Hide and Seek (updated 10/12) (WIP)


Hi forum goers!

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Well I was scouting the forums this morning to distract from writing (It’s getting to a tough part in the story and Im getting close to hitting a wall) when I noticed a thread asking about Multiplayer Games in Choicescript

Therefore I have attempted to make a multi player Choicescript game. Please let me know what you think:

Hide and Seek

This is just a fun little side project I’ve got going, currently it’s only a 2 player game although I’ve ideas on how to expand it to 3 or even 4 player (anything more and the coding gets messy, I don’t think choicescript is designed to handle to many loops and arrays)

Please enjoy

This game is designed to be 2 player. Please feel free to test it solo but it should be more enjoyable with a friend

Update 10/12 : The game now has a stats page and a 2nd round with the chance to play again if you want. Hope that makes it a bit more fun.

My daughter really enjoys it and wants me to add more levels so if people want I can expand it with more writing for the hiding and seeking and with other areas to hide on the next rounds…

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This is a great idea! and it seems to work fine. Coding might get tricky as hell soon though.


Lol yea it’s a pain. I could expand on it and put a lot more writing into the choices but really I just wanted to see if it was possible.

Hopefully the game feels like something two people can play together with just a brief section where one has to close their eyes or make a cup of tea.

Had in mind playing it with my daughter when I was writing it so may be more appropriate for children.


Might be perfect for mobile, the player can just hand their phone or ipad to the other player, no awkward eye closing involved. :slight_smile:


Yea mobile isn’t too bad and that’s how I play most games. Has anyone managed to try it multilayer and seen if it’s annoying or entertaining? It’s difficult to just when your writing it.


Ok so i’ve updated a few of the spelling issues within it. Has anyone tried this out with a friend?

Does it work as a game or is it just boring?


I read it aloud to two young-ish school children (just the hide and seek part, I verbally edited the quiz to make it a little less, ehm, violent). They had a blast! Not sure if that’s what you were hoping for but they were the ones around to try it out with me. Both were disappointed when the demo ended, which I would take as a great compliment.


Awesome, that’s exactly what I hoped for. I can reduce the violence no problem, I didn’t even think of that. What parts did you edit?

Would it be worth me adding more writing for the hiding and seeking parts? I will add the 2nd round to it as well.


Just the axe-murdering bit! I restarted it so the second child could have a go at the hide-and-seek, so aye, a second round would be lovely.


Done. Ive now updated the rounds so that the game has 2 and you can play as many times as you like. I’ve been asked by my daughter to add more so I may do if other people enjoy it.