How Do You Hide Stats Until Needed?


I think I saw this before a couple weeks ago, but I haven’t been able to find it since then.

Basically, I’ve created some stats, from relationships, to personal, powers, etc. but, I don’t want to have the stat screen crowded, unless they’re actually being used.

So, I was wondering, how would I hide or show them throughout the course of the story, I have them setup in the “mygame.js” file, but I haven’t put them in the stat screen.

The first scenario I come to, is that, “Player, has met Character A, and left a negative impression” and, I know how to change stats normally, I just don’t want the stat to show, until that first meeting, and say later, if Character A dies, I want the stat to disappear.

Hiding stats picks

Put them inside an if statement with a true/false variable:

*if relationshipX = true
… *stats…

Then if the variable is false it won’t show. You can have the variable switch on and off during the story


thank you, I’ll work on that.


Hi, I want to do the same thing, could someone show me a piece of script so I can see how this looks in context?


Here you go:

The stuff you need is the bottom bit.