Hidden versus Conditional Stats

Le sigh. ChoiceScript is by far the most challenging skill I have ever tried to master…and I like a challenge. But only in the same aspect you like a puzzle you can solve. ChoiceScript is like that million-piecer to me. Anyway…

I’ve decided that, if I have to, I’ll simply have “hidden” stats. Those stats you create, but the player doesn’t see them on the stats screen. Only, I hate hidden stats. To no end. So, I ask two things.

One: Can you something where the stat appears only a certain time, and only through a certain choicepath?

Two: What are your thoughts on hidden vs. conditional stats?

  1. Yes, I’m pretty sure you can, don’t know how to though.

@RockyBalboa I’ve been looking into it. You can, that’s a certainty. But I couldn’t read this computer language if it meant my life. LOL

Or maybe… at certain point in your story, you can have description of your skills be given to you in-game.

@hahaha01357 It won’t work. It would in theory, but not practice. As it isn’t really a…skill…per se. It’s a relationship, and I’ll need to use *if statements as well. It would be simpler, I think, if I didn’t tell you you had an invisible stat floating around. And not really good style, either. It’s almost like saying that someone in this room is a check for a million dollars, but you’ll never find it.

Yes you can make sure that stats appear only under certain conditions. You can place if statements in the stats chart. I did it in my game to make sure that most NPCs only showed up once you met them. So whenever the player encountered a new NPC I’d have

*set met_bob true

and then in the stats file I’d have

*set met_bob true

*if met_bob

      percent rel_bob Bob


*set met_bob "true"

*if met_bob="true"

      percent rel_bob Bob

Where rel_bob is their relationship with Bob and it would mean it would only show up when they’d met Bob. That’s working on memory though.

Aha! Worked out what I did wrong. True is finally making sense to me. That’s actually helped me a lot. Of course I’ve no idea if it works in the new code.

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Oh…wow, that’s going to make this sooo much fun. I’ll probably have ten stat charts to choose from once I’m done. Le sigh again! Also, I’ve found a problem.

I have *create king adalyn 50 on my ‘startup.’ I have him on my choicescript_stats too. But it says “Invalid creation instruction, value must be a number, true/false, or quoted string: king adalyn 50” I quite obviously have a number value, but…yeah, it’s not happening.

Sorry I haven’t downloaded the new version of choicescript yet so I’m not sure what the bug could be.

Can you use spaces in variables?

Tweaked my code above a bit because I messed up.


No, you can’t. Try *create king_adalyn 50

@CJW It worked. Thanks. :smiley:

@FairyGodfeather I have four story routes, which in turn will break into other story routes, which in turn gives me TOO MANY CHARACTERS to make *if statements for. Also, I couldn’t do all the combinations. If I tried, you may get this…

*if A_met=“true” and B_met=“true” and C_met=“true” and so on, and I may even have to use AA_met=“true”

So the *if statements are a no. LOL. Do you know how to make multiple stat charts? I have an idea…

It mostly requires organisation. It’s also useful for setting variables in the story. Have a look at Zombie Exodus’ code for instance. That has a lot of variables depending on relationships with people and if you’ve encountered them or not.

For my games I’m planning relationships to be a large part of it. I eventually want the relationships on the stat page to change depending on how you’ve interacted with them so I was mostly laying the ground work for that.

On the stat screen it’s just.

*If met_bob
	Bob is a great guy and has been your best friend since childhood.
		percent rel_bob Bob

*if met_bill
	Bill's an annoying work-colleague and is due you cash. 
		percent rel_bill Bill

*if met_ben
	Ben's a technical genius and said to call him if you ever needed help.
		percent rel_ben Ben

So while there’s a lot of if statements, it’s all organised and on the stat screen for me. And it means I can also run a check in the game if the MCs computer breaks down.

*if met_ben
#Phone Ben for tech support.

It might not be the best way to do things but it has been working for me so far. Of course if you have a story where you just meet every character then there’s no reason to hide things. Or you could just set variables for part1 part2 part3 part4 and then on your stat chart have a if part1 show these stats and deal with them all in one huge chunk.

Or set the defaul value of every stat to 0 and have every stat with an if >0 statement in front of it.

@adjppm1227 Yeah you can make multiple stat_charts. You can make as many of them as you want. They also don’t need to be on the stat page, they can be anywhere.

@FairyGodfeather OrganiSation? Not organiZation? Are you UK? Lol, being a writer gives you a keen grammatical eye.

Anyway, my plan is to do something like this.

So you have four relationship charts.

Relations w/ King…Relations w/ Slaves…Relations w/ Queen…Relations w/ Prince

And inside these four charts, for example, it’s broken up into something like this.

New People First Scene

New People Second Scene

It’s the best I’ve come up with so far that saves me the massively complicated *if statements.

And I know you can have multiple stat pages…I just don’t know how to make another. LOL

Yes I’m a Brit and an insomniac, hence why I’m awake so late. :slight_smile: You can show code with < pre > and < /pre >

You can have multiple stat pages. You can also have multiple stat charts on the same page. Doing things your way should be easy enough though.

So if I wanted to write something on a stat chart, I would put…

< pre > XXX < /pre > ?

And how to you make more stat pages?

No. < pre > is just for forum to make code show up. (No spaces).

The wiki’s better for this http://choicescriptdev.wikia.com/wiki/Stats%26Stats_Screen

@FairyGodfeather Oh. Then I’ll just use text and never give you a chance to replace it. Lol. And thanks. :smiley:

(I hate when I can’t sleep)

Can you something where the stat appears only a certain time, and only through a certain choicepath?

Sorry, I’m not sure what this means. But I could help, if you clarified a little. Sorry, not trying to be rude it’s my fault. I’d love to help though.

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