Hidden - A New Choicescript Game

I’ve been working on a game I call “Hidden”, it’s a game that I think you’ll all enjoy, here’s a rough sketch of the game, tell me if you find any errors so far (other than the one at the end when you finish the game).

I get a 404 error every time after selecting armor type. Is that the end of the demo?

Yep, I know, it’s short, I spent most of the time making the game on the stat screen.

WHat’s this game going to be about?

Just updated the game a bit, more options to choose from.
@brynniebubbles12 it’s going to be sort of an RPG, where you fight monsters, visit villages, etc, but unlike most RPG’s, i’m going to add some backstory.

Note, if you choose all iron armor, after choosing your weapon, you will have NEGITIVE SPEED (in short, you’ll be VERY VERY VERY slow)


Promising start. How did you center the stat screen? That is very neat.

I’m testing a “Credits” tab, it looks like the stat screen button, but it opens a new screen, it’s a work in progress, reccomended that you do not click, also, renamed the “Show Stats” tab.

@mattnoles If you type a lot of something as the description of the stat, the percent will slowly scoot in to the middle, as you can see, my description for the stats are pretty long, so the percent is in the middle.


Oh ok I suppose that makes since. Also how did you go about renaming the “Show Stats” tab and add that extra little button?

added more story, I think that’s it for today.
@mattnoles complicated scripting in the index.html and the mygame.jar

@Daisuke Could you possibly post something? If your calling it quits for the day then I’m sure I can tamper with it and figure it out myself.

For all of you great choicescripters out here, here’s a question for you:
Is it possible to put choices in the “My Stats” area that take you to different stats? (i.e. Stats, Armor, etc.) because so far, my test runs end in a “Access is Denied”, i’m trying to fix it, but it seems this errors fix just doesn’t exist, I want to refrain from rewriting the index.html, but if that’s what it takes…

Wow…I really fixed it myself…
Never Mind Guys!

Updated a bit, NOW it’s over for today.

Here’s a link to an old post about how to create two stat pages. @animalsienna figured it out, and I tried to clarify it after him. Not sure if it’s still workable or needs some tweaks with the newest version of CS.

Update: I made the second stat button work! Stats and Armor are now seperated, also, I added a new option when choosing your sword hand, “both”, it allows you to choose from two-handed weapons, removed some weapons from left and right that should be wielded with both hands.

Edit: Added more story

I’m taking ideas right now, what I should add to the story, etc, if you help, i’ll be sure to include you in the credits.

Go back through what you have written so far and just spice up the prose and add more story an a little backstory into it.

Thank you for testing the alpha version of Hidden! I’ll now get started on the Beta Version, this version of the game will no longer be updated, feel free to play it though!