How to add additional stats to the stat screen at later chapters?

Hi, I read the wiki and haven’t found much info on this, but I know it’s possible as I’ve seen Zombie Exodus used this technique. That is, add additional stats to the stat screen, for example, after I introduce a new character in later chapters, I want to add a % relationship to the stats screen. So prior to that chapter, the % relationship will not show up, only after meeting the character in game, it will.

Any one please teach me how to do that ?

Thanks so much.

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I had a variable to track where the user is in the story. As the user hits a new mark, I changed the variable. In choicescript_stats, I had sections based on that variable:

*if part = "Escape"
*elseif part = "Exodus"

… and so on. Within each *if block, I created different sets of stats.

O I see, thanks so much, never thought of using a tracker for this, something so simple and so effective. Just to be sure, this routine is for the Choicescript_stats.txt right ?

Another question is, is it possible to use the *if inside the *stat_chart command ? say I have a few characters, and depending on the reader’s choice, some of them dies off, so I would want to use an if statement to only print the % relationship if the character is still alive. would that be possible ?

Thanks again JimD

I believe all those sort of questions are pretty well covered here:

ah thanks, i was only focused on the wiki, i forgot the choice game website has some info too