How to hide things within the stats menu

As the title says, is there a way to hide/add text to the stats screen as the game progresses? I’ve got a portfolio type system in mind, and a portfolio doesn’t make much sense if it has things in them before you’ve actually done them

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*if thing1
   Text a
*if thing2
   Text b

That way the text will appear once the respective variables are set to true


I’ve just been using *if statements.

Lets say you don’t want a character’s relationship bar appearing in till the player has met them, on startup I’d do something like *create metjim false, and then on the stats page put jim’s relationship bar under an *if metjim.

When they actually meet jim in the story, then on the page they met jim i’d have *set metjim true, and bam, the bar would appear on the stats page.

I can make choicescript do what I want it to do, but my code is super bulky and extremely crude and there are probably better ways of doing it.

EDIT: Or you know, @MeltingPenguins could swoop in right before me and explain it much more elegantly…


^^; sorry.
Your explanations more elaborate


I can’t solution both of you, but thank you both!