wrong in feeling that way,” ${lorraine} says, sending a glare your way.

For those who have not read the demo and want a quick summary of events in Chapter 01

Miranda (the child’s mother):




youre doing amazing so far !! :smiley: & you got this !! the dialogue in the demo is really really good + the little previews w E n Idris are :fire:


how it going Cheion


Slowly getting there! Unfortunately I haven’t written much in recent days as I’ve just had some recent health stuff to deal with. Gonna settle that first as it’s causing me quite a bit of worry.

Thanks for keeping the interest and happy New year in advance! :slight_smile:


I’ve had a lot of health scares in the past few weeks too, hang in there! It’s a real production killer for sure.

Good luck and happy New Year!


It totally is! I’m just hoping everything is going to be fine :pray:


hope you good heath man


what got you to make keeper of fairfort


@Smol_Tatortot That’s an interesting question, and one I’ll do my best to answer!

I’ll start off by saying that KoF was born from my love for crime/science fiction and mystery stories. I grew up on Dean Koontz (probably read almost all his books) and I simply adore how he was able to create and sustain the aura of tension and suspense throughout the story. This was the inspiration for KoF’s main genre. With a fondness for fantasy as well, I decided to combine the two!

Another factor is that I’ve always dreamed of writing my own story. Thus far, I’ve written many fanfics but I wanted to make something where the plot and characters are of my own creation. When KoF’s plot came to me as a random bolt of inspiration one night, I knew I couldn’t let it slip away.

Third, KoF is like a breather from my daily life. With stressors from various avenues, it can be really draining, which is why I turn to writing as a therapeutic activity. Writing KoF has done wonders for boosting my mental state! I just wish I can be less busy so I can write more often…

So TLDR, I write KoF because it’s a therapeutic activity I love to do, because it’s a story I don’t want to let slip away, and because it’s a genre I adore :slight_smile: It’s also been extremely motivating knowing that there are people out there who like what I create!

Wow, that turned out to be kinda long. Thanks for staying with me!


I hope this is still ongoing albeit slowly and steadily because, highkey, love this game, the plot, premise and the characters so far :heart: Love you author! Hope you find future success, longevity and good health!


what is evil a word saying or man it self becouse say this in keepers of fairfort people will anything for power so think that this person how are main bad guy power can take people over say that person can’t die what and how is this person was this guy hurt five 15 whays that can’t care if he kills someone or is person made into the monster he is to day all bad guys have there story born or not with it with in them :thinking: sorry need go to bed so sorry bad grammer


@TheWarsOfStars aww thanks for the sweet message! Yes, it is coming along but really slowly! :sob: I’m a super slow writer as I take a while to get things up to satisfaction. And real life has also been getting in the way a lot. Just came off a week-long medical leave and am not totally well yet. * nervously ignores undone work *

But Keepers of Fairfort is not abandoned even though I know I haven’t updated it! I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep and I don’t want to present half-hearted works - but as it is, I will do my best to get out an update up to the part where you meet and interact with some of the ROs by end Feb. :slight_smile:

@Smol_Tatortot ahh…first off, I’m sorry if I misunderstood your post :sweat_smile: well, ‘evil’ is a relative term; the villain in someone’s eyes can be a hero in another’s books. And you’re right in that all ‘bad guys’ have their story - which is why I’m set on including a stat where the NPCs can choose to share with you their darkest secrets, should your relationship with them be high enough!


Aww…Hope you will get well soon! No need to worry about the updates. As the readers who liked your current WIP, I am sure that others are also willing to wait for you to recover :slightly_smiling_face: